TPLF warlords masquerading as reformists are agonizing to sustain corrupt and atrocious rule

Warlords as Reformist of the Apartheid regime (from left to right) Tigray warlord Debre Tsion Gebremichael masquerading as Deputy Prime Minster and Minster of Communication and Technology, Wolaitta warlord Halimariam D masquerading as, Prime Minster, Eritrean warlord Berket Simon masquerading as Adviser to the Prime Minster, Director of Policy Research Center and Amhara Region representative

By Teshome Debalke

The fact TPLF warlords believe they can blindfold, robe and commit all kinds of crimes of corruption and atrocity masquerading as EPDRF officials all these years is a tragedy on its own. But, when the same warlords pretend to reform the same ‘Thugocracy’ they erected to hoodwink Ethiopians and the world to extend their treacherous rule; it is pure desperation to circumvent the unavoidable surrender for democratic rule. Likewise, the apologists’ complicity masquerading as Media and civic society to divert the public attention from the real issue and to undermine the democratic movements is insanity of the worst kind in self-incrimination.

At the meantime, undemocratic forces salivating to sustain and take advantage of the chaos TPLF warlords created to earn cheap political capital on the expenses of the democratic movement is scavenging of the worst form.

If such behaviors of contemporary political elites aren’t the mothers of all crimes of the century against our people’s democratic rights and liberties; we don’t know what else could come close.

No one knows who taught TPLF warlords; tormenting and robbing the people of Ethiopia and ransacking the nation with impunity means Revolutionary Democracy. Nor, can anybody figure out what masquerading as EPRDF officials have anything to do with representing the people of Ethiopia and reforming an ethnic Apartheid regime. More comically, who gave them idea they can fake reform and put up a drama to go on business as usual?

Likewise, no one seems to understand why Medias and civic societies masquerading as independent believe what they do have anything to do with seeking the truth or advocating on behalf of the people’s interest. Nor; what got that has to do with journalism and institutional accountability.

Despite the obvious reality of hide-and-seek and cover up over two decades, the conning TPLF warlords yet again came up with another drama to divert the public attention and circumvent the call to surrender for democratic rule. The recent comedy drama appears the new strategy to cling on illegitimate power and racketeering as the struggle intensified in multiple fronts. By elevating the clueless figurehead Prime Minster/Prisoner Halimariam as real Prime Minster in charge of reform; TPLF warlords conformed; he is the last hope-against-all-hope in the make-believe Federal regime’s legitimacy. It should remind Ethiopians; the warlords haven’t learned– a regime held together by elaborate propaganda that kept it alive have limits—as they scramble to reform the monster they unleashed on the people of Ethiopia to stay alive.

It appears the incoherent TPLF warlords are either running out of option to get out of the jam they put themselves in or they still believe; they can outsmart the people of Ethiopia with comedy drama indefinitely. But, what is even more hilarious this time around was; TPLF warlords’ performance — pretending to be subordinates of the ethnic prisoners they held on short leashes posed as reformers of a minority ethnic Apartheid masquerading as Federal Nations and Nationality.

In TPLF warlords’ devious mind, Halimariam, the poster boy for ethnic Federalism represents an arbitrary Region they created with over 40 ethnic groups (prisoners) of Ethiopians in it. But, in reality; he was handpicked to be let out of the prison (Region) preciously because he doesn’t represent the people in the Region to fulfill TPLF’s manifesto –making a mockery of the very Federal Nations and Nationalities they invented under the infamous constitution they wrote and implemented.

The usually rambling Hailmariam that can’t read simple instruction if his life depended on it was better prepared this time simulating he is in charge of reforming the notoriously corrupt TPLF warlords led regime his very existence depended on. It is a new twist the warlords and partners in crime came up with to claim; there is a progressive regime led by non TPLF warlord willing to reform how Zone 9 Prisons (Regions) are better extorted, to use Zone 9 bloggers’ metaphor.

