TPLF clowns are all over the map to save the rogue regime from the unavoidable surrender

By Teshome Debalke

The struggle for freedom and democracy is not about the elites’ unchecked ego. It is about our people’s rights and liberties by sorting out criminals that deprive them (tyranny) and the innocent that stand with them (democracy and the rule of law). The sooner we come together in one voice to sort out the innocent from the criminals in our mist the sooner our people will be free from tyranny. Those that dwell on our differences while our people suffer are simply aiding and abiding tyranny and its surrogates just because they refuse to check their ego.

Sadly to say, TPLF’s clowns don’t seem to comprehend what Ethiopians are telling them. They feel; they still can abuse Ethiopians clowning around blaming others to save the atrocious and corrupt regime.

Notwithstanding our political elites failed to come together and stop the rogue regime from committing more heinous crimes of corruption, extortion, murder, treason, human right violation and character assassination on our people for over two decades, TPLF clowns continue to tear apart our people to maintain the Mafia group stranglehold on our Ethiopia.

Mind you, the clowns doing the dirty job against our people are not average Ethiopians to claim ignorant of what the rogue regime does to the people of Ethiopia. The ringleaders are professionals with responsible positions in academia, Media, business and international organizations. Not that it make them better than an average Ethiopian but, their willingness to play on the bottom of the pits to sustain a corrupt Apartheid rule is unprecedented and hard to comprehend.

Watching TPLF clowns masquerading as government officials, businessmen, investors, journalists, expert of one thing or another become so common; Ethiopians are waiting for their next gig to come. Unfortunately, arrogance not ignorance appears to drive their behaviors that risk millions of lives, livelihood and the rights of our people.

Take for instance the latest TPLF clowns’ gig to make something out of noting of the puppet Prime Minster. Last week a ‘news’ titled; ‘ Hailemariam Desalegn is 2015 AfricaWorld Man of the Year came out of unknown outfit by the name AfricaWorld News International, an online Media outfit that claim to be based in Dublin, Ireland and featured on Ethiopian National Television (Etv) and the usual TPLF’s propaganda outlets.

Apparently, AfricaWorld News ( is a six month old online media outlet created on July 12 2015 and registered by proxy in the US, according to Network Solutions. Less than six months after it came online; from all African leaders it picked the clueless Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn as AfricaWorld Man of the Year. For six month old Media outlet with unidentified operators it would have been appropriate to say Man of half-a year in line with their anniversary.

It illustrates how TPLF’s clowns are losing their mind setting up bogus propaganda Media and cutting-and-pasting anything they can find to feel good about a rogue regime that lives off of borrowed time.

But, it make you wonder; why would TPLF clowns go to great length to make the pupate PM Hailemariam Desalegn legitimate — parading him like a trophy wife to look good in front of the camera? Sadly to say; even the well-established Media outlets like VOA are taken by TPLF propaganda and losing their integrity faster than a head of lettuce on the hand of a rabbit. Let face it, what kind of credible Media would take the word of a rogue regime that control everything in sight and expect to be taken serious?

It isn’t common TPLF clowns to create foreign sounding Medias for sole purpose of praising one TPLF clown or another or to make one thing or another legitimate including the racketeering economy. Clowning has always been the hallmark of TPLF ever since its inception. In recent past; it appears the clowns are out clowning themselves and taking down others down the gutter.

We all remember how people took the late TPLF clown turn Prime Minster Melse Zenawi legitimate leader. Some praised him for his leadership skills and others for his intelligence. I feel I am the only one that admires him for his clowning skills on behalf of his enablers. Think about it, the whole TPLF foundation is based on clowning Ethiopians to belive fairytale to begin with. He clown us to believe Ethiopia doesn’t exist and turned around to tell us he is more Ethiopian than the rest of us at the end. He told us; what is Axum to the Wolaytas and turned around to tell us the Wolyata Prime Minster Halimariam he tutored is the best thing that happened to Ethiopia that never existed. Who would forget him for his tantrum of ‘privatizing land is out of the question… over my dead body…’ in the name of to protect the poor farmers and turned around chasing the same poor farmers out of their land and handing it over to his cronies and foreigners to cash in the greatest land robbery ever seen in the history of Ethiopia. I can go on and on the legacy of a clown leader that would make his apologists hide in shame.

