By Solomon Woldeyes

I call upon all Ethiopians living in America to MARCH ON WASHINGTON. The purpose of the march is to express our bitterness, frustration, and dissatisfaction of US’s policy and handling of the whole political scenario and the crisis in Ethiopia since 1991. US representative Mr. Cohen, then Assistant Secretary to US State Department; Godfather of TPLF, engineered the takeover of Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. He gave the country, its civilized and innocent people to the wild beasts called TPLF as to their sole ownership, excluding all other opposition groups, at the London Conference, and later at Addis Ababa, also at Carter Center in Atlanta Georgia. Those who went to participate in the Addis Ababa conference were sent to jail, among whom, I remember was Abera YemaneAb, who had served several years of jail sentence. Mr. Cohen, the late Mr. Paul Heinz …the Caretaker of TPLF, and close confident of the dead envious Meles Zenawi. Both Americans conspired with TPLF on the Ethiopia fate and on its citizens, and still, after quarter of a century the same policy is imposed and applied supporting the brutish TPLF gangs to kill our people and destroy our country. This divide and conquer policy was the work of both America and the Briton , and TPLF followed suit.

Beasts from the bush who never had any administrative experience, not even manage themselves, emerged from the bush to invade and took control of Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. Ever since then, they have been brutalizing and tyrannizing its citizen (for quarter of a century).

Therefore, we should say’ NO’ to American Administration, and tell them to stop continuing financial and economic support to the bloodthirsty TPLF ethnic fascists. Beside holding demonstration in many US cities, which has been successful thus far, how about a marching on Washington to express our solidarity to our people back home who are facing constant threat by brutish YPLF forces. By doing this we give amoral support, and expose the masters and the stooges ( bandas) on a greater scale. I remember, we did this when Woyanes invade Addis Ababa in 1991, approximately eleven thousand protesters participated in that rally who came from many US States and cities.

Then If we gain unanimous consensus on the subject of a march on Washington, we should start getting organized, and work on some plans as soon as possible. Additionally, we have to agree on the date of the protest, means of transportation. Procurement oft flags, megaphones , bumper stickers, and posters. These also should be ready within a reasonable time. All sales proceeds will go to our heroes and heroines, who have dedicated and committed their precious lives for the freedom of Ethiopia, and to our vanguard ( FITAWURARI) ESAT. And for those of us who have artistic talent in music, poetry, speeches, etc )this will be the day to present it. So get prepared for the occasion.

Logistics, protest permits and other ground work, hopefully will be carried out by the indignant D.C. Ethiopian residents. However ,this is not going to be a one day protest, but a three days protest, at one very least we can sacrifice this much, if not our precious lives, like those who face the Woyane beasts bullets on a daily basis.