Ethiopia: Why Education?

By Dr. Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew

Education is mainly needed to solve problems that mankind faces in order to live a better life. Problems may be local or global and each requires a solution of its own and some times a global solution of a global problem might solve local problems as well. I will look these things taking our country Ethiopia as a case. Ethiopia today faces existential threats as one country due to the sinister policies the Tigray TPLF psychopaths put in place, dividing Ethiopians based on Ethnic enclaves and strengthening their crafted primitive boundaries through orchestrated lies that resulted in perpetual conflicts for Ethiopians for last decades and robbing resources accumulating wealth, running illegal business and building their own villages at the expense of Ethiopians. The Oromo youth massacre, recent massacre of the Agnuack people, the Amhara versus Qimant sinister division campaigned by TPLF, a campaign similar to the one that lead to the Rwanda genocide, the ethnic cleansing that took place for the last almost three decades in Welkaite Tegedie Telemt and Wello regions, which I am still puzzled why the international community kept quite on these issues that are going on in Gondar region.Ethiopia: Why Education?

The sources of all these problems is one and that is the Tigray TPLF and this is a global problem for Ethiopia but the problems are made to be local for managing would be enemies which TPLF knew it eventually will have, which it faces now. How do we find solutions to these different kinds of problems? The global problem which is TPLF can be solved globally, by removing it from power and in that case all the local problems are solved simultaneously, but until that happens and even to help expedite its removal, we have to not forget the local problems because they are pains on citizens, we have think to be part of the search for solutions to the local problems which will strengthen the search for the global solution as well. We have to voice their problems loud and clear, we have to be with them in their struggle and eventually, all local problems may be united and expedite the search for a common solution of removing the global problem. Ailments are all local but pains due to them are global, pains are hurtful to all of our bodies, and curing ailments which is a local solution resulted in removing a global pain from our body, therefore do not underestimate the local fight to be made in the places I mentioned.

The good thing is that today every Ethiopian knows the Tigray TPLF is a wolf in sheep clothing, it is the most hated and hunted bandit group from Tigray and all Ethiopians are targeting this dangerous animal group, an alien species for peaceful coexistence of Ethiopians. Therfore addressing local problems to hold social roots is a first important step to strengthen the local fight. In this regard, the problems of Welkaite Tegede, Qimant and Amhara, Agnuack, Oromia are local ones that require solutions of their own in their locality at this time as Ethiopians are not that united to fight together the only criminal group, which helps the search for the solution to the global problems Ethiopia faces. When a medicine targets an ailment locally it is because that is the right way naturally and we have to do things this way as well.

True Education is Power- It sets directions and offers reasons to do the right things in time of trouble and peace

Education is a purpose driven and systematic way of conveying knowledge and skills to society in order humans to widen their space of imagination and cognitive power of reasoning to be analytic and rational to solve problems in the right way. Education empowers citizenry and society to utilize modes of right thinking and principles of reasoning to study problems of life, science and society and offer solutions that are proven to be true, more stable, if not lasting, it offers right ways of decision making tools than wrong ways to solve problems. Wrong ways are chosen in most cases by lack of knowledge or ignorance about things we deal with. Because of the necessity of knowledge to solve problems rightly, ancient people used to travel across continents in search of knowledge. The ancient Greek pre-Socratic philosopher and scientist Democritus used to spend his fortune and time by traveling to different countries to seek knowledge. It is said that he went to Ethiopia, India and Asia to seek knowledge.

The things we do with no knowledge of it are more costly and dangerous than not doing it at all in some cases.

Power is the ratio of energy and time to accomplish a task and these two quantities, energy and time can yield proper power when an existing energy of a certain magnitude is applied in a short period of time to accomplish a task but the same amount of energy when applied for longer time length, the power to accomplish a task is diminished. Education enables society to optimize or find right combinations of these two parameters of power to accomplish what is needed effectively. If longer time elapses, more energy is required to do the same job that could have been accomplished in shorter time length. When we educate our selves and gain knowledge, we do things in a right way and accomplish jobs effectively, otherwise acts of ignorance takes the course and we live in hell.

Life form childhood to death is a turbulent journey of solving problems that are either simple or complex in which our successes and failures depend on how we solve these problems, whose results solely depend on making right decisions. Right decisions are made when we have knowledge about the things we face and that leads us to education. Problem solving strategies tell us that the beginning of solving a problem is to identify a feasible or possible domain in which a solution is sought. If there are no feasible solutions in the given space then searching a solution in that space is foolishness as there is none and it is a waste of time. Education also enables one to know that there is an optimal time interval, in which a problem requires an effective solution, enables one to put priorities on problems that should be solved first, second etc, if they come in multiplicities and if some require paralleled solutions.

