TPLF’s low rank and file have no option but to sacrifice their kingpins to save their behind 'MADOFF EFFECT'

Berry Maddoff (left) serving an extended sentence over 100 years in federal prison and Sebihat Nega Gebre/Egizahaber (right) still running TPLF’s Ponzi scheme woth billions of dollars of the people of Ethiopia

As Ethiopians demand accountability of the rogue regime and associates’ for their atrocities and corruption, oppositions quarreling over ideological differences or non-issues helps extend TPLF rule. That is the last thing the people of Ethiopia want to hear while they are paying the ultimate price to bring about law and order to our people under the line of fire.

By Teshome Debalke

Things are moving fast for TPLF kingpins to contain the popular uprisings that have been simmering like a sleeping volcano fuming ashes before it erupts. The cadres are visibly constipating in fear and pretending everything is hunky-dory to extend the gang’s rule from its inevitable demise.

Noting TPLF clowns do and say surprises Ethiopians anymore. Nor, what the spineless apologists and intelligentsia utter impress anyone except the credulous that live in their bubble created for them.

Warlords masquerading as ‘elected Federal’ officials and baked by assassination squads dressed up in uniform as ‘Federal’ Security Forces killing our people is one.  Cadres’ masquerading as Federal judges to preside over Kangaroo courts handing legal cover for gang’s atrocities and corruption is another one. Media and civic organization pushing washed-out propaganda masquerading as ‘independent’ and ‘impartial’ is another scheme. Clowns filling the Parliament masquerading as representatives haplessly rubber stamping the next order to hoodwink the world– real legislations are coming out of the House-of-Clowns is another sorry crime.  Scum artists grabbing the latest bribes (incentive) to join the gang masquerading as investors and businessmen to say; henchmen of the gang are legitimate economic actors growing and transforming the economy is another tactic. We can go on and on.

Quite frankly, in the history of State crimes noting comes close fooling the world than TPLF orchestrated Ponzi scheme. The enormity of the crimes of murder, ethnic cleansing, extortion, racketeering, money laundering  and corruption that implicate all involved are wide spread; little is known –as Ethiopians and the world begins to uncover them one-by-one.

At the meantime, behind the seen; TPLF old kingpins and close associates responsible for the crimes of all crimes are frantically hiding –laundering and stashing stolen money—leaving behind  the low ranks and files they used and abused to hold the empty bag as it is typical when a gangster regime rule approaches to end.

No one, including the international community that support and finance the gangster regime yet knows most of the things that go on within TPLF kingpins and associates that blindfolded the world and sealed off the nation to commit unspeakable crimes against humanity and corruption.
But, the biggest arsenal the rogue gang implemented remained the Apartheid system it created to keep Ethiopians at bay. Twenty four years later; it not accomplished its grand mission of keeping Ethiopians confused but, crying foul to preserve ethnic minority rule of its own making in search of new identity that would sustain its Ponzi scheme.

Observing some of the grand kingpins that dare to come out in public constipating to hide their criminality mumbling from both side of their mouth while unleashing their assassins to subdue Ethiopians for demanding their immediate surrender speaks volume the desperation they go through to survive the tide. Regardless how stupid they sound to close rank to justify their criminality; we can’t help but admire their tenacity to organize for distraction.

Ironically, Ethiopians political group couldn’t master to come together for the good cause of democratic rule to dismantle TPLF instigated ethnic Apartheid rule that divided the people by ethnicity yet. The reasons continue to be debated whether some are genuine for the people cause or simply doing the biding of TPLF or their own.

But, like a typical gang requires membership initiation to earn loyalty TPLF implicating many Ethiopians with crimes of atrocities and corruption. Therefore, an average member today is stuck between a hard place and a rock in deciding to stay member and pay the ultimate price in the future or abandon the gang and preserve whatever sanctity left of him/her by abandoning the kingpins that put him/her up to it to save his/her behind.

