Ethiopia: Tumorous TPLF thugs should be removed

By Solomon Woldeyes

When a cancerous tumor sprouts, slowly and gradually and invasively start to metastasize, and it begins to contaminate many organs by exuding and spreading its poisonous cells and infects the entire body. Hence, it affects and prevents normal functions of the body, and gradually leading to death.

In the same way, Ethiopia as a whole has been infected with the tumorous and venomous, TPLF hate and divisive policies. Although it late, this is a perfect time to remove those poisonous and tumorous Woyanes, and heal the country by removing the very cause and wickedness, which already has destroyed our country.

For a quarter of a century, Ethiopians have mourned incessantly and lamented the destruction of their land, the slaughtering of their brothers and sisters, fellow countrymen and women, the forceful separation of people including the dislocation of people from their indigent land, and positioning of the bantustan(apartheid) policy upon the country.

After all what they have done, these ruthless TPLF killers still tormenting and killing peaceful protestors around the country. These raging beasts have long since abandoned the concept of peace and peaceful coexistence which have evolved throughout the ages. Mothers with fallen sons have wept bitterly, and families are broken and separated —never to have a chance to see one another again. Many have lost their lives wandering in the Saharan Desert, and sailing on the great seas. A black cloud of sorrow overshadows the skies of Ethiopia. Nevertheless, bloodthirsty cowardly Woyanes, and their bootlicker stooges continue to spill more blood, rampage like a mad dog, killing Ethiopians, and terrorizing the whole country into submission.

They kill small children, pregnant woman, elderly men, and women, with great intensity and primitive bestiality; slaying the veins and arteries and spilling their contents in cities and towns streets. TPLF brute forces have been rounding up peaceful demonstrators indiscriminately throwing them to jail with no charges, and torture them with ruthless brutality and execute them mercilessly. Past two weeks, bullet-ridden corpses have been displayed on a daily basis, as lesson to be learnt to citizens, and to instill fear. In spite of all atrocities, Ethiopians have determined and avowed not to back down until they drive out these ethnic fascists out of their power grip. There are no humans on this planet who behave like these monsters. It is very hard to believe such cruelty exists in human mind in the Twenty-First Century. Woyanes, are exceptionally and uniquely brutal….unmatched in human history. Their commission of crime reached its climax long before the death of their evil leader Meles Zenawi. They are preposterously detrimental to the people of Ethiopia, and to the existence of the country. These deplorable oxymoron’s who are defective at birth, are blinded in ethnic politics, and using this opportunity to their economic advantages. They have been looting and amassing wealth. Apparently they have been sucking the blood out of Ethiopians for the past quarter of a century.

So what can we do about it? The good thing is, in recent apprising, with a unified voice, people were able to vent their opinion freely without any external pressure, or influence. This is a good sign to a road to unity. Before total darkness falls upon the land, it is a good beginning, and people have begin sensing the necessity of unity to save their country. it is great, and a positive development. Every Ethiopian wish to see, a unified, peaceful, prosperous, and a strong Ethiopia. It is a good thing to have such positive aspiration. However, when this feeling remains sentimental, it just become a dream. For now, let us forget all other things behind, and dwell on matters, which is at stake. In the past, a great deal of time and energy, and money have been wasted, gauging, assessing, monitoring on one another’s motives and hidden agendas. Through the years in our struggle, we have learnt great lessons, that division minimizes cohesion and effectiveness. ‘UNITY’ is the only great weapon to defeat our enemies. In fact, UNITY exceeds all forms of weapons and power.

At this moment, our focus and main objective should be ‘UNITY’, it is true, every Ethiopian wish to see a unified, peaceful, prosperous, and strong Ethiopia. In order to meet this objective, we need wise, conscientious and strong committed leaders. Therefore, I appeal to all fellow Ethiopians in America and around the globe. As we know, our freedom is stripped and our dignity is trashed, and humanity degraded, and our unity have been polarized by these bloodsuckers of TPLF thugs. And they have polluted and contaminated our society with the policies of hate and divisiveness. For the last 25 years the people of Ethiopia have been engaged in hate mongering…consuming our livelihood. TPLF’s incessant propaganda of enter-ethnic animosities have been blotting our minds, degrading our morals and ravaging our values. Rather we could have engaged in building our nation, in order to bring our people out of poverty. We wasted much energy, and precious time wrangling and harboring useless ideas of self-destruction while fattening our enemies with greater wealth in order to kill us. We allowed them to loot our resources and sell our lands to foreigners, and let them dance over our sorrow and impoverishment.

Now let us come to our senses and think about ourselves and our country! First, we must clear our hearts and minds and come to a complete consensus that we should, no matter what we have done, FORGIVE each and one another’ LET US FORGIVE AND FORGET,’ no use of crying over spilt milk. Obviously if we wholeheartedly search our backgrounds, we find our commonness than our differences. We are bound and connected in many ways: most of all, we are brothers and sisters, bonded in blood, with more common interests of tradition, culture and values.

