Rebels Killed, Apprehended In Southern Ethiopia: Ethiopian State Media Report

By Debirhan

Ethiopian State Media outlets have reported today that an unnumbered group of Ethiopian rebels, who traveled from Eritrea to Uganda, Kenya and then to Southern Ethiopian bushes via Moyale, were apprehended and killed together with their weapons on April 6, 2016.

Quoting Ethiopia’s National Intelligence and Security Service’s (NISS) Federal Police and Anti-Terrorism Task Force, the media sources said some of the rebels have managed to flee, it added.

The State media have not indicted the name of the rebel movement the group were linked with.
It said they were given different terror training in Eritrea and the NISS had been following their journey since the inception.

Unlike previous reports of similar tones, no image or interview was showed “even four days after the so called planned operation” on the State Television report tonight.