Ethiopia: Is University of Oxford cooking a study

By Teshome Debalke

Is University of Oxford cooking a study titled “Mechachal” of Ethiopians on social Media on behalf of TPLF?

The anguish TPLF operatives go through manifested once again in a bogus research that carry University of Oxford name. It appears no one is immune from being bought for hefty fee and who can be better than buying anyone it can with stolen money than TPLF.

A ‘study’ titled in Amharic word ‘Mechachal’ (meaning tolerance) came out of nowhere carrying one of the world’s prestigious institution (University of Oxford) in collaboration with Addis Ababa University, according to English language Tadias Magazine that cater for the Ethiopians in Diaspora and the foreign community.

If you ask me; TPLF finger print is all over it like everything else. After all, the mastery of make-believe is what kept the rogue regime alive more than anything and no one can testify to that reality but the cut-and-paste Medias you see every day. Fact check is not in the vocabulary of contemporary Medias for the obvious reason.

I kid you not. Find any study or research conducted on Ethiopia by some university or institution and you will find what looks like a patch work of students’ papers to be graded staple together with a good looking cover page and this research isn’t an exception.

But, this study unlike any I have seen has bigger holes to drive good size trucks through driven by Oxford researchers and their partner equivalent to crime of academic manslaughter. Believe me; I have no clue about research or statistic but elementary knowledge tells me; you don’t pick a representative social Media interaction sample out of an Apartheid state’s controlled internet provider unless you are either ‘educated idiot’ or doing the bidding of a client. In both cases; there is consequences in any self-respecting regime.

Before you go in the detail of the study, the first paragraph summery contradict itself by telling you beforehand to wait for the predetermined result of the research. It makes you wonder who in his/her right mind put his name and repetition on it. But again, what is new; we live in the wonderland of Woyane’s ethnic Apartheid state where less than 100% is unacceptable in revolutionary statistic.

The summery says;

“The research team examined thousands of comments made by Ethiopians on Facebook during four months around the time of the country’s general election. Hate speech’ –defined as statements to incite others to discriminate or act against individuals or groups on grounds of their ethnicity, nationality, religion or gender – was found in just 0.7% of overall statements in the representative sample. The paper says the findings may have wide implications for the many countries trying to address growing concerns about the role played by social media in promoting radicalisation or violence.”

Wait it gets better on the second paragraph;

“Ethiopia represented an exceptional case study because of its distinct languages, which allowed the research team to gain a realistic sample of the overall online debates focused on one country. The research team analysed Facebook statements made by Ethiopians, both in their homeland and abroad, in the run-up to and just after the general election on 24 May 2015. Fans or followers, rather than people with any real influence online, were found to be mainly responsible for the violent or aggressive speech that appeared on Facebook pages in the sample.”

What did I tell you about dysfunctional contemporary (‘predator’) elites? Quite honestly this one is beyond dysfunctional or predatory but more like insanity or comedy when researchers contradict themselves on the same paragraph of a study. Somebody needs to contact Oxford to ask if Revolutionary statistic was adapted in the curriculum to fit TPLF’s narratives. When you think about it; the whole world of researchers appeared ready to sale their soul if the price is right.

More surprising was; how Oxford researchers on a police state declare ‘Ethiopia represented an exceptional case study because of its distinct languages, which allowed the research team to gain a realistic sample’ and how 0.7% finding of sample group turn out to”have a wider implication for the many countries trying to address growing concerns about the role played by social media in promoting radicalisation or violence”

Wait, it gets funnier;
“Fans or followers, rather than people with any real influence online, were found to be mainly responsible for the violent or aggressive speech that appeared on Facebook pages in the sample.”

Are 0.7% ‘fans or followers’ of unidentified groups responsible ‘for the violent or aggressive speech’ comes out of Oxford research? No one knows.

Here is the irony of it all. From all countries to pick Apartheid Ethiopia with the lowest internet penetration controlled by TPLF intelligent agency that as a policy promote hate and violence among Ethiopians is a tragedy by its own. But, from all Medias in the world Tadias Magazine conducting interview with the ‘researchers’ is more tragic the dysfunctional elites that reduced our people’s rights and liberty into a coffee shop cyber adventure without blinking their eyes.