What prompted TPLF warlords to fake subordination to their prisoner masquerading as Prime Minster this time around isn’t clear. But, it should tell us; they still couldn’t make up their mind whether they want to remain an occupying force running an ethnic Apartheid regime — shuttling back-and-forth out of their ethnic bunker in Mekele and Federal bunker in Addis Ababa or Federal Nation and Nationality representing their self-proclaimed imaginary Tigray ethnic enclave they claim to represent. Either way, it is a classic case of ‘having your cake and eating it too’.

Quite honestly, besides extortion to finance their crimes of racketeering and terror network to force Ethiopians submit for their Apartheid rule; the comedy dramas they put out on the airwaves they control are what kept the warlords alive than anything we can think of. But, what is even more unfortunate about their exercise in futility is; blindfolding the ethnic Prisoners like Hailemariam to self-incriminate themselves for their crimes in front of the world.

Watching Halimariam agonize to lecture his bosses about good governance and the needed reform is priceless to watch. But, the celebrated reform drama turns out to be fighting ‘rent seeking of middlemen and fixers’ — leaving the notoriously corrupt TPLF mob bosses known for the mother-of-all crimes of extortion, corruption, money laundering and the rest unscratched as it was intended.

Of course and as expected; the sorry Prime Prisoner HD led make-believe reform wasn’t interested to reform TPLF’s assassination squad disguised as National security committing countless atrocities, human right violations, ethnic cleansing and imprisoning decedents and journalists at will and as we speak.

The genius of TPLF warlords masquerading as Federal officials is to substitute TPLF for Ethiopia and their Prime ethnic Prisoner Halimariam as Prime Minster in a drama with enough cheerleaders screaming Revolutionary Democracy and Growth and Transformation on their way to the bank laughing.

According to the report, the reform in good governance was as the result of;

“The study, jointly carried out by the Policy Research Center and the Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development, has focused on what it called rent-seeking, a practice by middle-men and fixers as well as government officials at all levels who are engaged in bribery, kickbacks and favoritism, even for the conduct of mundane official duties by government offices.”

Coming from ‘Policy Research Center’ and the ‘Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development’ supposed to be credible study Halimariam relayed on to warrant a make-believe reform. Unfortunately, the same warlords that produce and act on the drama are the same warlords that conduct fake policy research, not to mention no record of Policy Research Center can be found or who runs it. But, All Africa quoting the infamous TPLF apologist The Reporter conformed, “Bereket Simon is the Director of the Research Institute that brought together retired senior government ministers and ruling officials to study pertinent issues in policy implementation”.

The former Propaganda Minster and the present guardian for Prime Prisoner Halimariam that defy every rule of governance ended up bringing together retired senior TPLF warlords and present TPLF officials/warlords ‘to study issues in policy implementation’? What is that; የአይጥ ምስክር ድንቢጥ?

Even more hilarious was; the man conveniently situated in front of the make-believe ‘reformer’ Prime ‘Prisoner’ Halimariam was Debre Tsion Gebremichael, the notorious warlord-vice chairman of TPLF Central Committee/spymaster/Information Technology and Telecommunication Minster/Deputy Prime Minister responsible for Finance and Economic affairs of the nation. Watching him fake as subordinate of his clueless Prime Prisoner Halimariam under short leash is the sickest joke we have yet seen from any TPLF warlords’ make-believe comedy drama.

The poor Debre Tsion acted as if he was going to be charged for violating the infamous Federal Constitution on corruption and mismanagement to make us believe a functioning regime exist was indeed entertaining to say the least.

Quite frankly, the drama should be nominated for the 2015 comedy of the year award for out preforming the last best TPLF’s comedy drama on the defection of self-professed TPLF warlord Commander/Mola the mole from Eritrea produced and directed by EthiopiaFirst Media Production Co.

Here is what makes TPLF warlords’ that front clueless ethnic prisoners as actors in a make-believe Federalism hilarious. They think they mastered the art of puffery to hide their atrocious and corrupt rule from the people of Ethiopia. Such self-induced dilution not only comes naturally for any illegitimate regime that inflects excessive atrocities and extortions on the people it rules but, the paranoia that follows what to do to stay alive.

