Nine Ethiopians died at the Mediterranean Sea


Nine Ethiopians died on Friday at the Mediterranean Sea trying to cross on boat to the European shores. A mother and her two children were among the dead. The boat that departed Egypt early Friday was heading to Europe when it capsizes due to a squall at the sea.

ESAT received a gruesome picture of the bodies of the mother and her children. The torso of the bodies were visibly opened, leading to suspicion that their organs have been removed.

An Ethiopian who knew some of the victims told ESAT that he was trying to send the bodies to Ethiopia. He said that his call to the Ethiopian Embassy to get their support fell on deaf ears. ESAT’s call to the Embassy in Cairo was not answered.

Hundreds of people, Ethiopians among them, die at the high seas trying to cross to Europe looking for better economic opportunities and some running away from political persecution.

Meanwhile, 6 of the 16 people killed on Friday in an armed attack on the Mother Theresa retirement home in Yemen were Ethiopians.

Four armed men opened fire at the retirement home in Aden on Friday killing the nuns and staff members of the retirement home. The Ethiopian government did not give any statement on the death of its citizens both at the Mediterranean sea and in Yemen.