(ESAT Video) Latest News in Ethiopia (June 30)

Latest News in Ethiopia (June 30)

-The killings of residents who opposed their houses to be demolished without compensation continued into Thursday (June 30, 2016) by the brutal regime's armed state terrorists in Addis Ababa city- Ethiopia.
- TPLF-led regime puts investment first and citizens' lives second... and continued the demolish of more than 30,000 residents without proper compensation, and even continued killing residents who opposed the move. The fact is that the TPLF-led regime has confused Civil Rules of Law with rules of law of the jungle-- the latter was what they had been familiar with prior to holding power.
-The TPLF-led regime's armed state terrorists- Agazi agents- resumed the killings and torture of young people in Ginchi town in Oromia regional state. The report said that the state terrorists broke into their house in the night and abducted two young boys, and no one knows where about they were since yesterday
- The regime is in preparation to wage war with Eritrea-- moving heavy weapons and military hardware to the border says the report.