Ethiopia: Three reasons why TPLF unravelling


A recent manifestation of heightened fears and insecurity by the TPLF-led regime can be observed in many ways.

1) Excessive reactions against ordinary citizens. For example, reactions against gathering of people which quite often results in the killings of innocent people such as the one happened in Harar today (July 1, 2016) in which 2 children were killed as reported by ESAT. Such a reaction has become a routine phenomenon with the regime.

2) Detaining Non-Tigrayan members of the intelligence and security - The TPLF regime is reportedly detaining non-Tigrayan members of the intelligence and security after unknown assailants killed 9 intelligence operatives in the last four months, according to sources close to ESAT - The spies being rounded up by the regime were suspected of involvement in the killing of the operatives that include three intelligence operation coordinators for the Ethiopian regime in Somalia. Most of the detained were ethnic Oromos and include security guards of the late dictator, Meles Zenawi. - According to the sources, commandos who played a role in securing the release of a French intelligence and TPLF soldiers who were taken hostage by the Al Shabaab were also among those detained by the regime. - The commandos were offered a lump sum for that operation by the US and EU. The sources said the commandos were also previously put behind bars after confrontations with army commanders who reportedly pocketed most of the payments. - The results of the investigations by a committee tasked to probe into the killing of the spies has been inconclusive but leans more towards the postulation that the killings were an inside job rather than an act by foreign elements. - The source also revealed that following the killing of the operatives in Somalia, the safety of TPLF soldiers in that country has been in great peril. - The arrest and sacking of spies targeting non-Tigrayan members of the intelligence would worsen the already tense environment within the regime’s intelligence and security, according to the sources.
Source: ESAT News (June 29, 2016)-

3) Assigning senior members of the TPLF to ambassadorial and other diplomatic positions
- Ambassadorial and other diplomatic positions in most of the countries with significant diplomatic ties to Ethiopia have now been taken by senior members of the TPLF, it was learnt. - The minority regime is replacing Ambassadors and diplomats from other ethnic groups with Tigrians. According to sources, Girma Biru, an Oromo, and ambassador of the regime to the US would be replaced by Berhane Kidanemariam, a member of the Central Committee of the TPLF. - Tirfu Kidanemariam, the wife of Abay Woldu, the chairman of TPLF and the president of the Tigray region was assigned as ambassador to Australia and New Zealand. - Dr. Hailemichael Abera, a member of TPLF has recently replaced Berhanu Kebede, as ambassador to the UK. - Half of the Ambassadorial and other diplomatic positions in Europe has been filled with Tigrians and members of the TPLF. Mulugeta Alemseged is Ambassador to Italy while Lealem Gebreyohannes has taken Ireland. - In the African continent, the diplomatic positions in neighboring countries with crucial security stakes was held by TPLF members. Ambassadorial positions in South Sudan, Sudan, Somaliland, Hargessa, Somalia and Puntland were all taken by TPLF member. - A founding member of the Front, Seyoum Mesfin is Ambassador to China, a country with major economic ties to the regime, while Gebremichael Gebretsadik is council general in Guangzhou. Source: (ESAT News (June 22, 2016))