San Jose’s Ethiopian Community Objects to a TPLF Conference

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May 4, 2016: San Jose, California – On Sunday, May 8, 2016 starting at noon, the San Jose Scottish Rite facilities on Masonic Drive in San Jose, could become a place of contention for Ethiopian-Americans and other members of the Ethiopian Diaspora community, as they may form against representatives of the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), the single party leading the corrupt and oppressive regime now ruling Ethiopia.

Appeals to Scottish Rite Officials

The Ethiopian-American Council (EAC) of North America, a non-governmental organization focused on the political and human rights of members of the Ethiopian Diaspora, has expressed concerns to Scottish Rite officials by asking them to disassociate themselves from the TPLF meeting.

Canceling use of the facility by the TPLF could snuff any civil upheaval while effectively telling TPLF officials that the Ethiopian Diaspora in America heartily feels that their false ministrations are deeply unwelcome in their communities.

Appeals to the Ethiopian Community

The EAC is also calling on all members of the San Jose Ethiopian community to boycott the meeting should it eventually take place. But, the pain felt by so many Ethiopians at the hands of the TPLF could foment protests at the Scottish Rite facility during the conference.

Officials of the EAC averred that they do not condone violence and have said that only boycott or peaceful demonstration should be the rule.

Irony of TPLF Meeting Regarding Amhara

Ostensibly, the conference is intended to reach out to members of San Jose’s Ethiopian Diaspora for discussions on the Social and Economic Development of the Amhara Region in Ethiopia.

The irony of the situation is that most members of the Ethiopian Diaspora have had to flee their homeland due to the terror and atrocities promulgated by the TPLF and imposed on the beleaguered peoples of Ethiopia, including people who have managed to flee to America from the Amhara region of Ethiopian.

Though cloaked as representatives of the Amhara National Regional State, a TPLF surrogate it is important to note that representatives are members of the TPLF, and their cronies, who lead the corrupt and oppressive regime that now holds a bloody claw on power in Ethiopia.

TPLF’s Divide and Conquer Strategy

According to officials of the EAC, the meeting probably has a more nefarious goal than just discussing the social and economic development of the Amhara Region. The TPLF sent out letters of invitation for the meeting almost exclusively to members of the San Jose Ethiopian community linked to TPLF the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Indeed, some have money to invest.

It seems an attempt to “make nice” with the alienated population it has so mistreated in the past. The treatment has been so bad that there are now a considerable number of Amhara Ethiopians living abroad . For the last 25 years, through land grabs, ethnic cleansing, and massive population relocation, the vast and fertile lands in Amhara, specifically the districts of Welqaite, Tsegede, -Tselemt and Wello, have been turned over to Tigray and members of the TPLF and their cronies.

The TPLF has dealt with the people of the Oromo region in much the same way. Huge swaths of Oromo land have been taken from the original inhabitants who have been living there for countless generations. Many students from Oromo have been jailed, tortured, or murdered for participating in protests against the unconstitutional land appropriations.

As many nations, Ethiopia has had to deal with some longstanding strife between ethnic and tribal groups. The purpose of most governments is to heal that sort of dissension among the peoples of a nation. The TPLF uses that history as a way of pitting citizen against citizen – promising fealty to one group only to retool and promise whatever is necessary to another.

With Knowledge of TPLF Cruelty, Others Have Canceled

Noting the extreme disaffection of the Swedish Ethiopian Diaspora community with the TPLF, Swedish officials prevented a meeting, similar to that scheduled in San Jose, from happening there, even though the Ethiopian Foreign Minister, Tedros Adhanom, was on hand to attend. Other TPLF meetings have been canceled in Philadelphia, PA, and Washington, DC.

(Presently a resolution has been introduced for approval by the Senate of the United States. It calls on the Ethiopian regime to construct a more inclusive government; to cease the jailing, torture, and even murder of peaceful political dissidents and journalists; to stop land grabs and ethnic cleansing; and to bring an end to other atrocities visited on the citizens of Ethiopia.)

Council Calls for an End to Ethnic Adversity

Using ethnic politics to distract the minds of citizens from the real issues affecting Ethiopian populations – specifically the economic reality of robber barons ruling the country and stealing its wealth by jailing, torturing, and murdering innocents – certainly benefits the TPLF and its greedy cohorts. Under the TPLF regime, Ethiopia is not a “rising democracy” as so many western politicians have announced – it a “rising blister” ready to burst.

EAC leadership has urged all the peoples of Ethiopia to unite against their true enemy – the iron-fisted rule of the TPLF and its ethnic politics. The main scheme of the TPLF government is to endure by destroying the national pride of Ethiopians and destroying the spirit of being One Ethiopia for all the peoples of that beautiful country situated on the Horn of Africa.