Oromo protesters 'force suspension of Ethiopia university exams'

Oromo protesters 'force suspension of Ethiopia university exams'


Ethiopia's university entrance exams, due to start today, have been cancelled because one of the papers has been leaked online, reports the government-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate.

Pictures of the English exam have been widely shared on social media.

Minister of Education Shiferaw Shigute is quoted as saying: “After a cross check, we decided to terminate the whole exam since we had no evidence that the other exams were safe."

People supporting the protests for greater rights for Ethiopia's Oromo people are saying that they are responsible for the leak.

Photographs of some of the exam papers have been posted on one activist's Facebook page:

The activists said they wanted Oromo students to have more time to study for the entrance exams after their high schools had been closed for several months during a wave of protests at the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

Ethiopia's education ministry has said that a plan for new exams will be announced soon.