(ESAT Video) Latest News in Ethiopia (July 12)

Latest News in Ethiopia (July 12)

TPLF' media outlets are out with the usual nonsense. They want to blame the Gonder conflict on Eritrean based rebels and reduce the issue to police trying to apprehend ordinary criminals suspected of murder. That is just not true.
- The Walkayit question is a legitimate political demand that is as old as the current federal system. The conflict is rooted to the date when the current Tigray regional state was formed by taking away non Tigrean districts such as walkayit, Tegede, Raya etc.
- The people whom the regime tried to apprehend today are not ordinary bandits but well known members of the 'Walkayit Committee" which has been openly speaking to media and negotiating with the government for the last few years.
- The claim that they killed one person and kidnapped another also seem bogus
- It was not 'federal anti-terrorism task force' that tried to arrest them as being claimed by Fana. But rather Tigray region security officials. They only asked for federal police support when they faced resistance. They did not even bother informing Amhara region police.
- Note how Fana's report does not even mention the word Walkayit.