(Video) Meles Zenawi's confession on his ulterior motives towards Eritrea

“I would point out one thing that was mentioned to me on several occasions on meeting that I had with Prime Minister Meles, which I always found fascinating and I was never able to sort of get from him why he made those statements. But on several occasions during the conflict the 1998 – 2000 conflict, he said “Mr Ambassador ONE OF THESE DAYS WE ARE GOING TO BE BACK TOGETHER AGAIN” and I would try to press on that to find out how is this going to happen? What’s the plan here? He gave no time frame at all and he did not imply it would happen in his life time, but he made that statement on several occasions to me and I found it intriguing but was never able to determine why he though that was going to happen? But I am convinced he BELIEVED IT VERY SINCERELY!” - Ambassador David Shinn US Ambassador to Ethiopia 1996 -1999