OLF: The TPLF’s Regime declaration of war on Oromo people will not deter the Oromo people desire for freedom

Oromo Liberation Front fighters inside Ethiopia

OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) PRESS RELEASE

The puppet prime Minister of Ethiopia Hayilamariam Dasalagni coming out on national television vowed to crash the Oromo people , Who have been peacefully demonstrating against the TPLF regimes brutality against the Oromo people.OLF (Oromo Liberation Front) PRESS RELEASE

The TPLF’s Regime that controlled state power in Ethiopia since 1991 has been committing atrocious crime on Oromo People. The TPLF has indiscriminately killed peaceful Oromo protesters everywhere throughout Oromia including in their dwelling places.

For the last four months, the TPLF Regime has murdered over 300 peaceful protesters throughout Oromo land. It has detained and arrested thousands, and thousands whereabouts are unknown. Indiscriminate killing of one particular ethnic group or people is crime against humanity. The TPLF’s indiscriminate killing of Oromo children, students, workers, women & even pregnant women constitutes crime against humanity. Thus, the TPLF’s Regime will be responsible for the crimes against humanity it has been committing against Oromo people.

On the other, despite indiscriminate and egregious killing to terrorize them, the Oromo people have continued their struggle for freedom and justice. The OLF applauds the heroic deeds the Oromo sons and daughters have showed to the world by peacefully demanding their people’s rights.

The atrocities that have been committed against peaceful protesters shows the TPLF’s predatory nature in which it has stayed in power for the last twenty -four years by killing anyone who dares to demand for his or her right in the country. Despite heinous crime the TPLF’s Regime has been committing using lethal force against innocents people, the heroic deeds of Oromo people shows their determination to regains their Godgiven unalienable rights whatever scarifies they may pay for their freedom .

The TPLF declaration of war and an act of terrorism perpetrated against Oromo people shows the TPLF’s deep haltered to the Oromo people. All Oromo irrespective of their ages have become the target of the TPLF special army called Agazy. The Agazy army armed to its teeth have been killing the Oromo people by the order of TPLF leaders. The Oromo people have to do everything to remove this predatory colonial regime from power once and for all to live in peace, security and prosperity.

The OLF strongly condemns the TPLF’s declaration of war on Oromo people and its continuous mass arrests, torture and killings perpetrated on the Oromo people by the terrorist TPLF regime. And demand International Criminal Courts to investigative and identify those who participated on the killings and those who gave the orders to bring to justice.

The OLF also calls on all Ethiopians to stand together shoulder to shoulder with Oromo people in dismantling the predatory TPLF regime. The Oromo’s quest for freedom & justice should be supported by all peace loving people in Ethiopia and elsewhere in the world.

The OLF once again appeals to the international community and human rights organizations to help bring to justice these perpetrators who have been committing gross human rights violations & crimes against humanity on Oromo people.

Victory to the Oromo People!

Oromo Liberation Front