At the meantime, the kingpins are agonizing to preserve their gang by all means necessary if not abandoning it comes naturally as many gang kingpins do. Therefore, preparation to bell out and leave the gullible ranks and files to dry for their crimes is underway.
If moving their families in countries they stashed their loots is an indication of belling out; they are doing just that. If hiding from the public seen including from their own Media is an indication of belling out; they are doing just that. If selling their assets faster than they stole them is an indication of belling out; they are doing just that. If shopping for citizenship of the country they laundered their loots and move their family is an indication to eventually run for their lives, they are doing just that.

There are two ways the rogue regime would bite the dust. When the ongoing popular revolutions intensify to uproot it or/and the low rank and file members abandon the kingpins to save their own neck; whichever one comes first.

But, abandoning the ganger regime altogether is not as easy as many think as historians documented the dilemma of members leaving a gang and depending rank in the hierarchy and the cost associated with it. The closer the members to the gang kingpins, the harder it gets to leave.

To make matter worst, the international community isn’t helping by consistently sending mixed message supporting the kingpins. Likewise, mixed message coming out of the fragmented oppositions regarding the crimes of the gangster regime left its members feel vindicated to justify their crimes of atrocities and corruptions and feel not bad enough to abandon the gang.

For instance, for whatever reason the international community continued to support the gangster regime by allowing the kingpins to loot the people and launder the money with impunity, the members feel it is ok to remain a member.

Likewise, the lack of basic agreements among the oppositions on what constitute the crime of the gang’s kingpins to make them accountable or to call on the international community to initiate investigation to end their notorious rule played a role the gang to control the means-and-the ways of the people and amass billions of dollars. Similarly, there is no agreement to call on international Medias and institutions to investigate TPLF’s hegemony on every public institution including the Media, the security apparatus and the economy paused as a Federal government to control the population.

Even Worse, Ethiopian run civic organizations that claim impartial referee failed to expose the crimes of the gang — choseing silence on critical violation of  corruptions, racketeering, human right violations and atrocities. Similarly, most well situated intellectuals are nowhere to be found to speak up against TPLF and associates’ crimes against the people of Ethiopia.

A good example is the Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center, one of the oldest organizations in Diaspora that was founded by Professor Efraim Isaac and colleagues, according the National Committee on American Foreign Policy (NCAFP) where he is part as Project and Country Director of the “Peace Dialogues for a Sustainably Stable Ethiopia,”

The Professor described as the “Father of Peace” and his colleagues that founded the organization are nowhere to be found to speak up against the injustice of TPLF led regime or to mitigate the crimes as they proclaimed, not to mention anyone, including Medias made the officers of the organization accountable for their transgressions.

According the organization’s website, “The Horn of Africa Peace and Development Center is a 501c (3) non-profit, civic organization, registered in the United States” with vision that;

“includes the achievement of an environment, in the Horn of Africa, where the people, currently about 75 million and estimated to increase to 144 million by 2025, will no longer live under a grinding poverty, where pandemic diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria are substantially curtailed, if not eliminated, where the rule of law prevails under a governance that is democratic, transparent and accountable, and where an effective partnership in international security and trade will have been strengthened substantially”

Unfortunately, the organization like many not only ignored every violation of the ruling regime of Ethiopia against their stated vision but, the official website doesn’t revile the identity and credential of its present or former officers/founders that would be responsible and accountable for their transgressions.

The question is; who is supposed to make civic organizations’ leaders accountable?

As the Rouge Regime tilting to vanish once and for all by popular revolution or by the weight of its own criminality, there are two possible outcomes in front of us. Violent confrontations where the muddy waters will have to filter through as the global experts predicted to find out our motherland as a failed state status for a decade or more to come or the lower ranks and  file of the rouge regime support structure that has participated, supported and sustained the regime over the past 25 years for various reasons and rimes will start abandoning ship and leaving the Top Brass of 100 -200 kingpins led by Sebihat Nega in the quick sand to face the day of wracking using the Maddoff Effect.

For those not familiar with Berry Madoff,  wikipedia identify him as “an American fraudster and a former stockbroker investment advisor, and financier sentenced over 100 years. The former non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market, and the admitted operator of a Ponzi scheme considered to be the largest financial fraud in U.S. history.

