Tanzania rounds up over 100 Ethiopian migrants

By StarAfrica

Tanzanian police has rounded up 105 Ethiopian illegal migrants on their way to southern Africa, through where they hoped to travel Europe, official sources told APA on Friday. According to a blog account of the Tanzanian government, the all-male 105 Ethiopian illegal migrants were arrested Thursday at the house of one Burundian woman named Zainabu Umwiza at Segerea in Dar es Salaaam, the commercial capital of Tanzania.Police Intercepted 100 Ethiopian Immigrants to Nairobi

In June 2012, 40 illegal immigrants mainly from Ethiopia were found dead after they suffocated in central Tanzania in an overcrowded truck transporting them.

In late December 2011, 20 Somali illegal migrants were found dead and abandoned in a forest in Tanzania.

More and more Somali and Ethiopian nationals use Tanzania as a transit zone to travel to South Africa or Europe.