Wise leaders unite societies for strength while cancers and social arsonists divide to weaken

By Dejenie A. Lakew (Ph.D.)

When humans emerged from localities, caves and river banks and moved out to form larger union of societies they first created characters that unify them such as common language so that they be one and remain loyal to the greater social structure they formed for a common social purpose to become strong, formidable and prosper and expand their territories further. They knew and is natural that a divided society will not only fail to defend the structures built and benefits from it, but it will not be remain one in the first place to built such structures of greatness.

Colonial powers were using divide and rule political tactics to divide victim societies they colonized by iron feast to weaken them while keeping their society one and united, making them speak one language and think and dream the same, to build greater countries with powers that reach to corners of the globe. Those victims of divide and rule of African countries were not only victims of that strategy, but remain to be victims of that disease, by not being able to come out of that sinister divisions created by colonizers to this day. Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Nigeria, are few examples where people of the same country butchered each other and still see each other as deadly enemies, although they were/are not enemies but made to think, believe and behave that way by political mischief of an outsider who has no an iota of good will for their collective coexistence, strength and prosperity.

The Rwanda genocide is still fresh in our memory, a senseless killing of a brother by a brother, people of one country. South Sudan, unspoken and hidden genocide, self elimination of its own people by itself that reached to what people called it cannibalism, because of conflicts resulted from political arrangements that are based solely on ethnicity. These are clear proofs of how deadly and dangerous ethnic politics are, which TPLF, a social arsonist and cancer of Ethiopia that specializes at it, uses and fanfares it as good politics that solves problems of Ethiopians but to divide and rule Ethiopians, by introducing dangerous problems of a tragedy, to the extent of going to the smallest possible partitioning of an indivisible unit of a society – kimant and Amhara while both are Amhara people who speak one language – Amharic. It is clear that TPLF does not need and does not work to see the strength of Ethiopia but its ultimate demise.

Recently, I read a research article from academia.com, written by a historian, if I am not mistaken, from some southern African countries (probably from Uganda or Tanzania). It was about the case why Ethiopia left to remain a Christian country as an island while all its neighbors are Muslims. She asked, is it because its kings were all strong and never defeated by the then invading Muslims that roamed across the continent? She answered her question by herself saying that no record was found in the Kibre Negist (chronicle of kings ) that an Ethiopian king lost a battle with outsiders. In her long article, specifically she wrote the cases of King Tewodros, Yohannes and Menelik, and their heroic struggles to rebuilt and maintain their country independent and its religion unchanged during challenging times of European and Muslim expansions at the same time.

She said, the Italians were sneaking in to Massawa, the northern Ethiopian red sea port and on the western side, the Egyptian and Sudanese Muslims were threatening to invade Ethiopia and kill its kings and Islamize the country as they were Christians. While being on the northern front, Yohannes heard Sudanese Muslims army invaded Gondar and burring everything to the ground, he then immediately marched to Gondar with a strong and huge army, as the writer puts, but unfortunately with the first day of battle he was easily killed leaving the army to perish. They beheaded him and took his head to Khartoum as a show case of victory over Ethiopian king which they think were unbeatable, strong and fearsome Christian people. Then king Menelik took power and faced with similar but more problems, with an additional problem from the eastern side of the Afar and Issa territory of Ethiopia (now called Djibouti) that the French were sneaking in to and created some problems, but managed to overcome those problems with great statesmanship and bravery. These all brave Ethiopians like other strong countries of the world, built first and foremost the unity of the society, the grand prerequisite to create, protect and maintain a country.

When someone reads this history written by an outside observer who has passion about Ethiopia and its unique place from among its neighbors, pointing out the challenges the founding fathers and the people at large faced in all corners of the country, where countries came to slaughter you and take away your country or part of it, a time where courage, bravery and political vision and true statesmanship were played to rebuilt, defend and kept Ethiopia’s independent and pride, unlike today where people come with checks, not guns, to create business friendships to give you a long term loan to build schools, roads and high rise buildings, although only to TPLF-ites, it is mind boggling to know mindless people of TPLF could not understand these differences at all.

TPLF in the contrary does its utmost effort to undone what these brave ancient Ethiopians did, first playing down the above mentioned immense sacrifices paid and the unparalleled political achievements made which is testified by an outsider historian, and divide its people by concocted stories and magnify that created divisions with huge factors in order to keep them apart, encourage and facilitate people to use different languages (contrary to what great countries did: American leaders did not encourage all ethnic groups that came to America: Italians, British, French, Germans, Irish, etc, to develop their own curricula of their own languages to teach their kids, if that was the case then the dream of building a formidable and strong country of one people could not have materialized, instead they all chose one language to communicate and learn but above all to make them one) to learn in order to make them unable to communicate in any form and eventually go apart ( like the story of the tower of Babel ) and to dismantle the country for once and for all and to foolishly hope to utilize the wealth of the country to themselves for all time but at the end to leave the country disintegrate when their time comes to an end.

The mission of TPLF and its hoodlum ephemeral milk sippers from other ethnic background, is therefore a true mindless but sinister mission of someone who lacks not only political but common human reasoning, innately a social arsonist with a very thin intellectual width, grown to become a cancer that debilitates and eventually kills the host but without knowing dies with the host, as its existence is only when the host exists. When this host is our country, it is our duty and responsibility to do an all out and utmost efforts to save our country that our children, grand children of future generations need dearly by eliminating the deadly cancerous threat.