Sadly to say, TPLF clowns turned our country into one big comedy club in day time and a milk cow at night laughing their way to the bank. And, the best they can come up with is to elevat their clown leader as great and robbing the people a respectable economic activities and made a jack ass out of themselves along the way.

It seems many Ethiopians don’t seem to grasp how bad TPLF’s criminal enterprises operate in the cover of darkness. You don’t have to go further but look at the Medias empowered to operate at home to make TPLF and its racketeering economic activities legitimate. Some of are so good skirting the real issue; one wouldn’t suspect until he/she look deeper the missing issues.

A good example is The Horn Affair based in Addis Ababa. For unsuspecting; the outfit look legitimate but a closer look reviles; the exercise of making TPLF as legitimate as possible by skillfully skirting the real issue of corruption, racketeering and human right violation of the rogue regime are nowhere to be found.

For instance, the absence of coverage on the ongoing protest and death and destruction in ‘Oromia Region’ illustrate how skillfully Medias skirts the burning issue of the time burying their head in the sand.

Another example of Media clowning around is New Business Ethiopia. The outlet that supposedly report on economic affairs of the nation has no identifiable editors and reporters nor cover the important issue of TPLF’s crime of corruption, extortion, violation of rights and property but go out of its way to legitimize the rogue regime’s racketeering economy . Crimes that explicitly implicate TPLF and its associates are off the table as the outfit agonizes to pile up empty propaganda to the world in the English language.

It appears Media that praise and legitimize the rogue regime rule are allowed to run amok to deceive the international community and unsuspecting Ethiopians– there is a legitimate democratic government growing the economy by double digits.

The more aggressive Medias are those with a mission of undermining the oppositions particularly the diaspora to save the regime. Take for instance the infamous Awramba Times run by the infamous TPLF clown Dawit Kebede that specialize on disfranchising the Diaspora or as he refers us ‘extremists Diaspora’. The award winning journalist-refugee turn tourist-propagandist overnight returned home and gave journalism, refugee and tourist a whole different meaning. But, he still believe he is a journalist– putting out comedy show with clown actors specializing in character assassination of the opposition and no one in the club of TPLF clown journalists seems to tell him enough of bullshit.

His latest featured comedy story titled ‘global discussion on Current political events in Ethiopia’ produced and directed by none other than another TPLF freelance clown in his own right by the name Mesfen Bezu of TG Television created solely to undermine ESAT and TPLF’s oppositions in Diaspora.

The global discussion featured Dawit Kebde of Awramba Times and Israel Gedebu, pal talk clown out of the Netherland known to represent the so called Diaspora ‘investors’, according to Walta Information Centre,– the infamous TPLF mouth piece. A few handpicked clowns in diaspora joined in to read what appeared scripted messages that have nothing to do with current political event in Ethiopia.

Apparently, the whole exercise of ‘global discussion on current political events’ turned out to be a coordinated personal attack on Professor Al Mariam, the famous Ethiopian human right advocate that wouldn’t let go of TPLF led ‘Thugocracy’ and Jawar Mohamed, the infamous Oromo First advocate and producer of Oromia Television Network, that wouldn’t let go Ethiopia.

In a desperate attempt to use and abuse the two individuals against Ethiopians; TPLF clowns zeroed in on anti-Ethiopia and anti-peace and stability narratives as if they were anything but anti Ethiopia and anti-peace and stability.

Professor Al Mariam was equated with intellectual advisors of the Nazis while Jawar Mohamed equated as anti-Ethiopia separatist and terrorist associate of Egyptian Islamic brotherhoods. Though, such clowning coming from TPLF clowns right out of Dedbit blue book is new or surprising;, it say more; how far TPLF clowns came down in tribal and religious gutter politics to keep the rouge ethnic regime alive and kicking.

The final verdict of TPLF clowns’ cyber kangaroo court’s prosecutors and judges was; Prof Al Mariam was found guilty of being Ethiopian Nazi adviser — inciting violence against TPLF (Ethiopia) while Jawar Mohamed was found guilty of not being Ethiopian (Oromo) and Islamic terrorist inciting violence against Ethiopia (TPLF). It’s like seeing TPLF kangaroo court Diaspora branch convicting Ethiopians with unidentified virtual witnesses testifying against them.