According to Tadias interview “Matti Pohjonen noted that the collaboration with Addis Ababa University began in 2012 when we join force to understand what impact Information and communication Technology were actually having in East Africa beyond the hype that had characterize the digital divide and use of ICTs for development .”
It gets better;

“Almost at the opposite extreme, in terms of political antagonism that triggered were debates bringing back tension between the current government and the long standing political opponents. Berhanu’s Nega arrival in Eretria in July 2015 for example, attracted much attention encouraging a heated debate on face book” and it goes on in statistical slash-and-burn hysteria cherry picking to reach a predetermined conclusion.

The bogus study is one thing but, the whole exercise of Tadias’ interview was as I suspected is to say ‘Berhanu’s Nega arrival in Eretria’ is the cause of hate and violent speech among Ethiopians—back to the diaspora extremists narratives of TPLF with the stamp of approval of Oxford.

If you look at the whole interview; not only the result was predetermined cheery picking to get across their own agenda behind botched research but, completely ignoring the conventional interviewing methods of the subject by unidentified staff reporter.

Never mind internet is under TPLF control to use social media as a Weapon of Mass Mind Control of the youth and the propaganda the ethnic Apartheid state. Forget the dozen of credible report of the paranoid surveillance state spying and hacking on the Diaspora all over the world. Set aside the cost of living under information famine instigated by none other than TPLF’s clandestine operatives.

But yet, the esteemed Tadia Magazine unnamed ‘stuff reporter’ refused to confront the’ researchers’; their sample is so skewed out of range not to worth the paper it is written on. It tells either the identified reporter is clueless about research or doing the bidding of TPLF; there is no other explanation. It reminds me the 100% election winning regime the researchers’ base their study on that would disqualify a student out of a university let alone a researcher on a payroll.

Here is another contradiction of the so called researchers;

“In terms of where the speakers were posting from, most of them from Ethiopia (42%) but a significant were outside the country (22%). These figures could be considered both conforming and refuting the narrative about online debate is driven by the Diaspora. On the other hand, twice as many people are posting within Ethiopia but, the fact 22 % of the individuals discussing issues related to Ethiopia is significant number, especially when considered in a comparative perspective.”

Quite frankly, the study needs to be restudied to get to the bottom of who is behind it. Is the University of Oxford like Addis Ababa University selling its name to legitimize an Apartheid regime is the question up on us. Somebody needs to end the miserable researchers’ business of selling propaganda. At the same time, Tadias Magazine itself needs to be investigated if it is a fake Media doing TPLF bidding or real Media to serve the public. The record of the Magazine shows it is the leading hypocrite in the Diaspora when it comes to the reality of the regime’s atrocities and corruption in many ways than one.

When I wrote Tadia Magazine Hypocrisy is showing all over again last year it was because it wants to have its cake and eat it too. Here they are again behind a bogus study pointing their finger towards the victims of the brazen Apartheid regime.

Could the two principles of Tadias namely Liben Eabisa and Tseday Alehegn tell Ethiopians what does it take for the Magazine they run to tell; the Apartheid regime that controls the entire nation’s cyber space and broadcast airwaves they take for grant living in the free world before they tell us about a bogus study on ‘hate and violent’ “comments made by Ethiopians on Facebook during four months around the time of the country’s general election.” What kind of a self-respecting Media overlook a research based on fraudulently elected regime by s 100% and split hair on a fraction of a percentage social Media comments on hate speech? To make matter worse, what does “Berhanu’s Nega arrival in Eretria in July 2015” has anything to do with a bogus research that fit TPLF narratives to undermine the democratic movement?

Quite honestly I don’t know what to make of our contemporary Media personalities in general. I have written many articles when they go out of line to show their true colors. It appears there is a coordinated top-down effort to undermine Ethiopians’ democratic struggle by all means necessary. Understandably, the diehard TPLF cadres have no choice to do their job to keep the rogue regime alive but, what I don’t understand is why others who claim to be ‘neutral’ (short way of saying see, hear speak no evil) join THE rank in disguise?

