Ethiopia: TPLF's invasion of Eritrea could bring in Egypt to the fight

With over 1,100 military aircraft, Egypt has the largest and most sophisticated air force in Africa

Ethiopia: TPLF's invasion of Eritrea could bring in Egypt to the fight

By Durame Staff

On Sunday, June 12th, after hours of shelling, Ethiopian regime forces invaded Eritrea's territory to violently take the Eritrean town of Tsorona. According to sources familiar with the situation, the Eritrean military repulsed the unprovoked attack and sent TPLF forces retreating back across the border into their military garrison.

At first, the Ethiopian regime denied there was any fighting. Then the regime said it will not comment on it. Then the regime changed its mind again and blamed Eritrea for starting the conflict. However, satellite imagery will eventually prove the Ethiopian regime did in fact start this conflict.

By invading Eritrea, the TPLF regime may have set up its own demise. While it may be easy to pick a fight with a neighboring country under politically motivated arms embargo and 1/14th of its population size, its a whole other ball game if Egypt decides to capitalize on TPLF's aggression by joining the fight in defense of Eritrea to settle longstanding Egyptian concerns over Nile waters.

Indeed, numerous reports were circulating around the internet of a possible secret defense pact between Eritrea and Egypt. If such agreements do exist, then it provides the legal cover for Egypt to intervene and provide either air strikes for the Eritrean military against TPLF forces, or full on assault on TPLF forces with the goal of regime change in Addis Ababa.

Aside from securing its Nile interests, Egypt may have other motives for joining a war against TPLF. President Sisi could use the war to strengthen his administration by rallying his people against a common external enemy that has been very insensitive towards their Nile water concerns.

Whatever happens, the Ethiopian regime is responsible for this war. It has invaded Eritrea unprovoked and continues to escalate the conflict without justification. All this while it continues to beg the international community to feed millions of its own people. Unfortunately, many innocent Ethiopians and Eritreans have lost their lives and many more will continue to lose their lives due to a belligerent regime's insatiable appetite for conflict.