April 19th, marks the one year anniversary of ISIS killing of 29 Ethiopian in Libya

By Obang Metho

April 19th, marks the one anniversary of the Islamic State (IS) released a video depicting the gruesome killing of 29 Ethiopian Christians in Libya. It is said to have been carried out at two separate locations; one where they were shot in the head and the other where they were decapitated. It has been upsetting for anyone to see; however, it has been especially heart-rending to the people of Ethiopia.

As we remember the massacre of our brothers on April 19th, 2015, the pain and suffering still remain. Usually, what helps grief to ease away is some resolution, like having the perpetrators brought to justice, or a proper burial but none of this has happened.

Let all Ethiopians reflect together at this time of the April 19th, 2015 Memorial. Now is your opportunity to show your care and compassion not just for the family of those who were killed, but also for all Ethiopians who have suffered and those who are dying and suffering today in Oromay region and throughout Ethiopia.

Pray for justice, freedom and peace in Ethiopia. Pray for unity, tolerance, respect and love for one another throughout Ethiopia.

It is a lack of love, respect for one another and lack of good government of ALL Ethiopian people that was and remains the root of our young people leaving the country and dying in foreigners countries.

It is because of ethnic apartheid system of the TPLF, ethnic hate/division, greed and envy that we destroy each other. It is those things that have put us where we are and until we replace it with attitudes that give respect and dignity to all people, we will not find an end to our pain and suffering.

Instead, may the suffering and blood of innocent Ethiopians that was spilled on the ground, cry out to the living with a loud voice of warning. May those cries stir us to love, respect and care for each other.

May the precious blood of all Ethiopian from every ethnic and religious groups penetrate so deeply into the soil of our motherland, that it becomes part of us.

May we be reminded as every new crop emerges from the ground, that it is like human life; that we must nurture and protect it or it will wither and die.

May we all become reconcilers, defenders, and peacemakers in our beloved country—excluding no ethnic group, no religious group or anyone else, because no one is free until we all are free!

May God protect those still in danger or difficulty, both within Ethiopia and in places all over the world.