The Brutal Crackdown of Peaceful Protesters in Ethiopia

Ethiopians mourn for their fallen loved one who was shot and killed by regime forces

Press Release: Global Alliance for Human Rights and Justice in Ethiopia – Europe

Ethiopians living in the Europe and around the world are deeply troubled by the volatile political situation in Ethiopia and the disproportionate and heavy handed measures taken by the repressive regime in Ethiopia against peaceful protestors demanding for basic constitutional rights and integrity of the historical border of their country.

After no more than six months since the ruling party in Ethiopia declared that it has won 100% of the parliamentary seats in the stage managed “general election” of May 25 2015, confirming the onslaught on basic rights of citizens and civil society during nearly the last 25 years, the regime is rejected by the Ethiopian people in almost all parts of Ethiopia, with more intensity in the Oromia region.

Ethiopians in and around Oromia region has been protesting against the forced dislocation of the Oromo people from their ancestral land as the result of the so called Integrated Master Plan Expansion of Addis Ababa, while people in and around Gondor (Amhara region) have been protesting against the hand over a large sway of Ethiopian territory to the Sudan in return for political favour.

In the last couple of months spontaneous protests have erupted in many regions of Ethiopia – specifically in Gondar (Amhara region) and more recently in Oromia where many peaceful protestors have been killed by government forces. According to Human Rights Watch seventy five (75) peaceful protestors have been gunned down in Oromia so far while 70 others are estimated to have been killed in Gondor. The European Chapter of Global Alliance for Human Rights and Justice in Ethiopia, a grassroots organization formed to promote democracy, human rights and respect for the rule of law in Ethiopia, is deeply troubled by the killing of peaceful protestors by the repressive regime in Ethiopia. The regime’s security forces have very well documented history of using excessive lethal force to stifle legitimate grievances. Closing all peaceful and legitimate avenues of dissent will in the eventually fuels violent extremism and increases the likelihood of long-term instability in Ethiopia.

The European Chapter of Global Alliance for Human Rights and Justice in Ethiopia expresses its grave concern at the senseless loss of life and the flagrant abuse of human rights by a ruthless regime that stole the last election and is exploiting its alliance with the free nation under the guise of stability and the fight against terrorism in the region. The Ethiopian government rules with an iron fist which doesn’t not conform to the values of freedom, liberty and the rule of law that European nation upholds.

We understand that Ethiopian government is interpreting the current financial, political, and diplomatic support it receives from European states and the United States of America as an endorsement to the current deplorable political climate and its repressive practices which can only lead to further violence and instability. The volatile political situation in Ethiopia threatens peace and stability inside Ethiopia and in the region. Peace and security in Ethiopia and the strategic alliance in the fight against terrorism in the region would be impossible with a government that is a source of instability and rejected by the overwhelming majority of the Ethiopian people.

We are troubled by the silence of major European donors of Ethiopia and the European Union regarding the indiscriminate killings of peaceful protesters in Oromia region and those who are protested against the offering of sway of their ancestral land in Amhara region. European states and the EU should use their leverage and influence to pressure the Ethiopian Government to stop the bloodshed and enter into a constructive dialogue with all stakeholders to avert a disaster.

The European Chapter of Global Alliance for Human Rights and Justice in Ethiopia on behalf the Ethiopian Community in the United Kingdom and the voiceless millions in Ethiopia implore that European States and the EU condemn the killings in Oromia and Gondor (Amhara region), exert effective political pressure on the repressive regime in Ethiopia to stop the killing, show at most restraint, respect human right its citizens, respond to the demand of the peaceful protestors in a constitutional manner, protect the territorial integrity of Ethiopia and bring to justice those who have taken or damaged the life of innocent citizens.

We call up on all Ethiopians at home and abroad to stand united against the deplorable killing of peaceful protestors in Oromia and Gondor Region and work together to bring genuine democratic change in Ethiopia.

Global Alliance for Human Rights and Justice in Ethiopia – Europe.