3 Police Officers turn down K30 000 bribe and arrest 16 Ethiopian immigrants

By Lusaka Times

Security officers in Luangwa District have intercepted 16 prohibited immigrants who were trying to use the Luangwa border to go to South Africa. According to the Lusaka Times report the illegal Ethiopian nationals were turned down trying to bribe three police officers with K30,000 as the officers refused to take.

The Luangwa Police Officer in-Charge, Assistant Superintendent, Mataa Muleta confirmed the interception of the 16 Ethiopian immigrants who were supposed to cross the Zambezi River to Zimbabwe enroot to South Africa. He also remarked in the report that they were held custody with two Zambian national drivers at the Council Checkpoint on the Luangwa D145 main road around 06:00hrs on Friday last week.

Lusaka Times also noted that the two Zambian Nationals, Mulyata and Tembo are detained for suspected human trafficking while the 16 Ethiopians are in police custody at the Luangwa Police station for illegal entry into Zambia and that they will appear before the court soon.