Ethiopia: Dr Tedros forget WHO, care first for your own people

Dr Tedros care first for your own people - GK

By Habtamu Yigzaw

His name is Dr. Tedros Adanom. He is the Foreign Minister of Ethiopia and one of the top leader of the TPLF, the dominant party with the governing EPRDF. He is running to be the head of WHO ( The United Nations World Health Organization).

In normal circumstances, it would have been an honor to see an Ethiopian run for such office. However we are not talking about an ordinary Ethiopian; we are talking about a person who is part of a criminal gang that has been terrorizing the Ethiopian people for 25 years and in all regions of the country.

A prominent opposition leader Habtamu Ayalew was jailed by Dr. Tedros Adanom and his friends, for loving his country. They tortured him. He got into prison healthy but came out very sick. As a result of his sickness, he is currently in a coma.

Dr. Tedros who claimed to be caring for the health of human beings and his friends refused Habtamu to travel abroad so that he can get life-saving medical treatment abroad.

Therefore is it right to have this man, as a WHO director, a man who caused great suffering and pain on his own people ? How can a man help the whole humanity in our entire globe when he is heartless and cruel towards his own people like Habtamu Ayalew ? What good would Dr. Tedros be to the world if he threw away health professional ethics for the sole reason to keep power with an iron fist ?