It is time for Ethiopians to prepare for the fall of TPLF

By Obang Metho

It is time for all of us the people of Ethiopia from every ethnic and religious groups to prepare for the “unknowns of tomorrow" after the downfalls of ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF/EPRDF for when it comes, we the people must confront it, first as people of shared humanity and then as Ethiopians; not by our differences, but by what unifies us—our homes, the land we all share and the mixed blood of our ancestors that flows in our veins making it impossible to truly identify its sources.

In order to confront our “tomorrow,” we should all be standing together as one family to talk to each other rather than about each other and to demand a New Ethiopia for all where everyone is included; where “my” justice will not come without the justice of my neighbor.

As we demand this, let us not miss the bigger picture—our humanity that we share with the every ethnic groups including the Tigrayan. They are our beloved brothers and sisters; valued and treasured by God Almighty who created all of us. They are us! Yes, those TPLF/EPRDF leaders and supporters who committed crimes of destruction will face justice, but for anyone else, the New Ethiopia will include all our Ethiopian brothers and sisters in a more humane, more God-honoring Ethiopia.

Anyone who says that Tigrayans, not all, but many, have not benefited under ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF are lying to themselves.

We all know that the key positions in the TPLF/EPRDF government, in the military, in the economy, in the judicial system, on the national election board, in banking and finance, in education and in any other sector of society are mostly held by Tigrayans. For the most part, those from other ethnic groups are given certain positions by the TPLF only to fool the outsiders so they can look better.

It is time to transform—to forgive, to reconcile and to be willing to integrate with the people of our country, our neighbors and our fellow global citizens. With this in mind; stay firm, stay strong and let us raise the banner of honor to our humanity not our ethnicity.

As long as we do and as long as see other Ethiopians as part of our Ethiopian family, we will have a future with hope, purpose and blessing that we can pass on to our descendants.

May God bless Ethiopia and prepare each of us to remain alert and ready to contribute our share to the betterment of each one of us and to Ethiopia as a whole for “no one is free until all are free.