Ethiopia: Professor Berhanu hit home on ‘doublethink’ again

Dr. Berhanu Nega

Burying our head in the sand is what got us where we are as people and nation in the first place to fall under ethnic Apartheid rule. Digging ourselves out to think straight is more important and effective than reacting what a rogue regime does to dodge its surrender.

By Teshome Debalke

I can’t help but be grateful to Professor Berhanu Nega and his colleagues, particularly Andargachew Teige to master the courage and the vision in building a viable democratic movement to put the struggle back on track to challenge the scrooge brought about by the corrupt and atrocious ethnic gang of Adwa known as TPLF.

But, challenging the gang’s ‘surveillance state’ in my opinion is the easy part compared to putting clarity on ‘doublethink of society — the primary cause of why we are where we are not to do something to a dead-and-deadly regime walking.

The term doublethink is defined as “the acceptance or mental capacity to accept contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time as a result of political indoctrination”, according to Oxford Dictionary.

Coined by Eric Arthur Blair better known by his pen name George Orwell, an English novelist, essayist, journalist and critic in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four(1949), a political fiction “which describes official deception, secret surveillance and manipulation of recorded history by a totalitarian or authoritarian state” according to Wikipedia.

Orwell is widely recognized for his Animal Farm novel (1945), a satirical tale reflecting events leading up to the Russian Revolution of 1917 led by Joseph Stalin.

According to his Nineteen Eighty-Four novel, Doublethink is defined as;

“The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them… To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing in them, to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just as long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies – all this is indispensably necessary. Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.”

Look, we all can scream the sky is falling– whispering behind closed doors. But, if we can’t take personal responsibility to stop the doublethink that consumed our behavior to leave us handicapped to do something, anything instead of wishing tyranny to go away; we will never be free let alone free our people.

That is what Professor Berhanu Nega hit home eloquently in the Washington DC area gathering of Ethiopians on his recent visit from the battle ground and made it clear for friends and foes as well as for the doers and the talkers — the struggle for freedom isn’t about him or his organization as we are lead to believe from the usual suspects. Nor it is about the nuisance of TPLF regime and its zombie cadres but, to bring individual responsibility to rid doublethink in order to build democratic society for our people. Or in short; doublethink must go and do nothing but talk behind closed doors no more.

If enough Ethiopians do what the distinguished Professor advised, without exaggeration; the struggle would be as easy as cleaning up the reminiscent of TPLF in a matter of days.

Here, I can’t help but poke on the naysayers, the detractors, the scavengers and particularly the hired hands of TPLF that agonize to undermine–demonize, insult, terrorize, dehumanize… decent, charismatic, country- people loving and courageous Ethiopian leaders and their compatriots that have the backbone to put up with all the rubbish thrown at them to hang on and do the right thing, I might add with first class Ethiopian grace and sense of humor never seen in contemporary politics.

Mind you, TPLF alone created whole industry just to undermine Ethiopian leaders like fascist Italy did.  When you think about it; dealing with ‘home grown’ fascist is much harder than foreign fascist for obvious reason. Don’t take my word, dig a little deeper you will find the propaganda machines TPLF’s surveillance state setup and the little Banda foot soldiers it trained and hired just to undermine Ethiopian leaders alone.

Unlike the usual core mouthpiece cadres turn journalists I extensively wrote about, the oversized street clown turn Radio personality overnight in the Atlanta area I wrote about is one that comes in mind. The unemployed freelance journalist wannabe turn internet TV personality overnight — running TGTV in the Washington DC area lately is another surrogate TPLF hired to do its dirty job.

It is like seeing a replica of what Orwell refer as Big Brother (totalitarian state), thoughtcrime (criminal act of holding unspoken beliefs or doubts) Newspeak (controlled language created by the totalitarian state), Room 101 (a torture chamber), telescreen (surveillance) 2 + 2 = 5 (false dogma one required to believe) and memory hole (re-writing all of history to match the state propaganda) are some of the terms Orwell uses on his novel in reference to totalitarian regimes.

