Ethiopia: Knowledge is power and those who have knowledge excels

By Dejenie A. Lakew (PhD)

Advanced societies seek knowledge to empower themselves to do the right things at the right times and become powerful. Those societies which languish from yolks of every ill mankind can face, is due to lack of knowledge and not be able to do the right things at the right time.Knowledge is power

I will put two fundamental issues our society should know so that they act and live accordingly

[1] The natural law of thermodynamics of entropy dictates that things are naturally tend to lose order in time, and because of that natural behavior, we humans proactively engage in keeping order and livelihoods on things we want to exist and function properly in a continuous and persistent way. For instance we do exercise and other muscle building and life extending activities to fight back the natural tendency of getting older and eventually die – the final acts of entropy of life.

[2] The energies of attraction create cohesion to keep things together. Sold matter is the result of a strong cohesion force that exists between components while liquid is the one whose building blocks are connected with lesser cohesion force and gas is the one which loses its cohesion in a faster way and its molecules spread apart and disappear in to oblivion and the matter eventually vanishes from existence. Societies of the world today that are powerful, formidable, wealthy and strong are the ones who established a strong, solid and stable socio-political structure of purpose. They thoughtfully avoid issues, either social or political that loosen their cohesion and solidity, not to fall in to the traps of entropy and chaos. They know from the fundamental laws of nature, which I have mentioned above that, they cannot entertain both forces of cohesion and forces of chaos or entropy at the same time, since both forces do have different end results. Those societies who foolishly entertained both forces of cohesion as their wish and desire and energies of entropy as a child acre comfort of tribalism, eventually become victims of the very act they choose to entertain and disappear.

Tribalism and ethnicity are fundamental negative social energies that accelerate entropy in society and cause social disintegration. They help to loosen social cohesion and eventually kill the ambitions of civilized social members to create a strong, powerful, stable and formidable society that survives and competes in the modern world. The civilized world today, more than ever before knows that humans tend to become global in sentiment, life and work and therefore their tribe or ethnicity is no more relevant and in fact considers it as an antique and primordial unwanted social baggage which has no reason to be used any more. It is only in those societies where there is either an undeveloped and less evolved culture that is not yet reached to the level of contemporary society or if the society is ruled by a presumed ethnic minority so that division based on ethnicity and tribes is made essential political means to divide, weaken and govern the majority society, that tribalism and ethnicity is played beyond the realms of necessity.

Ethiopia falls in the second category, although advanced in any measure of social evolution and existed for millenniums as a cohesive society, but for the last 25 years, it is ruled by a presumed minority ethnic group from Tigray with a given acronym TPLF. Because of this ill intent chosen style of rule, Ethiopia sees the effects of social entropy in action. Ethiopians are more divided, always quarreling in every sphere of life in a manner that has never been seen before. When I was a mathematics graduate student perusing my PhD degree at the University of Arkansas decades ago, I had a friend from Lebanon who was also doing towards his PhD degree in mathematics and used to tell me that if there are two Lebanese people, they will never form a single one party but instead two, showing the bad effects of tribalism and ethnicity and the corrosive effects it has on the soul of society – entropy.

It is because of this, we Ethiopians should be knowledgeable about the reasons and truth as to why this is happening and start to collect our acts together, be wise and thoughtful about the future of our society and the continued existence of the country. Before it is too late, we should indeed fight in unison to remove the globally known group of thieves and bandits from Tigray from our country.

Without that it will be a natural process to see the results of entropy of nature and that of society in particular which non us want that to happen. ESAT as a genuine media of information that works for the unity of Ethiopia and other political and civic organizations that work under the umbrella of Ethiopia to keep Ethiopia intact should know this and act accordingly.