Hold on to your horse TPLF Gambino crime families: you are outlaws wanted by the people

Carlo Gambino, the boss of the Gambino family from 1957–1976. Melse Zenawi the boss of TPLF Gambino family from 1991-2012

Hold on to your horse TPLF Gambino crime families: you are outlaws wanted by the people 

October 5 2015 

You can’t help but feel sorry for TPLF Gambino crime families and their henchmen. They are all over the map to figure out how to thwart the democratic movement to sustain their racketeering ring with all kinds of diversion. Running out of option; Growth and development became the last-hope-against-all-hope to sustain their mob rule.

Like all organized mob they stop on noting that maintain their illegitimate power grab and day-light robbery of our people.

Ethiopians understand the infamous late TPLF Gambino crime boss Melse Zenawi put them up with the revolutionary racketeering ring to make the henchmen irrational enough to go in rampage like a kangaroo that stumbled in someone’s home. It seems; TPLF Gambino crime families act untouchable like the original Gambino crime families that attend Sunday prayer service in the morning and kill on their way to breakfast and go on family outing in the evening to celebrate their crimes and warm up for the next week’s crime spree all over again.

For those that are not familiar with the Gambino crime Families, Wikipedia describe them as “one of the "Five Families" that dominates organized crime activities in New York City, United States, within the nationwide criminal phenomenon known as the Mafia (or Cosa Nostra). The group is named after Carlo Gambino, boss of the family at the time of the McClellan hearings in 1963, when the structure of organized crime first gained public attention. The group's operations extend from New York and the eastern seaboard to California. Its illicit activities include labor and construction racketeering, gambling, loansharking, extortion, money laundering, prostitution fraud, hijacking, pier thefts, and fencing”

Sound familiar? Look, anyone or group has a potential to behave like the Gambino crime family if not restrained by the rule of law. It is human nature to have the propensity to be greedy and find excuses to join in criminal activities with all kinds of real and imagined reasons to have their cake and eat it too. That is why rule of laws by, for, to the people are needed to restrain the greed of having it all and not to kill and terrorize the population like the Gambino crime families did then and TPLF does now.

But, alike TPLF crime family, the original Gambino families don’t mask themselves behind ‘Revolutionary bull, nation nationality diversion, growth and transformation PR…’ to conceal their racketeering ring. They actually take pride of their criminality of terrorizing and intimidating people to extort in defiance of the laws. But, the modern TPLF Gambino crime families hide behind anything they can put their hands on. Since the 2005 election; growth and transformation appears to be the last hope to save their draconian rule thus the racketeering ring they run.

Like any mob, their phobia for the rule of the law and democracy visible. It left them paranoid enough to hide from their own shadow and send their henchmen to preempt any resemblance of treats to their racketeering ring.

The crime families actually believe they fooled Ethiopians and the world to think whatever is good for them is good for the people they terrorize and robe by throwing Revolutionary Democracy and nation and nationalities around topped with growth and transformation. The problem is their record (for anyone who cares to look for it) is the greatest heist orchestrated on any people in the history of organized crime.

The recent news the Mob in Addis Ababa made a mockery of the UN Human Right Commission inquiry by refusing to answer for their atrocities is yet another example of how mobs rule. The representative of TPLF crime family insisting to speak about economic growth is an indication; no one yet challenged them on the massive racketeering ring they perpetuated on the people of Ethiopia.

Unfortunately, there are still many ignorant people that feel TPLF Gambino crime families’ run government is good for the people and the country and knowingly and unknowingly joined in lying, terrorizing, killing and robing Ethiopians to sustain the regime for the piece of the action. That shouldn’t surprise Ethiopians either, after all; mobs have their beneficiaries under the protection of the crime bosses and the need them. In fact; their very survival depends on the protection of the mob bosses and vice versa. That is why they come up with all kinds of scum every opportunity they get to defend TPLF Gambino crime families.

Look, for 24 years TPLF Gambino families robed Ethiopians like no one have ever done before in history. To make matter worst, many joined willing to shield and legitimize the Mob in Addis Ababa to benefit themselves on the expenses of the people. Therefore, Ethiopians must recognize; the Gambino crime families have no choice but to find more partners in crime to protect their racketeering ring and to fool the world what they do is legitimate and did a wonderful job at that. That is why they are scrambling to find Diaspora and foreign investors to join them now than ever.