I still couldn’t figure out what drives them to hold the most important institution of the public hostage for their yet undeclared agenda. I also don’t understand why they are hiding from reviling themselves to the public unlike those that rightly fear the rogue regime’s assassins.

Tadias’ owners and reporters must revile themselves on Magazine’s website to the public who they are so that the readers evaluate them for what they say and actually do. After all, you can’t run a Media and hide from the same people you claim to serve.

For instance, a search on Google for the Magazine’s editors and reporters found no identifiable person[s] claim to associate with the Magazine. Never in the history of modern online Media particularly in the free world had editors and reporters hid their identity and credential without consequences like Tadias and many others do. The question is; what Ethiopians are going to do about it.

The more important thing is; how long Ethiopians tolerate from saying enough to those that ignoring the crimes of the Apartheid regime by undermining the democratic movement. Unless they are a willing participant in the crime of TPLF led regime against the people of Ethiopia what possible reason they could have to bury their head and hide their identity from the reality of what the people of Ethiopia are facing under a corrupt crime syndicate posed as a government.

When I read the news a few days ago the US Security Exchange Commission on its Press Release charged and penalized the Ethiopian regime for illegal bond sales in the US I was surprised not to find the braking news in most of the so called Medias that were misleading the Diaspora on the fake bond. I wrote article about the illegality of the regime’s operatives collecting money from the public without the authorities knowing about it and called on for investigation.

Such important news to protect the Diaspora from the ongoing TPLF operatives criminal activities should have been headline news and a follow up investigation of the agents many other corruption on illegal land sale, investment scum, money laundering and many more.

For instance, according to the Press Release only 5.8 million dollar was raised– contradicting Medias’ report that claimed to raise 100s of millions of dollar. Who were the agents and where the rest of the money raised requires further investigation of the regime agents that either pocket the money or laundered it in offshore accounts.

But, the same Medias fail to inform the defrauded bond holders to contact the designated administrator at 844-851-4591 as the Press Release advised let alone to expose the agents. Instead, irrelevant news to divert the real crimes of the regime populates the same Medias that are more interest to cover up for the regime than protect the public with real news. The question is; can these Medias be liable for misleading US citizens?

At the meantime, who is supposed to be responsible to identify individuals running institutions and monitor false reporting and fraudulent activities? Where are Ethiopians version of Fact Check dot Org that exposes propaganda and fraudulent political, economic and social personalities that make a living defrauding the public?

Can Ethiopians master the courage to establish such organizations on behalf of our people than expecting others to do it?

The Russian-born American novelist and philosopher, Ayn Rand in her essay of The Virtue of Selfishness said it best;

“Men who reject the responsibility of thought and reason can only exist as parasites on the thinking of others.”

As Ethiopians go forward to dismantle the corrupt and atrocious Apartheid regime; separating the parasites from the body of Ethiopians requires taking responsibility of establishing the necessary institutions of the future — the only known way for mankind to be free than dwelling on the past hospitable for parasites.

Therefore, as 19th century Irish playwright, critic and polemicist George Bernard Shaw eloquently put it;

“We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future.”
Personally, I am convinced; parasitic elites are the cause of all the ills in our society and the misery of our people including the violation of our rights and liberties in many ways and they naturally adapt to remain parasites as we are witnessing. There is no better example than TPLF elites that leached on our people for over two decades; unfortunately with the help of their hosts.

Those among us that drew the line on the sand to take responsibility for our future are in direct confrontation with the parasites to lead the way to freedom. When you think about it; the struggle is very simple unlike we are led to believe if only we are brave and bold enough to identify the parasites among our mist that live off our people’s misery.

Personally, I got rid of the parasites around me long ago to live free and working hard to do the same to free my people.

Can you?

This article is dedicated to those Ethiopians brave and courageous enough to engage riding the parasites in our society. Therefore, if anyone for any reason attack, dehumanize or disparage them hiding behind one thing or another; do it at your own risk.