Ironically, TPLF ethnic Federal Democratic Revolution is a mini version of fascist totalitarianism Orwell talked about in his novel where its operatives agonize to replicate while fattening their pocketbook with crony capitalism as a compensation for their doublethink. In short, it is the worst of Apartheid, Marxism, Capitalism and Fascism combined.

But, to see other Ethiopians extend helping hand for rogue TPLF Police State to undermine Ethiopian leaders on the expenses of our people is way over the top for me to remain silent.

That said, don’t ask me how but, I knew all along Professor Berhanu and his radiant but yet low-profile collogue Andrgachew Teige I had the privilege to see once were up to something to bring Ethiopians together and put the struggle back on the right track way before G7 inception.

I believe character matters. The way I saw it then; both had character like many good Ethiopians I know. But, their courage to stand tall and be counted was more important. And, most crucially, the clarity of their vision and the ease they reached out to communicate with Ethiopians they hardly knew with confidence and humility was what mesmerized my imagination to say – finally something good is cooking but, couldn’t put my figure on it at the time.

But, it was enough for me to become a freelance defender of their cause knowing what the dead-and-deadly regime walking alone and others with their own agenda would do to stop them. As I expected the barrage of personal attack came from all directions—targeted more on Berhanu Nega – the public face of the movement as soon as Ginbot-Seven was formed that continued to this day.

I recall writing the first articles in May of 2011 titled ‘Why I admire Dr. Berhanu Nega?’ and the last in August 2015 titled  “If you want to lead, do better than Dr. Berhanu Nega and his compatriots” and many more in between ever since G7 inception — defending the movement and the leaders from TPLF tugs, scavengers, do-nothing-but-talk freelancers and aspiring ‘journalists’ running quasi Medias.

I distinctively remember one particular article I wrote in response to a young journalist wannabe trained to doublethink by a name Fetsum Berhane’s article titled ‘Why do Ethiopia’s terrorists hold British passports?’ on the infamous Horn Affair Blog  in reference to the legendary G7 leader Andargachew Tsige’s kidnaping and taken hostage by TPLF.

Feeling sorry for the young aspiring journalist, I wrote “When a little boy grows up to speak the language of Woyane what do you do?”. In it I said;

“It is amazing what 23 years of growing up in the bubble of the Woyane ethnic Apartheid can do to young mind. It is a good reminder of what they call ‘a mind is a terrible thing to waste’. “

Notwithstanding what TPLF attack dogs do; I have soft part for the young that grew up in the bubble TPLF created not to know better — chewing on junk of ethnic Apartheid to advise them to drop their doublethink and lead a normal life. What surprised me most were not TPLF surrogates but, those I never suspected to join the attack club unprovoked — purely to kill the movement via undermining G7’s leaders.

I wrote “Ethiopian Diaspora Medias: Head in the sand journalism?” to challenge those; namely –EthioMedia and Ethiopian Review’s tasteless attempt to undermine G7 leaders.

I continue to expose anyone whenever needed not because I had anything against them or have free time to waste but, I believe in the principle; no one should be allowed to attack any other Ethiopian for doing the right thing, particularly from their hideout but to come up with better alternatives in public to challenge them.

Throwing firebomb and hiding like a coward is for TPLF cadres and apologists not decent Ethiopians. Therefore, the least I can do is to stand guard for those being attacked for no other reason but for showing courage to confront the sorry ethnic tyranny causing havoc.

I highly recommend offenders show some Ethiopian humility and respect (if they are Ethiopians) and apologize for their crimes of character assassinations and reconcile with their own doublethink to move forward. After all, apology also requires character to accept responsibility and courage to act on it — that seems to have been lost among our contemporary elites with empty ego the size of an elephant.

Here I have my own confession and apology to make. Not for character assassination or ill will I wouldn’t even think of doing on my fellow Ethiopians without reasons but, I wrongly underestimated the now PG7 compatriots to break the wall of do-noting-but-talk crowd that literally hijacked the struggle for freedom and democracy from achieving its goals. Again, not even for doubting them they wouldn’t bring down a dead-regime-walking either, that would be the easy part but, for doubting them to inspire my people into the endless possibilities to come for our people.

