Ethiopia: Politics of Ethnicity – a Primordial Mode of Existence

By Dejenie A. Lakew (PhD)

Politics of ethnicity is a primordial thinking and mode of existence but in contemporary society it is a disguised pseudo political movement that has no social basis in its origin but designed purposely to emotionally manipulate and drive members to be sensational loyal fighters, non-reasoning and thinking human beings, to the movement, in order few canny power thirsty individuals to grub political power in short cuts within that ethnic community at the expense of the society at large, their future livelihoods and the greater society in which the ethnic group belongs.

The surprising thing is that these individuals who manipulate ethnicity to their end purpose do not know what exactly ethnicity is except that they know it changes humans in to pack animals abandoning homo sapience or modern humans behavior to become fearless bulls. For instance there are people within one presumed ethnic group that are genetically different in a profound way than people from different ethnic groups. People in Oromo ethnic group may be genetically varied within but at the same time very close genetically to another ethnic group member like Tigre. This result of a scientific research directly mocks and trivializes ethnic politics and puts it in to a trash bean in contemporary society of reason and coexistence of purpose, prosperity.

Among prominent countries that were affected immensely by ethnic politics, the politics of nations and nationalities – the most absurd chain of words to begin with, was the USSR (The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics), one of the super powers of the world before it crumbled and there is no a political system that is good and ended up in losing a country itself except foolishness. USSR was led by Lenin, Stalin and other socialist leaders and they devised a social concept of what was called nations, nationalities and ethnicity, dividing their society in an artificial social boutique based on their ethnic differences in order to be able to control them which eventually cost their country. When time comes, individual regions who were given ethnic names and ethnic self-rule and privileges declared breakaway from USSR and only the Russian federation remains. It was a social tragedy of epic proportion to a reasonable Russian person to see their country shattered because of foolishness.

As recently as a couple of weeks ago, president Putin of Russia condemned Lenin and Stalin for planting such a dangerous time bomb of ethnicity in their own society which resulted in the eventual disintegration of their powerful country. He tempted to remove Lenin from where he is now but because of fear of backlash from communist party supporters, he did not want to do it now, meaning when the communists themselves realize what really had happened to their country because of these men, they will be the ones who will remove Lenin from the place he is now. President Putin further went on to condemn the actions of those “revolutionary leaders” or Bolsheviks, to kill the czars and their family members inhumanely, recognizing the immense contributions the czars made, the tiresome and testing wars they fought and establish the country and protected for generations to come. It was a reasonable anger of passion and dismay that Putin displayed at his communist predecessors who voraciously climbed to power of animal instinct and caused such damage to their country.

The Tigray TPLF high schooled peasants brought such a rubbish and social menace concept copying verbatim from Lenin and Stalin writings that did not work even for the very people it was originally designed for and forcefully pushing on to the throats of Ethiopians at gun point for the last 25 years. Its effects of course are similar to what it did to USSR, Ethiopia loses its unity and stability, living tribal conflicts of primordial and primitive forms on a daily basis and survival of the country is at stake more than ever before.

This rubbish concept of tribalism and ethnicity pulls back Ethiopians in time to their own primordial and primitive status and make them fight only to their own. The lands of Gondar that is threatened to be given away by TPLF is not essential and has no any purpose to Jawar Mohammed and his likes but only the territory that was crafted to him/them by Lencho Letta and Meles Zenawi, is what he is dreaming, fighting and living for. The name Ethiopia is no more essential to them but only their presumed future country called Oromia. Their day and night prayer is for that time to come in which he will be the leader of a country called Oromia on the ashes of the country once that existed and called Ethiopia. These narrow bean headed tribal individuals are bend to legitimize falsehood, treachery, outright theft and concocted stories and force that on to other Ethiopians by over mouthing, crying foul, insulting, using any means available at their disposal to shut Ethiopians down and foolishly abandon their country that was built and protected by countless bloods and bones of Ethiopians of all ethnic groups for thousands of years.

We all came to know from Lencho Letta , one of the most sick, imbecile anti Ethiopian personality who is equally as dangerous to Ethiopia as Meles and his cohorts, through the interview he gave to ESAT that the current Ethiopian constitution was mainly drafted by himself with the approval and support of the staunch anti-Ethiopia TPLF members. From his interview and the length of time they stayed in the political coalition, it was an open secret by now that they were invited in a sinister move by TPLF to be crime partners in devising demolition plans to Ethiopia, as they were willing to be one. Once that plan was done and signed then their needed mission was complete and kicked them out to where they came from. The Tigray TPLF group is not an easy organization, it grew up in doing crimes and they are expertise in it, they invite someone for some sinister move and when the intended mission is accomplished, they prepare a trap and get rid of it. OLF and Lencho Letta were baits for Oromo people to participate in anti-Ethiopia crime and be removed when the game is done.

The Lencho Letta saga is clearly seen in the acts, for instance to design Ethiopian regions based on ethnic boundaries and in it they sheepishly include all parts of Ethiopia where there is an Oromo word to be called Oromia, and all lands where there is a Tigre word to be called Tigary. These actions were sheer blinded by temporary gun power and forcing Ethiopians to simply live watching the grand theft committed on their eyes and by the terms they do, else face killing, imprisonment or leave our country. There are Oromo words in Tigray, for instance but that does not make that particular place to be part of Oromia. There is a place called Mersabet in Kenya, it is an Amharic name but that will not make it part of Ethiopia. Mokadisho, is a geez name but that does not make Mokadisho part of Ethiopia. Kebri Dehar is a Geez name, a place in Hara but that does not make it a place of the Amhara region. There are countless cases of words in places where a language is absent which indicate the transactions and mobility of the Ethiopian people through thousands of years of their coexistence. These foolish acts are biting them back in all corners of the country.

Ethiopians across every walks of life hopelessly watched in shock and surprise, the political theater of theft, TPLF and OLF were staging and performing against their country during their short lived union of purposeful marriage. It is this outright theft and treachery that the notorious hot headed and imbecile Jawar Mohammed and his cohorts want to keep as a mega million lottery token, the lands of Ethiopians. These individuals are equally as dangerous and bad as Meles and his cohorts are to the survival of Ethiopia and should not always be misunderstood for one reason or another.