1300 Ethiopian Jews to make aliyah

Ethiopian Jews arriving to Israel kiss the ground 


JERUSALEM (EJP)---An agreement has been reached that will see 1300 Ethiopian Jews make aliyah, or immigrate to Israel, thus putting an end to the ruling government coalition’s crisis.

The announcement was made after two members of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, David Amsalem and Avraham Neguise from the Likud party refused to vote with the coalition after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin canceled the Knesset decision from last November to bring Ethiopia’s 9,000 remaining Jews to Israel, citing budget constraints as a reason.

The Likud party stated that "even though the MKs acted out of moral motives, they are both aware that they violated accepted procedure and accepted to be punished during the summer session: interdiction to submit legislative proposals, queries, motions and to give speeches in the Knesset."

Neguise, who is himself from Ethiopia, said ‘’there is an opportunity to complete the aliyah from Ethiopia and to end this chapter."Beginning in the 1980s,

Israel brought in tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews. The remaining community in Ethiopia is comprised primarily of Falash Mura, who are descendants of Jews forcibly converted to Christianity generations ago, and for whom the Law of Return does not apply as they need to clarify their Halakhic (Jewish legal) status as Jews.