Forgiveness is like cleansing the soul, with renewal for a new beginning and a new life, then we can come together in perfect harmony and in unison. Then we can engage in our mission to save our people from misery, and defeat our common enemy—the monstrous TPLF: masters of deception, conspiracy, treachery, and sabotage. Let us face it…it is TPLF that causes all this misery which has befallen upon our society. We all know, the reason WHY!!

Now we are facing two contending matters in front of us for choice: “Freedom” or “Slavery.”For the past twenty five years TPLF has been thrashing and maltreating our society, and in this journey, Ethiopians have been subjected to all sorts of inhuman treatment: imprisonment, torture, as well as killed and forced to leave their beloved country. Thus we have no time to discuss or debate the issues now. Simply, as mentioned above… we have to ‘forgive and forget,’ among all opposition groups. Our disunity is enemy’s strength, So let us give the enemy no more chance.

We should be award that this is a critical (or pivotal) moment in Ethiopian history, and we should do something about it. Let us have no more nonsense in defending our liberty. Every act of resistance by any means is necessary to dislodge TPLF from its power grip, and this requires heroic acts which should be involved in greater proportion and magnitude. At this juncture we have reached a point of no return. The more TPLF buys time, the more hideous it could become with their ruthlessness. Let us not trust the Woyanes unless you see them dead. An enemy is always an enemy, and those who abetted an enemy is also an enemy. Furthermore, do not trust those who continue friendship with the Woyanes—rather include them in your enemy list. I also would like to remind you this is the only chance we have to dismantle the wicked TPLF Bantustan system of ‘divide and conquer.’ Or else we give up and let them continue to tyrannize the people of Ethiopia for an unspecified future.

This is a great opportunity for all Ethiopians from every region who are bravely and courageously engaged in challenging the brutish Woyane fascists to exact the last drop of blood.

Therefore, I call upon all Ethiopians, religious organizations, associations, and professionals to join in the worldwide protests and demonstrations.

At least at the moment, this will define our purpose and commitment, to some extent, for the cause of freedom. At this time, millions of heroic and determined fellow Ethiopians are bitterly facing the TPLF’s killing machine…the agazi force. Many have been inhumanly beaten, thrown into jail, tortured, and with ruthlessness and brutality, savagely and mercilessly executed. We all seen the images on various social medias; it is very difficult for one to have a peaceful day or a sound sleep at night. It is horrifying to watch the bullet riddled and beheaded corpses displayed in the streets of inner cities and towns. The horror is beyond comprehension: blood is flowing like streams of water across the country. These heartless and ruthless Woyanes have plunged the country into a land of mourning, lamentation and tears. This,obviously, is psychological warfare for all Ethiopians, both in and out of the country….and our hearts are bleeding in agony. So the question is: what can we all possibly do? For those US who live in the diaspora? Well, we can support our people in various ways. Among other things, we can help the survivors of the horrors and the victim families. I cannot say how or when….these implementations must be discussed. But we can coordinate a large protest across the globe to express our solidarity in supporting the struggle back home, however the protest should not be a onetime deal. This is crucial, and we must not procrastinate in this matter. All Ethiopians will choose a new journey in Unity to rid ourselves of the existing concerns with one mind and soul, and destroy the symbols of disunity and apartheid system installed by the moronic TPLF Junta.

In this journey, we will march forward—lighting our torches of freedom, lifting up out banners, and singing the songs of emancipation. From here on, no matter what the TPLF attempt, they will not succeed, because our fate is locked and no Woyanes’ power will be enough to revoke it. Ethiopians have taken vows not to back down until their peace, unity, and values have been restored. For the Woyanes, darkness has begun to fall. Their time has expired; the situation is out their control. That is why they are terrorizing the entire country into submission: to indiscriminately kill innocent protestors.

After twenty five years of TPLF rule, Ethiopia can be successfully defined as a land of living hell. Ninety-five percent of its people have come to the end of their rope. Ethiopians are not only suffering economically, but their existence are threatened.

Therefore, after the Woyanes’ departure, Ethiopians will require a series of treatments for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder….which the entire country has experienced….due to the psychological trauma endured for the past quarter of a century. A handful of Tigerean warlords in the name of the Tigre people have been causing all these problems to the country. These so called TPLF leaders are genetically and psychologically defective! In the first place, they should not have been born…or after birth, should have been flushed down the toilet!

Until I get back later, for now I should say this, it is only a matter of time, enemies of Ethiopia will wither away into the thin air. But those who inflicted pain against Ethiopians will lie down in shame. The day will not be far, when all Ethiopians, from all lands and continents will gather together and join hands to sing the songs of freedom. Thereafter and forever, there will be no more woes and foes, and all it shall come to pass.