For questioning their tenacity and persistent under the line of fire; I am guilty as hell not only to apologize but to accept the punishment coming to me with Ethiopian humility and grace. Most importantly, I learned — never underestimate the determination of Ethiopians with bigger vision to do the right thing for our people.

Isn’t our empty ego up in our a… and our doublethink the primary reasons why we don’t right wrongs that are causing all the suffering and the distraction our people and nation is going through under rogue regimes and corrupt associates all these years?

Believe me; there are many good Ethiopians with equal character and vision if not more we might not see and hear about because they are not courageous enough to come out to confront our egos and doublethink.

Knowing what it takes to build institutions in our society (I didn’t say websites) you have no idea what brave Ethiopian souls accomplished in a relatively short time to deal with a mess we are in as people and a nation that was left unattended for decades if not for centuries.  If anyone thinks their effort isn’t worth defending and promoting, I can only say it is the empty ego and doublethink working its way to extend a helping hand for the rogue regime.

Let me tell you my people. There are leaders with bigger vision that build real institutions on rock foundation for their people. And, there are leaders with no vision that build castles on sand foundation for themselves. You pick one and, as Americans like to put it; “you get what you paid for”. After all, isn’t the struggle for freedom and democracy all about building institutions on behalf of the people on rock foundation?

The question is why are we not learning the difference between building institutions on rock than sand foundation all these years?

If you really think about it, it is the rampant ‘doublethink’ that is going on among TPLF apologists as well as many Ethiopians (often out of ignorance or corruption) — chocking over the party line as it was designed witnessing in many front Media establishments where pseudo journalists parroting the surveillance state propaganda across the board with a straight face as if manikins are talking to each other.

I have written about these parasites in society that come in many forms and shapes from lowlife freelancers to the core of TPLF foot soldiers, scavengers, opportunists… etc. The irony they couldn’t comprehend how stupid they look in thinking to outsmart Ethiopians says it all.

But, noting illustrates the depth of contemporary ‘doublethink’ than those in the Diaspora. Having a choice to do the right thing in comfort of their safe zone; they willfully go extra mile to do the unthinkable — suspended in the midair not to do anything right but flees the people of Ethiopia with anything that crosses their mind facilitated by the rogue regime and making too much noises to justify it.

Defiantly, it isn’t ignorance of the consequence of their actions by any stretch. Nor, their political philosophy of any known kind they believe in. In fact, looking at their credential they selectively put out for public consumption to justify their doublethink, they know well what they do will land them in jail for breaking the established laws in one of the dual citizenships of the county they maintain. Therefore, they gravitate to a nation of lawlessness that satisfies their corrupt apatite in one while maintaining their citizenship of safety in another.

They are not only a classic example of doublethink by choice but, they go beyond a call-of-duty  to submit for a corrupt and atrocious surveillance regime — pretending to do something worthwhile for the people they flees as a cover. I can’t thank my friend for coining their behavior in two words what I couldn’t do in many — ‘Citizens of Convenience’.

Take for instance the ‘Citizens of Convenience’ at the Ethiopia Broadcasting Services (EBS) that claims to be a ‘privately’ held Media company established in 2008 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA to provide a niche transmission programming that targets the booming Ethiopian market globally”, according to its website. The owner identified as Amman Fissehazion has dual citizenship courtesy of the regime as many.

Quite frankly; watching few of EBS programs, you can’t help but notice it isn’t what tit claimed to be. I don’t think the people behind EBS understand what private, niche and booming Ethiopian market globally means let alone nonpolitical and impartial as they claim to be and God knows from who and what.

I also don’t believe they are capable of knowing when they contradict what they say and do. But, they are for sure dressed up to ‘kill’ like manikins that entice people to buy cheap garments made for a dollar for hundreds of dollars in a boutique setting. At the other end of the programs are guests selected to entertain the audience —a classic case of doublethink and Citizen of Convince at work.