What looks amusingly dumb for a casual observer is; the inane PM neither has inkling what goes around him nor has no shame to tell cock-and- bull story to cover up for TPLF warlords’ crime and self-incriminate at the same time in front of the world as it was intended.

Nor Halimariam has no embarrassment to utter; the massive atrocities committed on the people of Ethiopia are not the fault of TPLF warlords that needs reform but, the fault of Ethiopian ‘terrorist groups’–not to mention; journalists and decedents suffering in the dungeon of Woyane for doing their job are not journalists or political prisoners but, ‘terrorists’ sympathizers’.

It is indeed a tragedy when a self-professed religious man takes pride of incriminating innocent Ethiopians to their death for the terror TPLF warlords inflect on our people and pray for his make-believe god.

As far as TPLF warlords are concerned; outsourcing their criminality and responsibility to conceal their crimes is not new– as Ethiopians witnessed over-and-over again for decades. In fact, that is what made them successful in dogging accountability for their unprecedented crime of all kinds on the people of Ethiopia. But, what is surprising is; the warlords closing rank for these long — indicating they have unfinished grand mission than love of dictatorship. After all, TPLF warlords never made it secret they are mercenaries with distaste for anything Ethiopian. Even more troubling is, the supporters and sympathizers willingness to stick around with TPLF’s criminal enterprise on the expenses of our people for far too long.

Personally, I no longer blame TPLF warlords but, their supporters and apologists in that; they had proven to sink to the bottom of the pits masquerading as one thing or another especially as Media to defend the criminality of TPLF warlords proving; it is not love of tyranny but, TPLF’s grand mission.

Take for instance the well situated professionals in the Diaspora that apologize for TPLF’s crimes and throw mud on the democratic movements every time they get a chance. Not only they reached the bottom of the pits in their free will but, looking forward to go even further down to justify their behavior of preserving an ethnic Apartheid tyranny. For them 100% vote is democracy, propaganda is free press, corruption is economic development, atrocity is fighting terrorism, Apartheid is Federalism, land grab is investment on and on. Technically, they are the right hand of criminality against the people of Ethiopia.

Quite frankly, when professionals willingly hide behind a corrupt ethnic Apartheid tyranny to conceal the crises looming in the country; they might as well declare insanity or claim they are aliens from another planet that live off of the blood of the people they torment and pinch in another planet and live with it. Unfortunately, they are not insane or aliens but, Ethiopians comfortable on the bottom of the pits to pass on TPLF hogwash of empty Revolutionary Democracy and Growth and Transformation propaganda to feel good about their conspiracy to preserve criminality.

The moral decadence surrounding TPLF tyranny is beyond comprehension and reached its pick to the point; its coward beneficiaries are hiding from themselves than take responsibility to reverse it. Why would anyone run and hide from the ‘growing economy’ and ‘Revolutionary Democracy’ approved by ‘100% of the people’s vote is the million dollar question of our time squarely on the hands of the supporters and apologist of TPLF warlords.

Yes my people, TPLF ethnic Apartheid proxy regime reached the point of no return– suspended in the midair with the help of the international community and on ‘hope’; Ethiopians won’t come together to make the warlords accountable.

Hold on now. It isn’t me who said it but, the US President Baraka Obama himself. In his endorsement of the ethnic Apartheid regime, the President reviled the warlords are ‘our mercenaries’ to pass as ‘democratically elected’ to fight international terrorism in the same sentence. Surprisingly, the warlords and apologists not only agreed but, took pride of the insult directed at them. That is the historical treachery TPLF warlords and their sympathizers would be remembered no empty propaganda and make-believe reform would remedy.

