Ethiopia: Thank you Woyane

By  Yilma Bekele

The minority based regime has been successful in confusing us and blurring the line between what is real and what is far from the truth. It is fair to say as Ethiopians such important concepts as freedom, self determination Federalism etc. became empty words which most of us became frozen with doubt when we try to define what they mean. It is not that we are a little dense but it is due a deliberate and planned assault on all things that we used dear and close to heart.

The Flag that symbolized our country was declared a piece of cloth and a satanic symbol imprinted on it, our history that kept our head high was reduced into a less than hundred year fairy tale, our unity that ensured stability was redefined as forced marriage to be discarded as useless relic of the past. There was nothing good and worthy in our country before the arrival of TPLF.

Woyane got its play book from George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm.’  Orwell wrote his now famous words “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”  Translated to today’s Ethiopia what it means is “All citizens of Ethiopia are equal but some citizens (Tigrais) are more equal than others.”  This is not fanning ethnicity but the truth in our country. Our people refer to it at ‘Ye Zemenu Sewoch.’

They were able to confuse the many because they own the mass media as incipient as it is, banned all free media and used the education system to publish new books that reflected their version of our past. Vocabulary became very confusing meant to hide the truth, statistics became fiction divorced from its scientific basis and education became a commodity to be purchased in the market like sugar and salt. Samora with a third grade education became an honorary Professor, Debretsion bought his PHD from Holland, Bereket got his Masters from England etc. What is the point of higher education when you can manufacture Diplomas.

Their plan worked like a charm. Kilil is the crowning moment of Woyane achievement. They choose a few local sycophants that are barely educated and have not achieved much in life and placed them in charge of the kilil. The Aba Dulas, the Muktars, the Addisus, the Demekes, the Abate Keshos, the Junedins, the Hailemariams are the chosen ones let loose on their people to safeguard the interest of Woyane and take the blame when things go wrong as they do all the times. No problem they are replaceable as car parts.

To Quote Orwell again here is a passage applicable to our situation-just substitute Meles for Napoleon “No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make your decisions for yourselves. But sometimes you might make the wrong decisions, comrades, and then where should we be?”

That is what happened in the Kilils. Federalism without the decision making power and the result of such scheme is  what is going to bring the system down. Muktar saw the writing on the wall and tried hard to wiggle his way out but once one has been co opted by Woyane there is no honorable way out. Please refer to Seye Abreha, Tamrat Layne, Abate Kisho and other puppies that were dishonorably discharged.

What we see today is the children of Meles Zenawi in disarray. They are locked in one formula he left them behind and are unable to change because he took the keys with him. They cannot change because they are not capable of it or he set them up to fail since we all know his dark side that is probably smiling from the other side watching them preparing themselves for eventual failure in a spectacular manner a la Saddam and Gaddafi. The problem with this scenario is what such outcome means to our poor and perpetually abused people.

In this season of Christian Holiday I thank Woyane for giving us this wonderful gift of awareness of our situation. The many years of empty rhetoric regarding the Kilil arrangement and the so called Constitution is laid bare for Ethiopians to see and internalize. Amhara, Oromo, Sidama, Afar, Somali etc. are just words to divide us and make us believe we are separate and different. There is only one thing we have in common-slavery to the TPLF Woyane regime.  Today that is the common thread that binds us together. That is the chain we are breaking now.

Our Oromo children’s uprising is making it clear that the so called internal rule is an empty promise. When the locals try to protect their interest it is shown to be in conflict with Woyane interest. The solution is to bring Woyane Agazi troops and shoot, imprison and exile the leaders that questioned the decision of the ‘chosen’ people.  There is no Ethiopian leader worthy of his name that is not in jail at the moment. There is no Ethiopian citizen that is not viewed without suspicion and kept under watchful guard just in case.

Our current situation has also made it clear that there is no such possibility as ‘peaceful means’ to change the illegal regime. One can not confront a fascist that is itching to shoot to kill unless one wants empty martyrdom. We told you so is not a statement most of us relish hearing. It is not something that is said lightly.  But in our case I believe no matter the negative connotation I felt it has to be said to get the point across. It is said at the expense of offending the dear reader. It is much preferable to be sympathetic to the dire situation we find ourselves in but I felt it would be much better to point out the dead end road we have been cruising at high speed and now we are faced with a big gorge as big and wide as the canyon the Nile has created in its thousands years of journey to the Mediterranean sea. At least Abbay nurtured civilizations and created value to all of humanity whereas our careless and indifferent action today is going to result in the death and destruction of Ethiopia as we know it.

We saw the OLF that has been waging a gallant struggle on behalf of its constituents not being able to move the ball one inch. The ONLF that has scored spectacular feats against the minority regime is still not being able to be heard. The Sidama Liberation Front has not been able to get any traction either. So goes for the rest of the groups arrayed to confront the regime. It is not an easy task when you are fighting a regime armed with the resources of what a nation can muster. It is not lack of try by our heroic fighters but the task is not easy. We will never forget their sacrifices. When the time comes their unselfish deed on behalf of all of us will be remembered for generations to come.

Learning from experience we have come to realize a fight for liberation can not be waged on behalf of a single group or a local area. The truth has always been so but we failed to realize due to circumstances that we did not really appreciate. But it is not our past mistakes we want to dwell on today. It is the new awareness we have gained the last few weeks that we  should concentrate on. It is not about failing but having the strength to get up and continuing the struggle on a new path. It is about using failure as a lesson to be able to design new and smart ways of achieving the goal of freedom and democracy.

The Woyane regime in power today thinks it has been able to pacify our Oromo combatants. It is a propaganda war with a feeble attempt to discourage our young heroes. Needless to say no amount of self serving statement by the regime will have listeners. We have a surprise for them. After shading so much blood it is not easy to pretend things would go back to normal. This is not the end of our sordid affair. Now the TPLF mafia is gathering its forces to do the same damage to the Amhara population. Gondar is in their sight and they will again isolate the Amhara and start their propaganda and military campaign. They will leave no stone unturned in sowing hatred and division among us.

We have learnt a lesson. The way our people rose up to defend the right of our Oromo people is a perfect example of our new found strength of ignoring Woyane and forging ahead with the common struggle against the common enemy. Some might raise the banner of Oromo or Amhara nationalism but that is so yesterday we will not fall for the same trickery again. There is no freedom in our land without the Tigrai, Oromo, Amhara, Sidama, Somali and others being free. We are not into retail freedom We want all of Ethiopia’s children to be free as equal masters of their destiny. Guess what it all starts with you.

It is with great pride and honor we raise our glass to the combatants of Arbegnoch G7 that are already miles ahead in correctly assessing the situation and raising an Ethiopian army to answer tit for tat against Woyane warlords. Arbegnoch G7 speak the language of Woyane. Helping them, standing with them is the most noble action an Ethiopian would take today. They are a true Ethiopian force that is composed of all the children of Ethiopia as one. We have only one enemy in Ethiopia and that is the Mafia group called TPLF Woyane and that is what our combatants of Arbegnoch G7 are focused on. We do not have a Tigrai enemy, we do not consider our Oromo brothers and sisters as the enemy, we do not view the Sidama, Gambellan or the Wolaita as an enemy no sir we are focused on the few Woyanes that have been killing our children, exiling our young men, selling our girls to Arab degenerates and setting us against each other. That is the enemy our combatants are trained to sweep out of the way.

It would certainly be good to count yourself as an ally because the bottom line is good always wins over evil and Ethiopia will be free and democratic. That my friend is true and independent of our wish. Happy New Year and may we celebrate the next one in a free and democratic Ethiopia.