But, there is more to TPLF clowns’ verdicts than what they wanted to get across in their little Apartheid mind. The unity of Ethiopians in Diaspora to end TPLF Apartheid rule is increasingly becoming nightmare for the rogue regime clowns. Therefore, failing to create rift among Ethiopians in the Diaspora and at home, they came up with the last hope-against-all-hope to drag Professor Al Mariam and Jawar Mohamed in the mix for one reason only. The Professor was needed to fulfil TPLF clowns’ new found love for Ethiopians’ unity while Jawar was needed to fulfil the ethnic and religious divide to keep Ethiopians divided and on the edge to sustain the rogue mafia group alive and kicking – a classic case of having your cake and eating it too.

Naturally, the clowns know TPLF doesn’t have the legal or the moral ground to govern Ethiopia let alone accuse anyone on behalf of Ethiopians. The fact TPLF clowns accuse Jawar for being Oromo separatist and failed to identify themselves as Tigray separatist says; the rogue regime’s clowns are running out of option to hold on on something that never and will never belong to them at gun point.

Don’t get me wrong. Jawar isn’t an angel like many identity political elites. Quite frankly, Oromo First is simply a cover for the bigger agenda yet unknown to many Ethiopians particularly Oromo Ethiopians. He is not alone; many of our contemporary political elites use and abuse identity to get what they want by playing both sides of the cards. But, the same TPLF separatist clowns that claim Ethiopia doesn’t exist to blame Jawar illustrates the saga our people go through with the endless bickering of the elites’ identity politics took a toll on our people to come together.

The Jawars of Ethiopia are the children of identity politics going astray. That is why identity politics that was imposed on our people have no end as TPLF clowns keep using the Jawars of Ethiopia to stay put and get whatever their enablers demand.

Quite frankly, many Ethiopians caught up with one or another identity politics and the contradiction that comes with it. The constant contradiction to reconcile with our multiple identities illustrates the confusion many us go through to be used and abused against our own people benefited of the rogue TPLF regime and its enablers. Nor it is helped our people to bring about quick resolution to end the ethnic Apartheid regime’s stranglehold.

Take the master of identity politics the late Melse Zenawi that professed to come from the ‘golden’ tribe of Tigray. He was a classic case of identity politics gone astray. Known to be born from a Fascist Banda Ethiopian father and an Eritrean mother, he changed his identity many times over to keep track and end up buried in the heart of Ethiopia he claim never to belong and existed rapped with her flag (rag as he put it) he hated to love as ‘great’ Ethiopian leader among his ignorant clowns. Sadly, in the last years of his life; he professed to be more Ethiopian than all Ethiopians that never existed. Yet, with all his contradiction and clowning; not to mention his criminality; TPLF apologists kept elevating him from ‘Tigray’ ethnic clown he professed to be to great Ethiopian leader he will never be on a manufacturing fairy-tale.

His closet comrade Birket Simon, an Eritrean national and the architect of ethnic propaganda with no ethnic identity or Region of his own masquerading as ‘Amahra’ he hates to love in the ethnic Federalism hoax is a good example of what TPLF clowns’ ethnic politics played on the unfortunate people of Ethiopia.

The very rotten foundation TPLF ethnic Federalism was built was design specifically to break up our people unity to make them easy prey. Therefore, even the clowns that run it are confused talking on both side of their mouth.

What is happing in TPLF clowns’ discussion on current political events’ illustrates the confusion the architect of identity politics Mesle Zenawi brought – where the clowns are desperately looking for escape route slashing and burning anything in sight to sustain the TPLF fairytale regime alive from the unavoidable demise of its own making.

If you ask me, I blame us Ethiopians than TPLF clowns that play us for fools time-and-time again to abandon our people just because some clowns like Melse Zenawi and Birket Simon with identity crises of their own came up to define our identity.

Take the two TPLF Media clowns above that organized the discussion on ‘current political events’ to insult two Ethiopians for advocating for their causes. Mind you, as far as TPLF clowns are concerned; the ‘current political events’ is not about the corrupt and atrocious TPLF led Apartheid regime robing our people their resources and killing them like flies all over the country for demanding a surrender for democratic rule but, what Professor Al Mariam and Jawar Mohamed in Diaspora did, said or wrote– indicating; the rotten regime’s apologists are living on borrowed time made possible by our political elites’ created confusion.