My people, it isn’t a rocket science to figure out when there is no law and accountability mobs rule and TPLF Gambino crime families are not the exception. But, the empty noises coming out from every direction, especially from the hired hands is beyond annoying but, self-incriminating not to mention comedy.

Quite frankly, TPLF Gambino crime families lost the best opportunity of a lifetime in 2005 election and chose to go in a killing and robbing spree ever since and ended up to become outlaws from justices of their own making. Opportunity like that doesn’t come again. But, alike many believed; they never intended to govern but to robe the nation to begin with. Now they have no choice but to behave like any out of control outlaws to get by and, the best they can do is to send their henchmen as journalists, businessmen and experts in daytime and as assassin at night until the end.

The sad reality is; many Ethiopians still hope the Mob in Addis Ababa will turn in to a half way decent government by some miracle. What people don’t understand is; even if they wanted to it is impossible to turn a mob into a government. Therefore, you can’t blame the crime families for not doing the right thing. If you do, you are the problem not them.

TPLF Gambino crime family has no leg to stand on except to send willing henchmen in a cover of darkness to assassinate Ethiopians and try if they can recruit more crime families by handing over stolen stuff to avoid accountability and democratic rule and they know it. That is how mobs operate and there is nothing anyone can do to change that reality except remove them by force.

The question is why so much focus on the crime families than the operatives and apologists that sustain the Mob rule is mind boggling to understand on its own.

Here it worth to note; the henchmen of the crime family are as ignorant as everybody else to understand how the mobs operate except executing orders and get what they are offered in return. But, the main players are the clandestine operatives no one; particularly the Medias seems not interested to find out and following up.

To illustrate how the TPLF Gambino crime families’ rule operates; following the operative’s networks worldwide is a must. One example in the remittance collection mechanism speaks for itself. Where there is smoke there surly is always fire.

Remittance said to singlehandedly outstrips export earning, foreign aid and foreign investment combined. Therefore, it has been the target of TPLF Gambino crime family for far too long. Though many independent small players operate worldwide, one particularly company that officially established by the ‘Diasporas’ as American business stands out.

Birritu Express is owned by Global Financial Exchange Holding LLC, a State College, Pennsylvania-based Ethiopian American Company established in 2007 tells a story the world needs to know. The online money transfer Services Company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO) was reported to be Dr. Munir H. Idriss according to the Press Release sent to PR Log by Tadias Magazine. It is not clear what the Magazine’s relationship may be to put out the Press Release on behalf of a privately owned company and reported its establishment as news at the same time.

But, Birritu Express (http://www.birrituexpress.com) that claim to operates out of Washington DC area with Registrant Street: 1937 14th St Washington DC 20001 with Regi strant Phone: 781 -420-1669.

Public record identifies Director at Global Financial Exchange Holdings LLC from 2008 to 2009 managed Birritu Express. News section of Birttu Express’ website also reviles it partnered with the government owned Commercial Bank of Ethiopia led by President Bekalu Zeleke and the Board of Directors Chaired Dr. Munir H. Idriss and Bekalu Zeleke and Birket Simon of Commercial Bank of Ethiopia Obbo Abie Sano and Obbo Abera Tola of Oromia International Bank by Birket Simon and Oromia International Bank led by President Obbo Abie Sano and Chairman of the Board of Directors Obbo Abera Tola to facilitate Birritu money transfer operations to Ethiopia.

Incidentally, Oromia International Bank established in 2012 registered and managed its website by Techno Bros, a website Design and hosting company based in Victoria, Australia with an office in Addis Ababa. When that was not enough, the nation’s Central Bank (The National Bank of Ethiopia) under the Board Chairman Newaye-kirstos Gebreab and Governor Teklewold Atnafu surrendered the website of the Central Bank of the nation for a foreign outfit Techno Bro. LinkedIn identify the company’s owner as Akram Yahya an Australian national with Ethiopian origin.

Birritu Express is also mentioned in the 2011 World Bank publication titled ‘Remittance Market in Africa, a private company engaged in money transfer business.

