This is the Ethiopia that is killing us, No more!

Obang Metho

By Obang Metho

The ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF/EPRDF has become like a mafia-style gang of thugs. Instead of feeding hungry Ethiopians, educating Ethiopians and protecting the people, they are killing the country while draining its resources. Ethiopian people, one by one, are being hurt. When one Ethiopian is wounded, let us all feel the pain and stand up in their defense.

We need to change from an Ethiopia, when someone is imprisoned, killed or persecuted from outside our own political group, ethnic group, region or religion, we turned away because they were not considered to be “part of us” or “part of our group.” This is the Ethiopia that is killing us. No more!

It is also time for Ethiopians in the Diaspora to stop complaining, accusing and attacking regarding the division of our political leaders. It is time to put aside the old and come forward believing in the principles of humanity before ethnicity and that no one is free until we all are free. Despite TPLF’ intimidation and arrests, he will not stop us if we come together to uphold truth, morality and the value of each member of our society.

All of us must stand up against the arrest of those who took a brave stand for truth, the arrest of musicians whose strong and soothing songs have brought tears of joy in a land where most tears are tears of pain and misery, the arrests of our Oromo brothers and sisters who were unjustly rounded up only a few months ago, the attacks against the Ogadeni who are severely suffering in our southeastern region and the continued imprisonment of many thousands of Ethiopian prisoners of conscience from the east to the west from the north to the south. Until all of these people are free, we will not be free!
We know that TPLF is bringing death to Ethiopia, but we should know that the killers are few and that we, the revivers, are many. May our God help us to rise up and to stand, side by side, as humans first, and as Ethiopians second. Let us trust in God for his help as we come together in action.

Let us also pray for the protection and strengthening of those who have defied the darkness with the light of truth. As we Ethiopians stand up together in solidarity with one voice we can show that we are ready to free our country and to create a true government of the people. May God bless Ethiopia!