Ethiopia: Let drive the final nail into TPLF coffin

By Ewnetu Sime

Ethiopia has population of almost 100 million. There are several ethnic groups, speaking more than 82 different languages and dialects. The past 25 years TPLF has attempted to legitimize its dictatorial rule, they organized few times fake parliamentary elections. It was not surprising that the result of the election is known before the voting took place. Hence, the elections have not made any difference, as regime continues to rule with iron fist. Democratic principles are nonexistence. The TPLF regime control over the citizen’s life reached unthinkable stage. It has brought human suffering to Ethiopia people. Although the chief architect of the ethnic rule is dead couples years back, his surrogates continue to act in predatory manner. In fact, they are working very hard to establish his personality cult day and night. It appears that there is unwritten decree that every establishment in the country to have a portrait of the “Great leader”. Of course, we should not forget statute, as they say.

The series of demonstrations by students in opposition of the implementation of the secretly prepared master plan by TPLF regime still going on in different locations. The regime acted violently and his loyal troops behaving savagely, killing several unarmed peaceful demonstrates and jailing several thousand protestors. All are held without charges. They also arrested opposition leaders on suspicion of helping anti-regime movement. The regime is locked in a bitter resistance by demonstrators. The regime decided even to bend the rules, playing myriad games to slow down the demonstrators anger, but the problem persisted.

The ethnic centric regime policy that insures Ethiopia to remain weak and divide along ethnic line seems to be on verge of falling apart.  The best known ethnic card techniques used to be played by EPDRF become diminishing and outdated. The artificial boundaries created among the nine regions by TPLF’S constitution followed by installing their coalition partners known as EPDRF and supporters throughout the administrative structures is not working as effective as planned either. Most of the coalition members are preoccupied building financial empire by gaining control over money generating institutions. The secretly prepared master plan has been the result of continuing greedy behavior. TPLF is making enemies everywhere and appeared destined to plague Ethiopia with misery. The political future of the country is now more uncertain than any time.

TPLF governing with a heavy hand must end. Ethiopia needs a leading political figure that believes in national unity discourse in good ideals which can minimize the difference among political factions.  The country needs conciliatory leaders desperately. It appears the opposition groups have polarized over variety issues. We witness that some of the leader’s attitudes emanate from narrow interest of the group, engaged in fierce hair- splitting arguments, holding adversity on a personal level or wrong conception of others. They need to pull themselves from this habit and to realize that we have a major tasking awaiting us; namely TPLF dictatorial regime. It is high time the opposition political leaders to take initiatives to have the reconciliation process to start. Present concrete condition of Ethiopia calls for this. The reconciliation could be achieve if the opposition leaders of the groups asses the past and present of their own experience to draw a useful conclusion to benefit their own group as well as others. The opposition political groups must overcome factional polarization over petty issues.  We the silent majority has no issue among us. The question is when these opposition groups are going to show sign of hope toward reconciliation and agree on a plan of action to replace TPLF’s regime. It was pointed in many ways by many writers their solidarity is critical for struggle. Many are puzzled with the slow process in creating needed solidarity. As many people knew that until they leave behind all “Dysfunctional behavior among Habesha” as outlined by Salaam Yitbarek article,

they remain weak and unable to drive the final nail to TPLF ethnic rule. Opposition groups must found a means to end this zero sum game. Let’s stop the endless squabbles and focus to common goals.  If opposition groups foster national feeling, and keeping in mind the people interest come first, they can be pioneers of change for Ethiopia freedom.