Billboard Thanking Eritrea and President Isaias Afwerki Goes Up in Yemen

Billboard reads: "Thanks Eritrea"

By Madote

A large billboard thanking Eritrea and President Isaias Afwerki goes up in the Yemeni port city of Aden.

The billboard, which was sponsored by the "Truth Media Inc.", was placed yesterday on the Cairo Road that leads to the office of Directorate of Sheikh Othman.

According to Firas Al Yafei, head of the Truth Media Inc., the billboard was posted in honor of Eritrea's support of Yemen, including the training of its national army on its territory, as well as the use of its naval base for the liberation of Aden.

 He added Eritrea has stressed the need for security, stability and unity of Yemen's land and her people, and said that the stability of Yemen is Eritrea's top priority because of the historic links between the two peoples. Last month,

President Isaias held talks in Riyadh with the Saudi King and Defense Minister, in which the two sides discussed ways of stabilizing Yemen and securing the Red Sea. After the meeting, Eritrea announced it had joined the Saudi-led 35-state coalition to combat terrorism in the region and beyond.