Again, for the record; this is the first time in extended history; Ethiopians are officially ruled by a self-confessed mercenary and Apartheid regime. It appears; TPLF supporters and sympathizers are not backing down from cheering the regime as a good thing while accusing Ethiopians ‘terrorists’ for organizing to rid their beloved mercenary warlords run Apartheid regime– making a mockery of ethnic Federalism they have been hiding behind and self-incriminating themselves for the crimes of TPLF. About a year ago, I suggested; TPLF warlords might as well surrender than masquerading as EPRDF officials to spill more blood than they already did to prevent the unavoidable surrender for democratic rule. But, as we are witnessing; they have no desire to comply — reinforcing; they are running a mercenary regime hired to spill more Ethiopians’ blood on behalf of their enablers. Otherwise, what possible explanation could there be to stage make-believe reforms by a clueless ethnic prisoner turn Prime Minster except to continue their crimes against the people of Ethiopia?

Worst yet, the supporters and apologists unwillingness to abandon the mercenary regime to remain accessories to crimes against their own people by playing dumb to save the warlords. Failing to take responsibility, the best they can come up with in the late hour is laboring to divert Ethiopians attention from the democratic struggle with all kinds of bogus propaganda, talk about idiocy of the century.

Now Ethiopians and the world know what our people are dealing with; failing to get our acts together to deal with the TPLF scrooge amounts abandoning ‘our’ people for good. After all, TPLF has no leg or legitimacy to stand on but, deception and terror using its proxies and apologists to destabilize and disfranchise Ethiopians from coming together to end its atrocious and corrupt rule. Special attention must be given to TPLFs’ proxies that drum up the same diversion from both sides of their mouth.

Take for instance the Media coverage that agonizes to legitimize the make-believe government instead of digging a little deeper to find out the Gang of Adwa are the government. Look, I am not even a journalist by any stretch but, in a few strokes I can dig up about the gangs masquerading as government officials as nothing more than the representatives of TPLF warlords that held the nation hostage.

As TPLF warlords agonize to look more Ethiopian than Ethiopians they hate to love, there is one thing obvious for the necked eye – their pocketbooks filled with blood money is talking. As I said before, there is no government in Ethiopia but a racketeering Gang posed as one. If people don’t see that reality at these late hours, it must be because their head is willingly buried in the sand or in their pockets full of blood money to see it.

The irony of letting racketeering warlords maintain power for these long to torment and robe our people with impunity says more about the lack of collective will to accept; civilized regime can’t be possible without being elected by the people, for the people and to the people not by, for, to warlords or by negotiation of the political elites’. How hard that could be to grasp?

People that believe– outsourcing the democratic rights and liberty of our people to warlords or self-appointed political elites’ negotiation is an insanity of historical proportion. Thus, the political elites that undermine the democratic movements’ struggle to emancipation our people are as guilty as TPLF warlords.

At these late hours, no one, including TPLF apologists disagree the ruling ethnic Apartheid regime is rotten to its bone. But, what we failed to recognize is; what kept tyranny alive for these long?

If you ask me; the political elites that won’t recognize; the will of the people to be free is NOT negotiable by self-appointed political elites with their own agenda and the lack of collective will to make them accountable. After all, tyranny strives in an environment where it is empowered to negotiate on the people’s behalf where it doesn’t belong.

When Ethiopians collectively decides a rot by any other name is still a rot, then and only then empower the democratic movement to free our people from tyranny and self-appointed political elites that sustain it. Just opposing the rotten TPLF tyranny alone without closing down the environment it strives wouldn’t bring about democratic rule. Experience shows tyranny hides behind undemocratic forces to undermine the democratic struggle.

Can Ethiopians ever sort out the good, the bad and the ugly political forces in our society and free our people from tyranny?

I don’t know about you my compatriots, but to me; no one is above the interest of my people or ordained to rule my people without their consent and freewill no matter what. That is why I support any democratic movement with CREDENTIAL that is willing to surrender for the will of our people to be free. Show me your democratic credential I am with you. But, just pasting democracy and liberation on your tittle to thwart the democratic aspiration of my people don’t impress me or make you democrat or liberator willing to surrender for democratic rule. For that we have the rotten TPLF’s Revolutionary Democracy with noting worthy of liberation, revolution, democracy or development – insulting, robing and tormenting our people.

