Ethiopia: The incompatibility of the elites’ interest

The incompatibility of the elites’ interest with Ethiopians’ cry for freedom and democracy and the agony of TPLF to conceal its crimes to sustain its occupation and corruption

ጆሮ ያለው ይስማ

By Teshome Debalke

Find me a tyrannical regime or a political party that doesn’t have democracy, freedom, federal, revolution or liberation slogan; I have snake oil to sell you to make delicious meals out of it. And, give me a slogan to sell and bamboozle people to buy it; I will give you chaos and corruptions against your own family, people and nation in return. Find me an occupying force that doesn’t claim it is in ‘civilizing mission’ while dividing the people by tribe, ethnicity, language religion…while picking pocket in a daylight; I have a million dollar inheritance in the bank I will give you half of it if you send 10K for processing the withdrawal.

Welcome to TPLF occupied Ethiopia. If you have no idea what an occupying force does to the people please read on Fascist occupier of your own country from 1936-41 and compare it with what you can learn about its bastard child TPLF’s occupation. It is specially recommended for the willing TPLF stooges and cheerleaders to know who they are and their place in history not to mention the punishment they deserve when Ethiopia is liberated.

When they say’ ‘the devil is in the details’; they weren’t kidding. Though the idiom doesn’t mean much anymore in contemporary political discourse beyond daily expression to make a point, in reality; everything, including freedom and democracy rests on the detail of what the political actors say and actually do. And, in that detail is where the ‘devil’ is dancing on our head. Tragically, most people don’t even care to know or afraid to take a stand against the ‘devil’.

When they say ‘politics is the art of the possibilities’; they weren’t jiving either. Again, it means nothing without the ‘details’. In that detail is where you find politics could also be the art of deception to cover up all kinds of deviant and criminal behavior against the people—the seed that causes crimes against freedom and humanity thus tyranny.

Modern democracies overcame most of the nuisance of tyrannical behavior to allow their people enjoy considerable degree of freedom, liberty and development simply because their political elites were brave and attentive enough to look into the details. Among their accomplishment; separation thus, check and balance of government power that deprives one from saying the last word on the people’s affairs (the foundation of democracy).

All the good stuff democracy offers; individual rights, independent judiciary, equality under the law, innocent until proven guilty, the burden of prove of the accuser, the rights of the accused to confront the accuser are some of the details how government power is reduced from making draconian decisions and prevented from committing atrocities and corruption that naturally comes with tyranny.
Therefore, how democracy works for the people and who is hampering the rights and liberty of the governed matters. It is life and death issue that seems to elude the elites.

But, there is more. Freedom of expression and association are the most cherished rights of free people and democratic nation where the details of political actors are scrutinized to sort out the ‘devil’ from the angel. Without them; there is nothing worthy of a regime to be called government but a bandit. And, for that reason alone is why the Free Press (sometimes referred as the fourth branch of government) frighten the ‘devil’ than all the other branches and institutions combined. That is why a given tyranny is vehement to control the Free Press and free association in order to conceal its crimes.
With all branches of government and the Free Press and civic society under the thumb of tyranny; to say there is a government worthy of the name is an insult and conspiracy to the very people it torments and robs at will.

The legendry con artist extraordinary the late TPLF Chairman and pseudo former Prime Minster of Ethiopia Melse Zenawi was so good at concealing the details; he made his delusional and corrupt followers child like from telling the difference between a conman and a leader to be conned to commit crimes against the people of Ethiopia in exchange for ‘candy’. In their eyes; corruption is investment, crime against humanity is fighting terrorism, Apartheid is Federalism, Free Press is concealing and diversion of crimes, robbing ballot box is Revolutionary Democracy, extortion is economic transformation and kangaroo court is justice… on and on. The genius of a con artist is flipping people to believe the opposite of what the realities are.

Let’s face it; the willing participants to conceal TPLF’s crime against humanity, treason and racketeering, regardless of how delusional they may be kept the rogue regime alive and them cashing in. When you look even closer what they do; not only you find the ‘devil’ dancing on the people’s head but, their agony to conceal the crimes are institutionalized.

