Ethiopia: Investigation reveals TPLF regime paid security forces more for killing Oromo protesters

By Girma Gutema

Below is an insider info leaked by an astute observer of the Oromia zona court judge & police investigation unit in West Arsi:

"Hi Girmish: Here is the follow up report and our view on Shashananne, West Arsi, killings:

  • The killers are trained around Arba Minch and they are paid for the job per person they stab or kill. This is collected from the confession of some of those arrested. The project is believed to be run by High profile TPLF supporters in collaboration with the TPLF security office.
  • Baker Shale was in West Arsi to try to convince people that the government has no role in this but failed on the meeting he called (in fact backfired to them) at least on a meeting in Dodolla and Shashemene.
  • The design was to instigate major inter ethnic or religious conflict among the society thereby creating mistrust vis-a vis the image of ‪#‎OromoProtest‬.
  • Now the number of death due to such act raised to 12 in Shashemene alone including bodies of unidentified persons.
  • On a daily basis the people are arresting all killers who carry knife and other materials they use for such crime.
  • When they are arrested Fedaral police arrive with extraordinary speed and take them away in most cases. All of those arrested are taken by Fed police except those arrested at Hasasa, as pple refused to give them to