The Manager of Berttu Express, Getachew Jirane is also identified as register agent of Global Financial Exchange Holding and Saint Yarid Health Service, according to Bizapedia.

Note: Birrtu Express website no longer functional since our last report for unknown reason. But, the domain name is still registered by Global Financial Exchange Holding LLC and administered by Sisay Shimelis at Shimelis@aol.com. The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia still list Berrtu Express as one of a dozen ‘approved’ remittance transfer companies.

Global Financial Exchange Holdings LLC Headquarter is registered at 114 Birchtree CT, State Collage Pennsylvania 16801, the residence of Sisay Shimelis, a low profile operative with multiple companies, including TPP Global Development Ltd, a biotechnology company and ‘PTE International specializing in international business development and global human resources. According to his Zoom Info profile his company “orchestrated and managed the atomization of the Ethiopian Immigration System, as a result of which, the Ethiopian government is now issuing new passports with superior quality and security features.”

No one knows who authorized such secure government responsibility of managing and issuing passports for a non-citizen operating out of Pennsylvania US based outfit run by Shimelis with multiple businesses interest around the world. But, his activities confirm there is more to the man and his associates that would implicate many more and their association with the TPLF Gambino crime families.

There is more, Sisay Shimelis along Dr. Akeza Teame are also the Founder of Saint Yared General Hospital in Addis Ababa (www.saintyared.com that is no longer online), a private hospital established in 2008 under the Global Financial Exchange Holding company. Birritu Express is also affiliated with the Hospital as a principle selling health insurance for expats, according to its website. Global Financial Exchange Holdings LLC was also listed as the contact company for the Hospital.

Public record shows, Dr. Akeza Teame was born in Ethiopia and earned his Doctor of Medicine from the University of Kansas School Of Medicine.

In 2005 EthioMedia sourcing the Associated Press reported “Medical supplies head to Ethiopia”. According to the report, the two individuals that received donated hospital equipment from the Kansas Sisay Shimelis and DR. Akeza Teame Independent Regional Health Center and a building from the Addis Ababa government were Akeza Teame and Sisay Shimelis to setup Saint Yarid Hospital in Addis Ababa. It is not clear if the hospital was setup as nonprofit to receive donated equipment. But, on 23 September 2005 All Africa sourcing the ruling party owned Walta Information Center reported ‘Non-Profit-Making Clinic under Establishment’ but, Saint Yarid Hospital’s practice as for profit hospital -- targeting the Diaspora remittance and Medical tourism.

At the meantime, the Washington based Center for Health Market Innovation (CHMI) claims “Global Financial Exchange Holdings LLC, an online money transfer service from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada to Ethiopia, established a private health clinic, Saint Yared Higher Clinic, in Addis Ababa”. The Hospital Health Maintains Program “is an innovative healthcare financing mechanism that links the financial resources attained by members of the Ethiopian Diaspora with the healthcare needs of their families living in Ethiopia”. CHMI that is managed by Results for Development “promotes programs, policies and practices that make quality health care delivered by private organizations affordable and accessible to the world’s poor and receives support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and Ukaid”, according to its website.

According to The Ethiopian American Magazine that organizes the annual Ethiopian Diaspora Business Forum; Dr. Akeza Teame is identified as the Founder & Medical Director of St. Yared Hospital and the American Medical Center to be awarded The 2015 Pioneer Ethiopian Diaspora Business Persons of the Year Award that was held in Addis Ababa last August 2015. It is not clear how the Award missed the shady way the hospital was set up to begin with. But, it appears no one is asking the underline laws and political game TPLF Gambino crime families operate under in favor of their own business interest. The Ethiopian Diaspora Businesses Forum itself has a lots of question to answer why it ignore the reality of TPLF Gambino crime families and their operatives dominance in the economy while enticing innocent Diaspora to invest in a country where there is no accountability.

