Decommissioned Tigrayan officers hold secret meeting in Addis Ababa

TPLF Security Forces Harassing Citizens


About a thousand decommissioned Tigrayan officers are holding a three day secret meeting in the capital Addis Ababa since Sunday, reliable sources told ESAT on Monday.

The agenda of the secret meeting is not clear but the sources said the fact that the ethnocentric regime called only Tigrayan officers to the meeting was a clear sign that there is ethnic tension in the army and that the Tigrayan government does not trust officers from other ethnic groups.

The sources also said it is a sign that the regime is in panic mode about the popular uprisings happening in all corners of the country.

The ongoing uprising in Gondar, Oromo region and elsewhere in the country as well as the possibility war with Eritrea could be the topics of discussion at the secret meeting, the sources said.

Some of the decommissioned officers are expected be called back to report for duty, the sources said.