I also believe Ethiopians are sick-and-tired of empty slogan of unity, aligns, collusion… to nowhere for decades. Nothing is worthy of unity, aligns, collusion… but, the democratic rights and liberties of our people to bring about democratic rule in their free will and the unconditional surrender of tyranny. Therefore; complicating the simple matter with empty slogans and fear mongering is equivalent of saying; the will and the rights of our people is open for negotiation to the liking of self-appointed elites or endorsing ethnic Apartheid tyranny as a legitimate entity.

Quite frankly, the self-appointed political elites with no democratic credential to show would do our people a favor if they put up or shut up than be an obstacle for the democratic movements. After all, crowning oneself as de facto representatives of our people to negotiate on their behalf before the ballot box is counted is virtual dictatorship to detract the democratic movements from empowering the people.

Unless the taboo to speak out against undemocratic forces that are holding the rights and freedom of our people hostage is broken; the likelihood to bring down tyranny on its knees sooner than later will extend unnecessarily.

Unfortunately, the competing political forces can’t speak out against each other therefore, ordinary Ethiopians must demand from one-and-all to provide their democratic credential or get out of the way instead of tolerating them. In fact, it is way overdue; Ethiopians to demand undemocratic forces to walk the talk to sort out the good, the bad and the ugly political forces to clear the way for those with democratic credential to bring down tyranny and establish democratic order.

Medias that failed the people of Ethiopia

Let me start with The Ethiopian Satellite Television-Radio (ESAT) that broke the back of Mass Media monopoly of TPLF warlords and undemocratic forces for good. Such historical accomplishment may not seat well as the scramble to destroy the one-and-only independent Ethiopian mass Media broadcasting service not only came from TPLF warlords and apologists but, many undemocratic forces masquerading as one thing or another including Medias.

That alone should tell us many things about the state of mind of the ruling warlords and many of our contemporary political elites’ undemocratic behavior to undermine the free press and the democratic movements at the expenses of the rights and freedom of the people of Ethiopia.

What makes a Media credible is NOT how good it hoodwink the public to cover up for tyranny or undemocratic forces but how good it seeks the raw truth on behalf of the public interest. Short of that sworn duty of seeking the truth from one-and-all regardless of the outcomes; masquerading as a Media amounts sustaining tyranny and undemocratic forces against the rights and the interest of the people.

If there is one thing ESAT is guilty is; seeking the raw truth about TPLF ethnic Apartheid regime that rattled the warlords to run for cover. As the result, the scramble to run from the truth with unprecedented speed shows. Undemocratic forces masquerading as one thing or another including political parties and independent Media couldn’t stand the ESAT truths — forced to come out of the closet to show their true color. Others are recalibrating their stand to sound more democrat than the Democrats. The rest are closing the ears not to hear the raw truth that would rattle the bubble they live under.

Understandably, people that are exposed to empty propaganda for extended period live in a bubble and may not handle the raw truth well. It is also the scientific truth; people tend believe what suite them than the raw truth that rattle the bubble they live under.

More importantly, tyranny that lives off of its own lies can’t handle the raw truth that would bring about the unavoidable surrender for democratic rule. Likewise, undemocratic forces can’t handle the truth that would force them to surrender for people’s will and interest than their own.

In a messy and often dangerous business of seeking the truth only those that summit for democratic rights and liberties of the people stand out against the rest.

Therefore, any tyranny or undemocratic forces’ greatest fear is the truth. Therefore, undermining or destroying the messengers of truth comes naturally as the first priority of survival. The million dollar question facing the people of Ethiopia is sorting out the democratic and undemocratic forces and the Media role alike any make and break the rights and liberties of our people.

That said; what contemporary Medias do to seek the raw truth on behalf of the people verses tyranny or undemocratic forces the million dollar question up on us.

