Man sets himself on fire in Addis Ababa

By Addis Admas

This is a shocking and a heart breaking story, especially when such a suicide happens in unexpected way for unknown reason.

Well, Yeheyes demise, 55 is a resident in Addis Abeba around Chilaloo Hotel in Addis ketema district. Being a peaceful neighbor the news for his suicide was shocking and unbelievable for his neighborhood.

According to the report of Addis Admas news paper it was on Thursday 6 in the morning that Yeheyes set a fire on himself standing right at his house veranda. Although a woman who rented one of his rooms saw while he is bowling the fuel on himself she couldn’t get him help soon enough, by the time people gather hearing her scream Yeheyes was all burned out. Residents tried to catch up an ambulance to save his life never the less he passed away before reaching a nearby clinic.

The news is stile unforeseen for those who know him. Most witnessed that he was a polite and decent man however never married or have kids just lived his lonely life.