Our Ethiopian struggle is more than just removing TPLF

By Abel Joseph

Of course our struggle is not only removing TPLF and replace them with someone else, but also to create a society which value human right and life.

Our struggle should also be to create a society which would respect and help each other’s as one family, instead of being a tool of those who are profiting from our disharmony.

Those of us who are on the position of helping others should not hesitate to help those who needed the most, as there is no better thing to all of us more than helping our own kinds.

Corruption and ignorance is our problems, however corruption has the biggest and deep roots, which has spread everywhere including among the common man.

Not only among government officials, but also in every corner and interaction, corruption seems the rule instead of an exception.

I was in Ethiopia two years ago and had seen what is going on. The most shaking thing I heard was from one of the physician who runs his own clinic. We met in Addis and had some conversation about what was going on in the country.

Surprisingly, he asked me to stay in Ethiopia, and my answer was that I was little bit concerned by what the TPLF has been doing. Later, he said as long as you would not involve in politics and oppose what they are doing they would not touch you.

He also added that working as a physician in Ethiopia is as the same as printing money. I was surprised by his statement and asked him what he meant when he said printing money. He said whenever patient comes to see you would order every kind of diagnostic study and charge them as much as you can, which would be illegal in USA and perhaps other countries.

Based on his saying it seems that the doctors are exploiting the ignorance of our people and order unnecessary test and charge them.

Such kind of crime in medicine is not les evil than what the TPLF are doing.

Even in stores, costumers would not get fair treatment, but everyone is trying to exploit the corruption epidemic and charge them the maximum.

It seems that every one is affected by corruption epidemic, and working to destroy the country as well as each other’s.

It is not appropriate to use the government corruption to justify ours.

Our integrity is not measured by what others are doing, but what we are doing.

What makes us different or prudent is not what we are doing based on what the masses are doing, but doing the right thing no matter what and no matter where and in what condition we are.

Let’s try to be moral despite the corrupt and unscrupulous people are submerging themselves into corruption and eat like a pig, as if eating and drinking too much would extend their lifespan.