Ironically, the more ‘educated’ they are the more delusional and deadly they turned out to be evading the work of the ‘devil’. Mind you, it didn’t happen by accident. From the get go; Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) itself from its inception was hollow slogan. For sure ‘liberation’ sounded noble but, in the hand of conmen it was a decoy of the devil as it was intended. The detail of how it is practiced speaks for itself why it was conceived.

Therefore, the self-proclaimed imaginary ethnic Tigrans that were supposedly ‘liberated’ from phantom ethnic enemy created by fascist Italy and adapted by TPLF is at work– causing havoc on the people of Ethiopia under the banner of EPRDF and Revolutionary Democracy as we speak.
Listening to or finding out about what any delusional member or apologist of TPLF says or does; you will find why the ‘devil’ on steroid is ruling. If you scrutinize further to find out the details; consider yourself as good as dead — as many innocent Ethiopians particularly journalists and political leaders in the frontline found out.

But, the deadly TPLF tyranny is beyond a typical tyranny that strives to sustain illegitimate political power. It is the mother lode of all bad ideas of tyranny plus (occupier) as Fascist (Colonialist in general) envisioned for Ethiopians that failed miserably before. Unfortunately, many political elites are following TPLF’s footsteps with empty slogan of their own and, once again; the devil is in the details of what the do. Therefore, TPLF should rightly be renamed as Tigray People Occupation Force. There is no way out of that reality.

To better illustrate the work of TPLF occupier; the method it controls the free flow of information; including the institutions of the Free Press that supposedly expose the details of its crimes tells the story of all other public and private institutions under its occupation. Here it is important to distinguish the difference between why a typical tyranny verses an occupying force controls the Free Press and the flow of information.

What is the Free Press?

The meaning of the Free Press is often misunderstood by contemporary elites to mean a vehicle to entertain their political and economic interests. Such self-serving often corrupt attitude not only negates the role of the most revered institution that stood solely for the public interest and rights plays but, it is an insult to the people’s right to know.

In principle, if a political party or any other entity and individual have no appreciation for the Free Press to the people’s rights to know and their freedom and democratic rights; it isn’t only tyranny but, tyranny on steroid to conceal its crime. And, anyone associated with such political party is steroid dealer to prop up unholy enterprise against the people’s interest. There is no way out of this row reality either no matter how creative an entity may be to conceal it.

In short, without the Free Press there is no freedom or democracy but, the same old ugly tyranny.

To prove that reality; Ethiopians need not look anywhere else but TPLF led Apartheid tyranny and its associates. Not only they control the public Media to push empty propaganda familiar in a typical tyranny but, institutionalized to conceal their crimes posed as Free Press. Knowing who they are and the detail of what they do is where the answer for all problems of Ethiopians, including the struggle for freedom and democracy rests and, no need to waste more time looking somewhere else.

I said it before and I will say it again; the people of Ethiopia will never be free until all the elites are forced to submit for the will of the people not the other way around. And, the ‘Free Press’ can’t afford not to expose what the elites do against the people of Ethiopia in the name of one slogan or another, particularly in the name of the Free Press. Is that difficult to comprehend?

What TPLF tyranny and its associates are doing in the name of the Free Press and where and how they are causing havoc on the people of Ethiopia is the first place to start.

Like everything it does, the blue print to control the Free Press and the Media apparatus all started when the mercenary occupying group known as TPLF decided to disfranchise Ethiopians by empty propaganda since its inception in line with Fascist Italy occupation. For the gullible it was a liberation front but, in reality it was a mercenary front.

Nicole Stremlau’s survey “The press and the political restructuring of Ethiopia Vol. 5, No. 4, November 2011, 716 732 Journal of Eastern African Studies pinpoints the source and the method TPLF’ propaganda initiated. It is an excellent guide to understand what TPLF is all about and what the democratic movement need to do to dismantle its Media monopoly in particular and its occupation in general. I said by the democratic movement because; no other entity is capable and willing to do it.

