Ethiopia: No Natural Impulse to Protect Something that is not Yours

By Dejenie Alemayehu Lakew (PhD)

The Tigray TPLF mafia group divided Ethiopians on their ethnic shelves in order they easily become manageable and be controlled and enforced that separation by brain washing, indoctrination of creating false disgusting hateful rhetoric of the past and now caught red handed when they tried to implement their sinister second phase of action, robbing properties and lands by uprooting poor societies from their domiciles to enrich themselves. It is a tragedy of epic proportion to see Ethiopians lost their unity and fight the thief Tigray TPLF and its beneficiaries, separately. The Gondar people of Welkaite Tegede and Telemt are fighting these thieves by their own, the people of Welega are fighting by their own, the people of Shewa are fighting by their own, a temporary win for TPLF sinister program of ethnic division.

As if the lands of Gondar are meant only concerns of the Gondar people and not any other Ethiopians, TPLF tries to convince the youth of Gondar what the demarcation is meant between Sudan and Gondar and not between Sudan and Ethiopia, when it prepares to sell the boundary fertile lands to Sudan for monetary and political gains of the unforeseen future. It is not a secrete why the Tigray TPLF wants the complete annihilation of Ethiopia as it is known, because they found themselves absent, nonexistent in the vast history of Ethiopia. They have never been part of anything Ethiopian civilization at all. Their action describes that naked truth, they said Ethiopia is not 3000 years old but 100 years, because for the first time they found one person from Tigray who participated in Ethiopian history, Yohannes, so they started counting their history from there and anything beyond is not theirs and therefore false and should be destroyed.

King Solomon was known for his wisdom and two women fighting on a child claiming it is theirs and because of they could not resolve the fight they took the case to Solomon. Solomon listened each of the cases and ordered his guards to bring a sward and lifted the sward up and tried to cut the child in to two so that the two women get pieces but when that happened the true mother fallen on to the child to save from being cut and the false mother stood at a distance and watched the action with no emotions from her face. Solomon then saw who the right mother is and declared the fallen mother to be the natural bearer of the child and the mother took her child and the false mother leave the court of true justice by humiliation.

Tigray TPLF is a false member and non contributor of Ethiopian magnificent History, the very reason they act that way to destroy Ethiopia with no sense of guilt and in fact with a sense of vengeance, is because of their discovery of that absence, starting from the kingdom of Aksum. Knowing reasons as to why things behave is one step forward to solve problems and Ethiopians should make this truth in to their political understanding and act accordingly. TPLF is a camouflaged fox in sheep costumes that tried to look like sheep and all Ethiopians should know truth so that they act accordingly.