The legendary journalist Reeyot Alumu and the sick crime of TPLF led rogue regime of Ethiopia

By Teshome Debalke

No additional prove is needed to show there is no government in Ethiopia but a rogue mercenary group known as Tigray People Liberation Front’s crimes inflected on the legendry journalist Reeyot Alemu. Blaming the mercenary gang masquerading as a government isn’t enough. The collection of sorry supporters and apologists of the gang are the reason TPLF is getting away committing heinous crimes against the people of Ethiopia.

Every Ethiopian, particularly TPLF supporters and apologists must listen to ESAT’s interview with Reeyot Alemu Part 1 and Part 2 and more to come to understand what kind of regime Ethiopians are dealing with and the apologists are defending.

There is no more excuse; Ignorance of the regime’s crimes any longer a defense to demand the rogue regime surrender power now without delay.

Nor the supporters and apologists should ever be allowed to hold their head high for collaborating with the worst gangster posed as government that ever walked the land of Ethiopia. Nor the international community that supports the rogue regime, particularly the British and the US governments much was expected should get away for empowering the rogue regime and its corrupt warlords running the nation.

The Obama Administration that was expected to right the wrongs of African dictators as he promised has been a disappointment to the people of Ethiopia in particular and the people of Africa in general. His endorsement of the rogue regime as “democratically elected” to justify supporting it not only left the people stunned but, the whole world amused to the lack of moral leadership of his Presidency.

In normal circumstances, Susan Rise, the front person on African policy of the Administration and the stanch apologists of TPLF should have been fired if not held criminally liable for aiding and abiding the rogue regime’s human right violation and corruption — defying her sworn duty to defend the constitution and the spirit of the law and the ideal of what the United States of America stood for. To that end, the Administration showed; it has little or no value to the lives and liberties of the people of Ethiopia. However, the battle just began and every Ethiopian and friends of Ethiopians has the responsibility to make her accountable for her ill advice of the President that would tarnish his legacy forever and the President to take full responsibility for his failed policy.

But, the President Low expectation for the people of Africa coupled with lack of accountability to anyone made it possible for his Administration’s policy of empowering the rogue regime to cause unspeakable crimes of corruption and atrocities on the people of Ethiopia while the international community and Media stood by or participated in covering it up.

Ethiopians like many African people are left wondering and puzzled where the world’s powers are going in appeasing and apologizing for the worst dictators in a cover of fighting terrorism and development on the expenses of the people and who supposed to make them accountable?

At the meantime; Ethiopian Americans failed to speak up in one voice to expose the rogue regime’s operatives and lobbyist in Diaspora posed as Ethiopian Americans misleading the Administration to overlook the regime’s violations of US laws and international rules and conventions –taking their orders from the regime and the international community.

Besides writing endless articles protesting the regime’s violations, the lack of justice advocacy group to follow up on the rogue regime’s operatives’ crimes in the diaspora gave them free hand not only to commit crimes against their fellow compatriots at home and abroad — breaking US laws but, misleading the administration.

Ethiopians must be vigilant on the clandestine operatives in Diaspora that operate front civic organizations and Medias.

As Ethiopian political prisoners cry out of the dungeon of TPLF, the iron lady Reeyot Alemu remind us; no matter how much the apologists of the rogue regime try to cover it up; they will be responsible for all its crimes until they abandon the regime and demand unconditional surrender of their beloved rogue regime to free themselves. After all, they are the worst prisoners of their own making – abounding their people for a rogue regime just because…

There is no way out for the rogue regime but to surrender power. The sooner everybody understands the better. Dancing around the unavoidable demand of the people of Ethiopia amount playing Russian roulette on oneself.

The article is dedicated for 1000s physical prisoners of the rogue regime that are suffering to free the mental prisoners of TPLF that are commit crimes on the people of Ethiopia.