Ethiopia: U.S. worried over TPLF's inevitable collapse

Gen. David Rodriguez, Commander U.S. Africa Command and en. Samora Yunis, Chief

By Tazabi-1

US is slowly smelling the coffee about the unsustainable nature of TPLF's modus operandi in continuing leading Ethiopia. US and major European nations are extremely worried by the extent and breadth of unrest engulfing the Oromo region -a home for about 40 million people. What made the recent unrest unique is that more than 500 towns in the Oromia region took part in these unprecedented unrests in coordinated manner! The rubber stump TPLF affiliate -OPDO which was formed to contain the Oromo people from disobeying TPLF led government is in disarray because the majority of its members have decided to side with Oromo masses and TPLF is now left on its own to protect its interest in the Oromia region with brute force which has not only failed but also fueling the anger and rage of the Oromo masses to even stage more uprisings to upset the political structure that has been leading the country for the last 25 years. The Oromo issue is only one part of the array of problems for the minority regime ruling Ethiopia with iron fist. The Amharas -who have been subjected to humiliating treatment are also starting to challenge authorities in the north part of Ethiopia. The list of disenfranchised nations and nationalities is growing at alarming rate -the Gambellas,Sidamas,Somalis and others are also showing their dissatisfaction by holding small scale demonstrations and uprisings.Now add to this combustible mix the Eritrean case which has been major threat to the very existence of the minority government in Ethiopia. The reason why Eritrea is lethal to the very existence of TPLF regime is not because of Eritrea's lean and mean army but also Eritrea is hosting growing number of Ethiopian armed rebels that are working to face fire with fire and get rid of the minority regime.Despite TPLF's propoganda that Eritrean army is becoming lame duck because of the years of sanctions that prohibited Eritrea from acquiring armaments and defections of conscripts who have bern flering the country via Sudan and Ethiopia to head to Europe for better life, Eritrean army has proven that it is still a force to be reckoned with. The June 12-2016 incident has reminded General Samora's army that Eritrean army is capable of not only defending its well dug trenches but also waging an effective counter offensive. The minority regime is now busy with frantic mobilization to war fronts along the Eritrean borders to restore its deflated pride as a result of resounding failure on june 12 incident.TPLF is trying its best to prove to US that it is still a formidable force by scoring some points against Eritrea.

Eritrea is informing friendly nations like Egypt, Qatar and Sudan about TPLF led government's intention to startwar after the rainy season is over. Eritrean foreign minister is currently visiting Egypt and PIA is expected to visit Qatar soon.

TPLF led government is forging ahead with this planned attack by brushing aside its main handler-the United States administration advice to resolve its problems with Eritrea and also engage Ethiopian armed rebel forces in a negotiation to form an all inclusive government before it is too late.

The principal reason whyTPLF is itching to launch an attack on Eritrea is ithat it desperately needs to prove to US and Tigrayans that is capable to inflict damage on Eritrean defense forces and also would like to send message to Ethiopian armed rebels supported by Eritrea that Eritrean government is not a reliable supporter..

TPLF's deception cards are all drawn and it is now left with no card to draw...hated internally and threatened from external forces spearheaded by Eritrea and more than a dozen armed Ethiopian forces from four corners of the country.

To conclude TPLF is sitting on highly combustible ticking bomb ready to be triggered from internal snd external forces..

Why would US administration continue to support a regime riddled by corruption and hated by almost all nations and nationalities including in its home base Tigray where the largest armed rebel group TPDM hails from..

Tplf is counting its last days....