Open letter by Tamagne Beyene and Sisay Agena to Getachew Assefa, chief of ENISS

Open letter by Tamagn Beyene and Sisay Agena to Getachew Assefa, chief of Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service 

To: Ato Getachew Assefa,
Chief of Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service

July 4, 2016

Chief of Ethiopian National Intelligence and Security Service July 4, 2016 Like millions of other ordinary Ethiopians, we aspire to see freedom and democracy in Ethiopia. In Spite of the dreams we cherish, we live in United States of America because we were unable to live freely in our country and were forced into exile. And like so many other Ethiopians, both at home and abroad, we work and strive everyday to contribute our share to reclaim our freedom and be able to witness the dawn of a free and democratic Ethiopia.

As much we live freely in a foreign country, we wish to see the same freedom is relished by the people of Ethiopia in their own country. We are well aware that our everyday effort to realize our dream of having a free country would not be welcomed by the powers that be in Ethiopia; but we have never expected that your intelligence and security operatives would pay a visit to our family back home to threaten them or offer enticements so we would stop our struggle.

While this is letter does not in any way reflect the views of the organization we work for or that of our colleagues, we are writing to you to let you know that we are aware that agents and operatives of your department paid a visit to our families on June 29, 2016, and offered briberies and intimidations in an attempt to stop us from our efforts to bring freedom to our country. Whatever is your approach, we can unequivocally declare our position that we would not accept any enticements or bow down to your threats.

It is evident that our families could not and would not be responsible for the personal decisions and actions we have taken. Having known the regime, we are not surprised that it has resorted to threatening our families and offering briberies. It shows desperation on your part that you have decided to hold our family – elders and children – hostages to silence us.

We would like to bring to your attention, as well as to the attention of the TPLF regime that your attempt to stop us from doing what we do would, contrary to your intentions, serve as a fuel to further our dedication to the holy cause we are committed to. You claim to have struggle for your devious cause, but ended up abusing your power to impose tyranny and spread hatred among the people of Ethiopia and annihilate Ethiopianism. We would not be silent when we see our country falling under the threat of a total destruction due to the ethnic hatred and unbridled corruption perpetrated by the regime.

Threats against our families, holding them hostages and presenting enticements would not in any way stop us from our struggle for freedom.

Source: ZeHabesha