The human society is one of the natural phenomena that exist continuously but changing its behavior in time as entropy is. In entropy, the order of things change as time increases, to become more order less, while in human society it is the other way. As time passes the human society gets more cohesive and more united to form a more united and strong social structure because of necessity than a choice. Throughout history the human society lives by its decree and power it generates within and that gains from the surrounding like a tornado to expand and control more territories and be powerful and wealthy to dominate others. This was then but today every thing is different, it is in order and there is an international order and law to control order less and prohibit the desire to take others’ territories. Because of the laws and rules that are in place and the long time encounters of humans, the old type of behaviors is not appealing, it instead sounds immoral and unethical, but the same appetite still flows through the veins of mankind, the desire to be greater and powerful over others through modern available means, trade, politics, globalization in trade and financial systems, arts, culture and music. Today superpowers need the oneness of the world more than ever before, the people of technology, business, music and the arts need the world to be border less than ever before. It is because when that happens that they get more revenue, more audience, more users and more places to go and live and become more powerful globally.

No company or industry needs the oneness of the world more than Walmart, Hollywood and any business company. Their desire of a one and a united world is of a necessity of power of acquisition of more wealth and its limitless resources of mankind under one globe. Any person of business can live anywhere on the planet with his family without having any problem of citizenship. Today it is the time of global citizenship than to be fixed with one country. Today doing research is global and any person can get along with any other scientist across the globe and do collaborative work and obtain results for publication. Today the old tag of ethnicity is taken as a dirt and impediment to growth and development and global citizenship and one human family is the banner of mankind. These are the trends the world society is living and the direction in which it is moving for good with few drawbacks of its own.

But there is one society that is made to move in the opposite direction to that of the world, the Ethiopian society. Under TPLF, the Ethiopian society is forced to partition itself and join an ethnic wagon go back in time to the period of ethnicity and run his own destiny, according to his own speed, in most cases wasting time quarreling with his fellow ethnic wagon drivers on the lane due to probably width, places of destinations and keeping the wagon for their own types leaving any person on the road out if they are not theirs and sometimes running over them, practically moving back in time to places where modern societies were running away from. These were times which were called primordial or the beginning times of group formations in primitive humans, not social formations of modern man. I wrote about primordial time of existence and deceiving people to live in that mode is an insult to their intelligence that they can not live in societies of multi ethnicity as living requires solving problems and the multiplicity of groups brings more complicated problems and thereby an inability to solve and be always behind, but Ethiopians passed that mode of existence several millennium ago.

Therefore our question is, how do we know that the path of TPLF is distraction to Ethiopia and is wrong and outdated? The answer is education and knowledge. Education enables people to know the right things and therefore do the right things at the right time. By knowing that such behavior and mode of existence is primitive and reject from the outset , a 70 years old mature wise man when forced to behave like a 5 years old child, it is an insult to the person him self and to his intelligence and will never do that. Ethiopian Universities and Colleges should have a social and civic responsibility to teach what is true and beneficial to the growth and development of Ethiopia that is conformance with the world society of today. When societies are butchered each other due to sinister motives of TPLF’s ethnic wagon bantusta rule, it is the social responsibility, the moral and ethical duty of intellectuals and universities of Ethiopia to refute these lunatic and psychotic anti social destructive conundrums of TPLF and teach societies the right things, the modern and civilized human behaviors so that a wife or a husband does not kill his partner, or a tribe of one does not massacre a tribe of another. If we watch these things happening in universities back yard and do nothing then we are no more intellectuals but simply an information box where some one can use it or not use it.

The shocking killing of Qimant vs Amhara of family members is beyond belief and Bahir Dar University, University of Gondar, Debre Tabor University, Debre Markos University, Addis Ababa University, you all live in these areas and you show no concerns and offer no knowledge based and civilized understanding of the issues to the deceived innocent people to stop the madness and let them continue their normal lives as they used to. We all watched the tragedy of Titanic and the events in there and what the people inside were doing. One particular group stood out that serves this topic, the musicians. An intellectual or learned person, or university should not behave like the musicians who were playing in the Titanic saga, that while the ship was sinking and people were roaming either to tell direction to the confused, offer help that is needed, provide technical or manual help to save the ship, or run out to save themselves and save others by jumping out and in, which was the call of the event and the necessary thing to do at that seen of the disaster. The musicians instead chose simply to play their music, the only thing they are trained for while the event demands something else, at times when the ship was tilting to a particular direction, they were also tilting in that direction and keep playing. They were good for nothing, not for them selves and in fact impediment for those who were running here and there in the hallway to do something, to save life that was hanging under the cloud of death.

I see learned people and universities in Ethiopia behave like the musicians of Titanic – only enjoying doing what they do during good times but now only to them selves until their life perishes in the tragedy without trying to be a partner in solving problems. Some learnt people even talk about problems that happened in other countries while a fresh tragedy in their country is on debate. I am not saying we should not talk about problems of other countries, but how could a person talks about a burning house in some distant neighborhood to their family members while his house is set on fire and everybody is talking about it and not saying anything about their own home. This is an embarrassment to the real meaning of learning and intelligence to solve problems and I call it unreasonable unreasonableness which is an absolute cowardice of an imaginable magnitude.

The Syrian people today suffered the unseen kind of human tragedy that has never been seen since world war II and almost every Syrian person including intellectuals, professors of universities and colleges are part of the tragedy and there were right times before it was to late to take risk and tell their political leaders to do the right things and be the voices of reason, intellectual shields and saviors of their society but they chose silence and the consequences are world class social tragedy.

Dr. Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew is an adjunct professor of mathematics at John Tyler Community College, Virginia, USA