Ethiopia-what next?

By Yilma Bekele

The uprisings in Ethiopia are continuing unabated despite the regime’s wishful claim of controlling the Oromia Kilil. TPLF Woyane has invaded the Oromo kilil to assert its rule by the power of the Gun. For all practical purpose today the Oromo enclave or Bantustan that was drawn by TPLF itself is not  under the control of the central government. The Oromo local police have been set aside and governance and security control has been handed over to the TPLF Agazi Force. The force that does not  understand local language and local customs is using terror to achieve submission to the mafia group in power. A military dictatorship hangs over Oromia.

The Oromo youth has been politicized due to the naked form TPLF supremacy manifested itself in the Kilils. So called Oromo leaders were approved by TPLF and the election is conducted under TPLF supervision. The youth saw the corruption, deceit, empty rhetoric and most of all humiliating treatment of the junior partners by the Woyane bosses. Separate but equal came to resemble the old American south. Twenty five years of organized terror against genuine Oromo leaders including such gangster methods as execution, intimidation, beatings and exile has brought  about the realization that the system is the enemy not neighbors and family members.

The “Master Plan’ is the final straw that triggered the spontaneous eruption we are witnessing now. Woyane has been selling land especially after the 2005 election and there is nothing new in that. Mafia boss Meles figured out selling land is the shortcut to wealth. When the land is taken by force, using intimidation, zoning scam or inflated Bir it naturally turns into a bonanza to Woyane Cadre. That have been going on for ever. Our country is populated  by nouveau riche that can not read or write with their nouveau poor culture written on their face.

The youth does not have land to sell, their poor parents have been made destitute and homeless, education even college level does guarantee decent living wages.  This is the youth revolting against the system. When they looked at the future there was nothing good there.  When they saw the pathetic junior role the OPDO is playing to Woyanes supremacy the feeling of shame is what was engulfing their heart.

The Oromo and other Ethiopian youth have been faced with a hard choice the last few years. Home was not a good place to use one’s God given talents to soar. They also have heard of the perilous journey to south Africa and the disappearance of many of their friends and family. The young girl’s dream of going to the Middle East and achieving something has turned into a nightmare with many committing suicide or returning damaged. It is time to stand and fight is what is playing here. Fear of the TPLF mafia is eroding by the day.

The revolt by the Oromo is a continuation of the revolt by the Amharas during Gura  Ferada or Beshangul, the revolt by the Gambelan people when their land was sold to Indian investors that today have gone bankrupt. Our Gambelan citizens are now refugees in Kenya. They just did not attract attention like the Oromo issue has achieved today. We are certainly grateful to the sons and daughters of Oromia that refused to ignore the cry of their people. They persisted and we were all forced to pay attention. A lot of us were compelled to stand on the side of our Oromo people and show the hurt we feel and feel empowered when they risk their life refusing to submit to gross injustice.

According to the latest report by foreign organizations over one hundred forty Ethiopians have been killed by the illegal regime. We Ethiopians know the number is three times as much. It is also reported over six thousand youth are in jail. We know it is much higher based on past experience. Meles Zenawi killed over two hundred and imprisoned over thirty thousand-you remember? How do they do this you might ask? They have Agazi special forces to kill and they got EFFORT and Woyane owned trucks to take people to strange places such as Shoa Robit, Zuwai, Ber Sheleko and more. They are not places of higher learning but concentration camps like in North Korea.

No question the Ethiopian people as a whole and right now the Oromo citizens in particular are in grave danger. They are doing their utmost to challenge a regime armed with lethal force and not afraid to kill as as many as necessary to stay in power. They have wantonly killed plenty of times before so it is not news to most of us. The Oromo youth is using many means to fight back and regain their freedom. We also know they need help.

It is a beautiful day for Ethiopia where we march together for justice and equality for all. We have been lacking that in our approach to the common problem. The current realization regarding the intentions and plans of TPLF Woyane has opened our eyes to its zero sum message. The Amharas are feeling the Oromo pain, the Tigreans though few are beginning to realize the few in power do not have their interest at heart and are  saying no to being used. The three together will usher an era of real peace and real prosperity on equal basis for our ancient land. No one deserves it more than us.

I have talked about the sacrifices of our people faced with an army trained to kill. The question to be asked is as an Ethiopian and human right activist what are you doing to help our young tigers to achieve victory? There are plenty of things one can do on behalf of freedom.

  1. Boycott all products associated with Woyane. Surely you can go without drinking Ethiopian made beer, using Ethiopian tea, avoiding enjera made with Ethiopian imported Teff.
  2. Do not get involved in purchase of land and condominium.
  3. Do not fly Ethiopian Airlines.
  4. Do not deposit foreign currency in Ethiopian banks.
  5. Use Social Media such as Facebook to show your solidarity with our people.
  6. Do not underestimate your power.

If you notice none of the items will hurt if you go without. The action is important when we put our common power together. According to the World Bank the Diaspora contributes billions every year to invest, help family and on holiday in Ethiopia. Our power is more than you think. Just do your part and live with knowing you have contributed your share for your people.

The Woyane regime is in disarray. The Woyane regime can not last long with consistent and relentless attack against its very foundation of divide and rule. Our war is a war of attrition. Time is on our side. It is pointless to talk about Woyanes crimes but a lot productive organizing to help our people at home to withstand the regime.

We are standing with three legs at the moment. The first and primary leg is the unity and struggle of the Ethiopian people. The second leg is our Liberation forces that are at the moment engaging the Woyane military. Our third leg is the rich, lucky and country loving Diaspora.

Two of our legs are working fine. The Ethiopians are confronting Woyane. Our Oromo citizens are in the forefront of this struggle. We are certain others will join soon. We are more than excited about the movements of Arbengoch G7 Forces operating in Northern Ethiopia and the underground work among Ethiopian military and the urban young people they have set up the last few years. The bold move to cover Assela with Arbengoch G7 call for salvation with leaflets is signs of things to come. That road will not end till victory and who wins in this epic struggle will determine our children’s future. A slave or a free person is the choice.

The third leg got to cooperate. The Diaspora should be part of the solution not the problem. Think of it as an appeal by our poor parents that today live in fear of the Kebele, in fear of the local cadre and in fear for their future. Ignoring their shout for help is cruel and a terrible burden to bear. The hundred forty that were reported killed did not have to die because they asked for a review of a decision to take their land away. What are called ISIS killed …….Ethiopians because they wanted to show they do not like Christians. We were upset and we went out on marches to show our hurt. Our own government kills hundreds in the name of keeping the peace and we just shake our heads and go on with business as usual. It is wrong. Our people are getting killed because they refused to submit and we start splitting hair about consequences. Why should it be called Oromo Protest instead of Ethiopian protest is a double edged thinking. It cuts both ways. Woyane is worried about the unity of the opposing forces like we see today where Ethiopian flag and Oromo regional flag are carried during protest to symbolise unity. And there are some among us instead of building on this positive force go about filling the air with negative connotations fished from the bottom of the barrel. They dress themselves in green, yellow and red while undermining the very concept.

The problem is some have been talking for so long they have lost sight of action. Instead of politicizing their constituents to join the march they are calling foul before the real work starts. I would say with all my heart why don’t you get your followers to rise up against Woyane at this opportune moment instead of sitting on side and nitpicking and demoralizing thus being used by Woyane.

Our heart is with our Oromo people. The sons and daughters they have lost will always stay in our hearts. Our collective condolences to the families that lost a loved one. Let us make their death mean something.