Take for instance what the paper reviled how TPLF used Media then (as Tigray ethnic liberator) and as it does now (as Ethiopian Revolutionary Democracy) for disinformation campaign to disfranchise Ethiopians by ethnicity –reminiscent of Fascist Italy’s occupation.

It says;

“Newspapers and magazines were the first mass media used to publicize the war. During the struggle a variety of TPLF pamphlets and newspapers were published, including Ittek (get armed), Niqah (be conscious), Tegadel (struggle) and Woyyeen (revolt). These played an active role in conveying the struggles ideology as defined by the political arm. The publications were produced by the propaganda department, initially headed by Abay Tsehaye, with Meles Zenawi as his deputy.”

It goes on;

“Radio was one of the most important tools for the TPLF campaign. Broadcasts initially began in 1979, using the Eritrean People’s Liberation Fronts (EPLF) radio three times a week for half an hour.

The TPLF started its own station, The Voice of the Rebellion in 1985, with financial support from Tigrayans in the diaspora. From its base in Tigray, the station had a reach across much of the country, eventually gaining clear reception in Addis and parts of Southern Sudan. Originally broadcast in Tigrinya and Amharic, Oromiffa was later added in an effort to reach those outside the liberated areas”.

After its occupation of the rest of Ethiopia, the only thing it added was more Radio station in many Ethiopian languages doing the same old ethnic propaganda. Apparently, the only ‘Radio Station’ (Fana Radio) that has a reach of all Ethiopians is owned and operated by TPLF propaganda department in the name of private Media. In other words; the mercenary TPLF is the only Media owner in the world that can reach all Ethiopians until the Ethiopian Satellite Television/Radio showed up five years ago.

The other two foreign Medias (Voice of America and Germen Radio) not only followed TPLF foot step adding Tigrinya and Oromiffa program TPLF cadres compromised their integrity to the point of no return.

To begin with, why Tigray People Liberation Front needed to broadcast in other Ethiopian languages speaks volume about the mercenary nature of TPLF against the people of Ethiopia than the bogus liberator of Tigray from their own country as it continues to do so in the name of Ethiopia with front ethnic parties it created in the named of Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) with front Medias in multiple Ethiopian languages under its control to match them as it did before. The impotent parties (spectators) with empty slogans continue to give cover for the mercenary group’s disinformation campaign to divide, traumatize, displace and robe the people of Ethiopia. Among the leaders of the dummy parties is the handpicked walking-talking toy of TPLF and present make-believe Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn.

Here are a few descriptions of what TPLF is all about in the eyes of Ethiopians after its occupation of nation in 1991.

One government Media employee described TPLF’s occupation as follows;

“When the TPLF first came they didn’t know who was who. They locked us all up. A new order was unfolding. It was not a new government but a new order, a new era. Everything of the other regime was gotten rid of. Sensitive places were taken over [they] didn’t want any interference or to coexist with anyone. That was the aspiration of communism and Lenin’s [theory of] political cleansing getting rid of the Tsarists. The EPRDF wanted to get rid of these people so they couldn’t have any feelings of the past, unless they were indispensable people”

Another editorial in the early 1990s noted:

“In the new Ethiopia, the unique and terrifying term is ‘‘unity’’. The charter is not in favor of unity. It also seems that the constitution fears the same term. It rather pronounces and emphasizes the phrase ‘self-determination up to secession.

The regime supports the division and disintegration of the country and we think this is the first national government to do such a thing in the world”

Thus, noting changed; TPLF and its associates are the same mercenary occupiers then as they are now. Tigray ‘Liberation’ was and continue to be the same slogan used as EPDRF as a cover to disfranchise and rob Ethiopians blind as we are witnessing. The same TPLF controls all the flow of information and the Media apparatus in the country and in every Ethiopian language as tool of division and diversion and to conceal its crimes on Ethiopians from the people and the world.

Here, it should be clear for one-and all; the make-believe Free Press that populated the cyber space in-and-out of the country isn’t by accident but by design. Therefore, they do what they do to confuse and bamboozle the public in order to sustain the mercenary regime rule.

Thus, for freedom and democracy to be realized; they must be identified and exposed to the people of Ethiopia and the world for their conspiracy to cover up TPLF’s crimes and must be dismantled for good to pave the way.