Here is one of EBS’s program titled “What’s New Pioneer Diaspora Business of the Year” to show the participation of the Diaspora in the drama to judge for yourself.

I also wrote about the same group on September of 2014 titled “The Slash and Burn affair of the Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum & Associates to highlight what is being done in the name of the Diaspora under our nose.

We all have to admit, TPLF operatives are making the best of modern Media to push empty propaganda copied from the best of Marxism and the worst of Capitalism to sustain the worst of Apartheid regime (if there is such thing best of Apartheid). But, you can’t help but feel sorry for them to believe ‘2 + 2 = 5’ like battery operated manikins and go on with their lives hoping there would be no consequence for their actions in a cover of ‘private’ Media. They remind me of several Head in the Sand Medias’ doublethink I wrote about over the years.

I particularly feel sorry for the guests that come on these kinds of ‘private’ Media to be used and abused as manikins. Most don’t even know they are being setup as a propaganda tool of TPLF.

I believe Ethiopians can do wonders to support PG7 movement and many others fighting for freedom and democracy by searching for TPLF operatives and those misguided to involve in the criminal activities of the regime and providing the movement and responsible authorities to make a stop to their activities.  Better yet, setting up supportive groups for specific task in specific sectors to identify and document offenders to take the necessary actions is part-and-partial of the struggle.

As the struggle goes on to unpack the rogue regime’s surveillance state to force it surrender, we should expect its cadres and operative to involve in all kinds of criminal activities to sustain the regime. It is important Ethiopians not to tolerate the slightest attempt by anyone to undermine the democratic movement or divide the community to that end to the benefit of the regime.

But, more importantly; I noticed a lots of intellectuals writing a barrage of  articles reacting to what the rogue regime is doing but little to step out of their safe zone and have courage to support the movement in many ways than one. For instance, instead of wasting time telling the public the same things they know to up it one step up to organize to do investigation in specific and notify responsible authorities and concerned institutions who and the whereabouts of TPLF operatives committing crimes. It not only helps to fight crimes of the rouge regime but free the resources of the movement to continue do the heavy lifting it is doing on the ground.

I hate to be personal. But, to get my suggestion across what can be done; I will use Professor Al Mariam as an example and hope he will forgive me for doing so. I do so with admiration for his uninterrupted education he provides us and knowing his capacity to create a potent advocacy group in law-and-order he is passionate about to put the offenders and collaborators where they belong.

For instance, the legal system in Ethiopia is in a shamble — used and abused as A Weapon of Mass Detention of Ethiopians in a cover of Federal law by the rogue regime. But yet, Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) “collaborates with Ethiopian government agencies and civil society organizations as they develop novel approaches to measuring and promoting improvement in justice and safety” according to its website without challenge by anyone.

Who supposed to make Harvard Kennedy School not to prop up the rogue regime known for using the legal system as a weapon? And, who can be a better person like Professor Al Mariam to lead such organization?

Harvard Kennedy School is one of the many examples of collaborators with rogue regime with no whatsoever challenge for lack of legal system advocacy group that is the instrument of mass oppression. If the rogue regime can’t be accountable Harvard Kennedy School should.

The same problem goes in education, Media, the economy and the rest because of lack of advocacy organization that specialize in every sector.

Can Ethiopians count on the silent majority of our contemporary intellectuals to support the democratic movement by forming advocacy organizations beyond writing about the problems caused by the rogue regime and its international supporters? In other words, can freedom and democracy possible without getting our hands ‘dirty’ to do the hard work like Patriotic-Ginbot 7 compatriots are doing in the frontline? If not, what are we waiting for? Or better yet, can complaining about problem enough without making the people and the institution causing it?

I rest my case

This article is dedicated for Professor Berhanu Nega and Andargachew Tsige, (the # 1 hostage of the terrorist regime of Ethiopia) for their sacrifice and tenacity for freedom and democracy. Joining or supporting them in any way we can is a privilege and a pride not a crime as the rogue regime and its apologists wanted us to believe.