Ethiopia is at a crossroad

By Unity for Ethiopia at Chicago

Ethiopia is at a crossroad and is currently experiencing a widespread civil uprising that it has never experienced in its recent history. Since November, there has been a wave of demonstrations and protests across the country particularly in Oromia region and Gondar. Government forces have killed very many Ethiopians including children. The revolt is the result of twenty-five years of suppression and gross human rights volitions by the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF).

Since TPLF came to power, it divided the country along ethnic lines; wrote and ratified a constitution that comprised of an article that approves secession of ethnic groups. TPLF controls the army, the security and state apparatus, the mass media, the land and the economy. In the last twenty-five years, TPLF has been dividing and attacking Ethiopians. TPLF has been propagating hatemongering propaganda through the irresponsible government-owned media.

Ethiopians regardless of their ethnic, religious, or political differences are expressing their deep concern that the country may descend into a civil strife unless early preventive measures are taken. Regardless of differences in political views, avoiding this danger is primarily the responsibility of all Ethiopians, Ethiopian political organizations, the civil society, and religious leaders. The United Nations and the international community that have been supporting the ruthless TPLF-led Ethiopian regime have also a moral responsibility to be part of the solution.

As peace-loving Ethiopians, we believe that the key to solve this problem is to ignore the conflict-inciting propaganda by the regime and to stay united to remove TPLF from power and establish a transitional government that represents all Ethiopians. Therefore

  1. The TPLF-led Ethiopian regime must immediately stop killing peaceful protestors in many areas particularly in Oromia and Gondar areas. It has to listen to Ethiopians before it is too late. The regime has been ignoring the warning signs for many years. Ethiopians will hold responsible TPLF and its cloned political party leaders for causing this danger by ignoring the cry of Ethiopians and muzzling any dissent.

  2. We call upon the TPLF-led regime to release all political prisoners and journalists, and call a national conference involving all political parties and stakeholders to establish a transitional government.

  3. We call upon all Ethiopian political leaders, religious leaders, human right organizations, civil organizations, and prominent individuals to stand together to pass a resolution expressing their commitment to avoid ethnic clashes and to say no to any form of hate speeches and to publicly send a message to all Ethiopians affirming their commitment for peace and partnership.

  4. We also call upon the United Nations and Western governments particularly USA and European Union to withhold their financial support of a regime that repeatedly violates basic human and democratic rights. In the name of counter terrorism, the regime continued its vicious treatment of political prisoners and demonstrators, and indiscriminate killings of Ethiopians including children and women. Ethiopians have been suffering under TPLF on the watch of world leaders that have given the regime the financial and material power to continue its oppressive ruling.

To save Ethiopia from going deep into crisis early intervention is the only solution. Let us stand together and lead the struggle for democracy to a victory.

Long live Ethiopia.