Looking carefully how TPLF agents fake the Free Press you find peculiar individuals that appear to live in a vacuum. Unlike the usual suspects that show their ugly faces daily, the smooth operators are the worst kind. Some specialize in diversion—drama, music, sport, fashion and history to divert the youth’s attention from the political reality TPLF occupation and its crimes. Others specialize in development and investment under occupation reminiscent of fascist occupation. .The rest specializes in pretention i.e. criticizing the rogue mercenary regime on none issue and plugin empty propaganda along the way to say there is a worthy government. They wouldn’t touch the detail of the political and economic crime of TPLF’s occupation and corruption. For many, any ‘foreign’ correspondence’s ‘news piece’ that makes the rogue regime look good and legitimate is good news to paste, if it doesn’t; not only it won’t see the day but, attack and intimidation in publicly and privately follows.

The irony of it all is; when a mercenary occupying group is organized for distraction, crime against the people and cover ups; Ethiopians failed to organize for the right and honorable things on behalf of the people. If you ask me; the ethnic parties with empty slogan of their own are the sources of the problem sustaining the occupying TPLF, but what do I know.

But, the incompatibility of the elites’ interest with Ethiopians’ cry for freedom and democracy explain most if not all the problems facing the people of Ethiopia and it shows.

The elites that submit their mind, body and soul for the mercenary occupying group on the expenses of the people of Ethiopia need no introduction and elaboration why they do what they do. They accepted their fate to live-and-die with the mercenary regime.

The reaming Ethiopian elites that supposedly entrusted to save the people of Ethiopia from occupation are where the problem began and would end to the benefit of the regime on the expenses of the people.

The remaining elites are divided in three groups. The silent majority that appeared not to care one way or the other what happens to the people and the nation. Those that espouse; national democratic governance is the right course to take in order to free the people of Ethiopia from tyranny all kinds and for good. And, a handful others that espouse ethnic rule (separation or under federal arrangements) is the right course to take. The indifference of the first and differences of the latter two extended TPLF’s occupation thus, the atrocities and corruptions it inflects on the people of Ethiopia.

Here is where the Free Press comes in to end the mother of all differences and end the occupation of the mercenary group known as TPLF and again the devil is in the detail.

‘Where is the beef?’ advertisement that became a popular political expression should remind us; details matter. And, only the Free Press can say where the beef is or whether it is beef or imitation and what it is made of before Ethiopians eat it. Again, there is no other way out of this reality unless the political elites are imitating the late TPLF con artist extraordinary Melse Zenawi.
The ESAT factor

If truth must be told as it should, the one-and-only entity that took the most difficult responsibility of a nation and her people is the Ethiopian Satellite Television-Radio Network. Therefore, I don’t care what anybody wanted us to believe otherwise, this fact must be swallowed by all Ethiopian elites no matter what slogan they paste in the front or at the end of their name. In contrast, the most responsible entities against the people of Ethiopia and the nation are the propaganda apparatus of the occupying TPLF regime.

After all, the very freedom and democracy of the people of Ethiopia and the existence of the nation remains between telling the whole truths; noting but the truth and the lies the elites tell. Just because the elites fear the truth to remain silent, push the lies to protect their interest or skirt the truth to take advantage of the chaos the TPLF regime created doesn’t help them escape the responsibility of the crimes committed and being committed on the people of Ethiopia.

In conclusion, the elites that tell the truth and the lies are as clear as day-and-night. What remained the problem is; the refusal of the silent majority elites to take side between the truth and the lies.

As Winston Churchill put it; “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.”

That, my people are the root causes of the misery of our people nothing else. Therefore, for whatever reason silent elites fear the truth, the least they could do from their hiding is support ESAT to tell more truth.

The Free Press remains the salvation of the people’s freedom to end tyranny. And, as Terry Mark put it

“Truth is the greatest weapon to hold against any kind of enemy. Every evil is afraid of TRUTH.”

The article is dedicated to the defender of the Free Press led by Eskndir Nega and the latest causality Blloger Zelalem Workagegnehu.