Many clowns running pseudo Media like the two stooges wouldn’t have a chance if our political elites aren’t playing cat-and-mouse game to agree on the fundamentals of democracy and the rule of law—abounding our people for TPLF clowns like the two running their mouth.

TPLF clowns remind me of the sorry self-admitted corrupt former clown ‘Prime Minister’ Tamerat Layen that washed his hands with Ethiopians’ blood and cleanse himself of his sin by being Born Again Christian — free of crime of murder and corruption without repenting. The audacity of TPLF clowns is beyond reproach; they wouldn’t’ even spare the Almighty to get away with ‘murder’. But yet, no one in Diaspora attempted to take Tamerat Layne to neither face justice in a nation of law where he sought refuge nor exercise his her citizen arrest on a self-admitted criminal that sought refugee status illegally.

Look my people; it is not a mystery what drives our contemporary political elites. For the most part, they are trained to ‘eat their own roots’ and ended up looking for it somewhere else. If you ask me; TPLF clowns successfully chewed and swallowed their roots and ended up blaming Ethiopians again for their identity crises. Unfortunately, many Ethiopians followed TPLF clowns to nowhere and that is where our problem began and must end.

We Ethiopians are beautiful people with all our short coming unlike what we are led to believe by fainthearted contemporary political elites with identity crises of their own. What Ethiopians are demanding is not to be used and abused by anyone that professes to represent them and turn around sell them for the highest bidder. If you don’t believe me; look how civilized ordinary Ethiopians are towards their own people under unprecedented provocation all these years. If you don’t appreciate our people’s deep-rooted organic civilization and justices the world envy; you must be root-eating clown in the pocket of foreign interest like TPLF clowns or you must have superficial knowledge of who we are as Ethiopians. It won’t be the first time or the last time that would happen to our people.

Think about it. Look at the recent uprising of our people in what is referred as Oromia Region under TPLF Apartheid rule. Nowhere in the world will you see civilized people under constant ethnic and religious provocation behave the way our people do with class and civility under the line of fire for asking their democratic rights and respect for their property. They did it under the Italian Fascist occupation and they are doing under TPLF occupation.

But yet, look at what some of our contemporary political elites want to make of it — reinforcing TPLF instigated ethnic Apartheid purely for political expediency.

Our people are starving in millions. They are being driven out of the only resource they live off (land)– auctioned by TPLF clowns to foreigners and their cronies. They are being hunted, killed and jailed for demanding their democratic rights. But yet, the biggest contention of our contemporary political elites from coming together to end TPLF crude rule is; competing who is more victim of the rouge regime.

Never in the history of politics has the unprecedented misery of people turned into political opportunity like we witness in our contemporary political elites’ behavior — tripping over each other ego instead of confronting tyranny head on to end our people’s misery. And, sadly to say; TPLF clowns exist just because they found aid and comfort in the confusion.

The good news is, finally Ethiopians are saying enough and forcing the political elites to come together for a change. Hopefully, it would be more than to be just against the rotten regime but, for freedom and liberties of our people. Every Ethiopian must be present in the upcoming event to show solidarity with our people and to demand the political elites to shape up or ship out.

The struggle for freedom and democracy is not about the elites’ unchecked ego. It is about our people’s rights and liberties by sorting out criminals that deprive them (tyranny) and the innocent that stand with them (democracy and the rule of law). The sooner we come together in one voice to sort out the innocent from the criminals in our mist the sooner our people will be free from tyranny. Those that dwell on our differences while our people suffer are simply aiding and abiding tyranny and its surrogates just because they refuse to check their ego.

As TPLF clowns out clowning themselves from the unavoidable surrender for democratic rule, they are banking on our differences to stay alive. Freedom from the ethnic Apartheid tyranny is as simple as ABC if only we come together sooner than later to sort out the innocent from the criminals among our mist.

The ball is in our court; either we come together to end TPLF rule now or wish it will go away on the expenses of our people. The rogue regime has no leg to stand on if only we can see; the cause of our people is much bigger than our unchecked ego.

This article is dedicated for my people dying on the hands of TPLF assassins for demanding their rights and liberties. If anyone thinks; our people are sacrificing their lives and dignity for anything other than their freedom and liberty from tyranny he or she must examine his head.