The Resurrection of Fascism & Nazism Ideology in Ethiopia by TPLF:

By Yared Begashaw

The ongoing systematic Nazi-TPLF the monority tigrean supremacist state-sponsored Genocide Operation killings until now consumed more than five million Non-tigreans men, women, and children and millions of others which is confirmed by the regime itsef and many being ethnically cleansed by eviction by Nazi Germany counterpart regime in Ethiopia, Nazi-TPLF and its collaborators of the incumbent Nazi- regime. The TPLF called this “the final solution to achieve the tigrean supremacy question.” The word Holocaust is derived from the Greek holokauston, a translation of the Hebrew word olah, meaning a burnt sacrifice offered whole to God. This word was chosen becauseNazi-TPLF has been following similar fasion in the ultimate manifestation of the Nazi killing program—the extermination camps in Ethiopia /Bado sidist(void six )prison,

Halewa,Mahekelewi Prison,Kelinto prison ,shewarobit,dedessa..etc—the bodies of the victims were consumed whole in mass graves and open fires.

Nazi TPLF anti-Ethiopianism and the origins of the Ethiopian Holocaust:

Even before the Nazis –TPLF came to power in Ethiopia in 19991, they had made no secret of their anti-Ethiopianism racist agenda. As early as 1976, Adolf Hitler counter part Ethiopian Hitler the evil tyrant Meles Zenawi had written, “Rational anti-Ethiopianism,racist TPLF manifesto,.…Its final objective must unswervingly be the removal of the Ethiopians altogether to achieve his tribe tigrean race supremacy . anti-Ethiopianism was rooted in a few tigrean race extremist individuals, the main are Sebhat Nega ,Abay Tsehaye,Seyuem Mesfin ,Meles ZENAWI,Arekebe Equbay,Tedros Hagos,Debretsion,Abadi Zemo..etc. To this the Nazis TPLF added a further dimension: racial Ethiopianism. Nazi TPLF racial ideology characterized the Amhara & Orthodox Christianity as arch enemies ). The Nazis TPLF portrayed Amharas as suhumans, political anti-Ethiopianism by expulsion starting from killing Amharas living in tigray intermingled with tigres with marraige. Ultimately, the logic of Nazi-TPLF racial anti-Ethiopianism led to annihilation of the Welkayit-Tegede,Telemit ,Setit Humara and Dansha homelanders amhara people from Gondar.

When the evil tyrant Meles came to power by force on june, 1991, as the head of transitional government, his first objective was to consolidate power and to eliminate political opposition. The assault against the Ethiopias start legally by slandering and insulting the Ethiopians beloved flag wich is the symbol of Freedom for all colonize countries in the world during this shameful act by the dead evil tyrant late premier ,many citizens vomited by psychological attack .Began on September 1991 with a boycott of Guraghe businesses in merkato. A week later the Nazis-TPLF dismissed many non-tigrean Ethiopians from the civil service, and by the end of the month, the participation of Non-tigreans in Ethiopian Universities was restricted by a quota. On October 1991 , thousands of non-tigrean students, together with many professors expelled from Addis Ababa University.In october 1991 Nazi-TPLF systematically masterminded for the genocide and ethnic cleansing of innocent farmers in Arba gugu,bedeno,harar asebot gedam,techo,jijiga..etc by letting olf & onlf to did the genocide assignment.until along the side of mass killings ,sterilizing injections and killing chemicals vaccinations in the cover of birth control and disease prevention,are excessively being distributed in non-tigreans dwelling areas , are causing systematic genocide ,and also aggravating poverty and HIV infection rate are being used as hidden strategies of genocide in Ethiopia by the ruling tigrean race supermacist party Nazi-TPLF.

Nazi-TPLF territorial expansion and the formation of Nazi-Agazi Tigrean supremacy keeper ghettos/Forces:

Systematically, Nazi-TPLF tried to rid itself of Ethiopians by forced eviction ,mass extermination, its territorial expansions kept bringing more Amhara lands under its control. Nazi-TPLF annexed Gondar and Wello lands in 1978. It established control over North Gondar and North Wello area, . the Nazi-TPLF considered taking Welekayit Tsegede Amharas to Bado Sidist and Halewa Extermination camp Prisons, and exterminated all local history tellers and youngsters, and the escapees left their home land migrated to other areas and outside the country.

On November 20, 1980 the puppet tigreans supermacy keeper party ,Ethiopian People Democratic Movement (EPDM) established by Nazi-TPLF to cheat the people and for better movement in the area to eliminate Amhara from the earth and to get firm hold the taken Amhara lands. Some of the evicted welekayit ,tegede and telemt Amhara people settled in small Lowlands and disease, malnutrition, hunger, and poverty took their toll and exterminated even before the first the fascit Nazi-TPLF bullet was fired.

Nazi-TPLF extermination Camps in Ethiopia:

From the start Nazi-TPLF created extermination camps in tigray Halewa,Bado Sidist for the the elimination of non-tigreans by the onging Nazi-project.Now adays Nazi-TPLF is hunting non-tigreans even outside the country in the long process it hold on to make the country for tigreans only.Recently the reknown freedom fighter beloved by all Ethiopians that strongly oppose the ongoing Nazi-TPLF tigrean supremacist Nazi-project of systematic genocide and ethnic cleansing Andaregachew Tsege and many journalists,bloggers,politicians ares taken to the concentration camp , Ethiopian Autshwitz:Mahekelawi Prison for systematic torture and massacre.Nowaday in Ethiopia the mass graves are becoming common.This genocide and crime against humanity is stiffed by special tigrean supremacy kepper forces Nazi-agazi- Gestapo ,no media outlets is allowed in Ethiopia to report and all international media outlets are wrongly informed by this racist regime and never allowed to visit the concentration extermination camps. We call up on the world community and the UN to scrutinize the harsh racist nazi-type situation that prevailed in Ethiopia.