On December 10, 2008, Madoff’s sons told authorities that their father had confessed to them that the asset management unit of his firm was a massive Ponzi scheme, and quoted him as describing it as “one big lie “ that  lead to his arrest and ended decades fraud of 10000s of thousands people with billions of dollars”

Similarly, looking at some of the kingpin of TPLF Ponzi scheme led by Sibhat Nega tells the story of how our people became victim of a self-professed ethnic gang’s racketeering.

But, alike Berry Maddoff who took the pain to liberate his immediate family from his crime intact with their livelihood by confessing his crime, Nega and family are part-and-partial of the national Ponzi scheme Ethiopians never heard in history.

Sebihat Nega Gebre/Egizahaber’s extended family and associates positioned in key government, business and nonprofit sector run 100s of Ponzi scheme on the people of Ethiopia. The grandfather of TPLF Ponzi, Nega is on the Board of Directors of EFFORT, a Ponzi setup as endowment to robe Ethiopians, Relief Society of Tigray (REST), and Tigray Development Agency (TDA) pose as relief and development agency set up to gable up foreign aid in the name of Ethiopia and Wogagen Bank, a Ponzi setup by Brutawit Dawit Abdi, Sudanese-Ethiopian national is the founder and the first President of TPLF owned Bank. In addition Sebihat is on the Board of a dozen ‘public’, ‘private’ ‘nongovernmental’ enterprises.

The younger dauhter, Kidusan Nega, the former Mekelle mayor is the wife of Tsgaye Behera currently head of Military & Internal National Security Head. His sister Fitilawerk Gebre/Egizahaber, the wife of Abeye Tseaye, the notorious TPLF kingpin posed as Federal Affair Minster since TPLF came to power and his son Lulul Tseaye play key role in government and business. Nega’s son Abesolomon Nega is setup as a businessman in Australia allegedly to launder billions of dollars.  Estefianos Nega, WoldeRufale Nega, Yosef Nega and Belaye Nega are some of the children involved on many Ponzi scheme in their own rights littile known for average Ethiopian.

The Nega family also extends in Eritrea.  Aberash Nega, the sister of Sebihat reported to be the wife of Eritrean Defense Minster General Sebehat Epriam. It is not clear whether she is an Eritrean or Ethiopian national or member of TPLF. Nor it is not known if she has anything to do with the hostility of TPLF led regime that isolated Eritrea from the international community and what her relationship maybe with her brother Sebihat and TPLF.

TPLF kingpin rule illustrates the worst of what a nation under a family of gangster go through crying out for in-depth investigation and international awareness to make them accountable.

The Federal Ethics and Corruption Commission led by the first and the present Commissioner Ali Suleiman that is supposedly responsible to charge TPLF kingpins turned out to be a front man running a front agency to cover up their Ponzi scheme.

The enormity and the clandestine nature of TPLF and associates’ Ponzi scheme can’t be address in an article of two but, requires Media institutions with investigative reporters and researchers to get to the bottom of it.

The inevitable change is coming and Ethiopia will be liberated from TPLF gang rule by hook or crook. But, what is required is the tenacity of all Ethiopians to focus on the kingpins and associates’ Ponzi scheme and the elaborate mechanism they hide it.

For instant, all TPLF front men and women running public agencies and private enterprise including Medias are deliberately covering up TPLF kingpins’ Ponzi scheme. They must be identified and warned the consequence of their crimes.

Other surrogates running TPLF kingpins’ front businesses and non for profit entities around the world must also be identified and exposed to Ethiopians and the world at large and warned the consequence of their actions.

Independent inquiry commission on corruption and human right violation must be setup immediately to identify, document and take the necessary action on TPLF kingpins and associates as well as other scum artists and human right violators that take advantage of TPLF kingpins’ Ponzi scheme to committed crimes on the people of Ethiopia as they are in full gear to divert the public attention from their criminal activities.

As Ethiopians demand accountability of the rogue regime and associates’ for their atrocities and corruption, oppositions quarrelling over ideological differences or non-issues helps extend TPLF rule. That is the last thing the people of Ethiopia want to hear while they are paying the ultimate price to bring about law and order to our people under the line of fire.

Ethiopian oppositions must stand together and speak up in one voice for unconditional surrender of TPLF’s kingpins or else. Anything less is gambling on the lives and liberties of the people of Ethiopia.