The record shows; ESAT and a handful of Medias proven to open the eyes and ears of Ethiopians that were blindfolded and shut for decades at enormous cost to the lives and resources of the journalists and the people behind them. Thus, ignoring their sacrifices and determination can only come from the ruling tyranny and undemocratic forces with an agenda incompatible to the rights and liberties of the people of Ethiopia.

In contrast, most online and broadcasting Medias in the diaspora and at home masquerading as independent and impartial are cut-and-paste message boards from same propaganda of the ruling TPLF warlords and associates or unholy sources obvious for the necked eye.

‘Foreign’ Mass Media broadcasters like VOA and Germen Radio don’t fare any better either. For sure, they proven; democracy and freedom from tyranny isn’t their mandates or seeking the truth their priority for whatever reasons (interests) they want to maintain the status qua. In fact, they failed to do their basic journalist duty required to qualify as Media by repeatedly refusing to independently investigate the ruling warlords’ crimes of corruption, atrocities, racketeering economy they operate, the Media establishments and security forces they control to torment and robe our people’s rights and resources visible for the necked eye for over two decades.

Witnessing VOA’s editors and reporters unholy relationships with TPLF warlords masquerading as government officials in the past reviles; VOA journalist and reporters couldn’t get their act together to be credible Media in their capacity to speak the truth about the pain-and-suffering TPLF led dictatorship inflecting on the people of Ethiopia. Instead, they chose to work under the regime’s time table and rule that resulted in the cover up of the crimes of atrocities and corruptions — tarnishing the institution, their profession and their innocent peers.

Take for instance the few VOA correspondents assigned in ground zero to report on TPLF warlords led regime. Countless crimes of corruption, racketeering, human right violation and atrocities committed by TPLF throughout the country with impunity not only ignored but, not a single worthy investigative reporting ever initiated by VOA correspondents or the editors at the headquarter since the regime came to power. Unless the reporters are co-opted to ignore the reality on the ground or the editors believe; there is nothing wrong with the regime worthy of investigation; there is absolutely no excuse not to do investigative reporting on the racketeering economy the warlords operate, the stranglehold on the security apparatus and political institutions to subdue the people, the Media monopoly the warlords enjoy for two decades that left Ethiopians hostage to TPLF propaganda to mention the few.

Therefore, there is no doubt; the failure of VOA to investigate TPLF warlords led regime in the last two decades is political not a journalistic decisions. The million dollar question is why does VOA-Amharic violate its mandate as independent Media to conspire against the people of Ethiopia rights and liberties remained unanswered?

Until Ethiopians collectively call on conspirators of all kinds and shapes against our people’s rights and liberties to be accountable; the democratic movements will continue to face hurdles to bring down tyranny and institute democratic rule. Therefore, as the democratic struggle intensify and confront TPLF warlords to surrender power; all Ethiopians should be mindful of the undemocratic forces that are determined to sustain tyranny by omission of submission. And, the only known way to deal with it remains to demand their democratic credential and transparency of their activities by action not empty words.

The fact TPLF warlords believe they can blindfold, robe and commit all kinds of crimes of corruption and atrocity masquerading as EPDRF officials all these years is a tragedy on its own. But, when the same warlords pretend to reform the same ‘Thugocracy’ they erected to hoodwink Ethiopians and the world to extend their treacherous rule; it is pure desperation to circumvent the unavoidable surrender for democratic rule. Likewise, the apologists’ complicity masquerading as Media and civic society to divert the public attention from the real issue and to undermine the democratic movements is insanity of the worst kind in self-incrimination.

At the meantime, undemocratic forces salivating to sustain and take advantage of the chaos TPLF warlords created to earn cheap political capital on the expenses of the democratic movement is scavenging of the worst form. If such behaviors of contemporary political elites aren’t the mothers of all crimes of the century against our people’s democratic rights and liberties; we don’t know what else could come close.

The article is dedicated to the Ethiopian Democratic movement on the ground and around the world that sweat tears and blood to bring down the Apartheid ‘Thugocrcy’ ruling Ethiopia.