The Outrageous Gambella Massacre of Anyuak Community Members

January 30, 2016 (SSB) — In a broad day light, a well-planned massacre took place in the Gambella (Western Ethiopia) where the Anyuak ethic group stays. The mass killings and brutal murder was organized by the current Governor of Gambella (Gatluak Tut) a Nuer who ordered his tribe to kill the only Anyuak remaining in the City so that they take over the town.

Yesterday on day one, they started killings students in TTI (teachers training institute). Where they throw bombs and shoot at random. Mr. Gatluak managed to deploy many soldiers to kill the Anyuak people in Gambella. Now the innocent Anyuak are crawling in death and if no rescue comes their way, then that will indeed be the end of their lives.

An interview with one of the Anyuak youth in Gambella revealed that, innocent Anyuak including old and young kids are murdered in cool blood by Nuers. They said that they are revenging against what they called a massacre in Juba. It is also seen that Nuers want to make Gambella as their second land should they lose South Sudan for good.

For many years now, said one old Anyuak man whom said his name should not be revealed for security reasons, that Nuers had been killings Anyuak for decades, we have witnessed that in Akobo South Sudan, where they are killings Anyuak every day, now Akobo is under their control. They are literally doing the same in Gambella so that they will take over the land of Anyuak everywhere.

Now it is clear that the Anyuak people will silently die and lord almighty father in heaven is watching closely at what is being done to the Anyuak ethnic groups. The punishment is coming for Nuers community and God shall cursed them, concluded the old man.

The Ethiopian Government did not take any action as the master minders had their way in. the alleged reports revealed that Riek Machar, the rebel leader had already talked to the Ethiopian prime minister to make all Nuers to become citizens and such had made the population of the Nuers in Gambella immensely increased.

All the Nuers who fled conflict in South Sudan are now permanently Ethiopian citizens and if they return to South Sudan, it is only plan an attack in the black people soil. Mr. Gatluak Tut, the current Governor of Gambella was not available for comment when we contacted him.

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