No wonder very little if any information is available on the individuals that operate international business worth millions of dollar posed as Ethiopian-American investors and non-for-profit operators. For instance, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the Founder of Birrtu Express Dr. Munir H. Idriss is an Ethiopian American investor as reported by Tadias Megazin but, he is nowhere to be found. Likewise, Sisay Shimelis, the main person that run Global Financial Exchange Holdings LLC with multiple businesses holdings around the world out of headquartered in State Collage Pennsylvania is nowhere to found either, even though Berrtu Express and Saint Yaird Hospital under the same Holding company with multiple other business operations he runs. For instance, Sisay Shimelis according to AfricaInnovation “is from Ethiopia, but travels around the globe frequently. Part of the time, Mr. Shimelis lives in State College, PA, and part of the time he lives in India and Ethiopia, among other places. He has collaborated on multiple projects within Penn State University that aim to better the quality of life of people in regions of Eastern Africa. One of these projects is the Injera Project, in which Penn State students developed a machine to help Ethiopian women make traditional bread, “injera,” in a more sustainable and efficient way. A second project is NutrAfrica, in which Penn State MBA students are working to globalize the Ethiopian coffee industry” but, he is nowhere to be found.

Another peculiar money remittance outfit that supposedly serves the Somali community is Kaah Express BV, founded in 2002 in Tilburg, the Netherlands by Mr. A.Y. Hassan a former Somali refugee, according to the website. But, KAAH Branch Locator (www.kaahxpress.com/en/BranchLocator/BranchLocator.aspx?cid=69) revile the Contact Person Mukhtar Wadi +251911232705 ( Wegagen Bank of Ethiopia) Addis Ababa. What a Somali national is doing with the ruling party Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) owned Bank says more about the of TPLF crime families money laundering scheme around the world.

The question is who these clandestine individuals with millions of dollar investments and remittance transfer business are and what their relationship with TPLF Gambino crime families is requires in depth investigation and follows up.

What is disturbing is how 100s of Medias operating around the world failed to investigate and follow up on 1000s of questionable investors and businesses operating in the shadow in collaboration with TPLF crime families.

Ethiopian political and civic organizations and Medias must make every effort to follow up on 1000s of the clandestine operatives particularly in the Diaspora and make them accountable.

At the meantime, Ethiopians shouldn’t be misled by the TPLF Gambino crime families elaborate side show of diversions like terrorism label they throw around for foreign consumption to confuse the international community to justify their crimes against Ethiopians. Nor, we should be diverted by Shaibia label and non-issues that is meant for local consumption to confuse and divert Ethiopians not to support the struggle for freedom democracy. After all, the last time we remember; TPLF Gambino family’s handpicked puppet PM was pleading to make peace with Shaibia before he turn around and blame everyone a terrorist associated with Shabbia. The whole drama is a hoax to maintain TPLF Gambino crime families hold on power to sustain their racketeering ring.

Here is why TPLF’s Gambino crime families and associates are frightened of the democratic movement led by Patriotic-Ginbot 7 as they did with Kinjit in the past. Mobs can’t stand democracy and the rule of law and there is reason for it. In fact, that is what the old Gambino crime families did best until the law caught up with them to end up in jail for life or dead.

Therefore, TPLF Gambino family’s solution is; no rule law or democracy sees the day in Ethiopia. Thus, anyone resembling to institute the rule of law and democracy is the enemy of the Gambino crime family and associates.

Notice carefully, TPLF Gambino crime families and their henchmen don’t say Woyane is legitimate for anything but, there is no alternative. And, every Ethiopian is terrorists, anti-peace and development…, therefore, the Gambino crime family is the only altrantive we got.

Look around the fan clubs of TPLF Gambino crime families. Not only they fall in the same line, they actually claim racketeering is a good business for the people without blinking an eye. They even present ‘experts’ to testify on behalf of the crime families’ policy.

The best places you will find their agony to legitimize TPLF crime families are the ‘Medias’ that tell us the racketeering business they are running is growing the economy and it is good thing for the people and the country.

No one knows how they came up with; a mob can in any way or shape do anything good for anyone let alone the people. But, alike many believe; human greed works in a mysterious way. That is why organized crime bosses and dictators emerge to commit heinous crimes for money and power to eventually institute the jungle law enforced by their henchman. That is the genius of TPLF Gambino crime families’ designed by the most celebrated late mob boss Melse Zenawi.

Therefore, once a henchman spill blood or become corrupt to the hilt there is no returning back. The self-perpetuating phenomenon isn’t unusual in the circle of crime families and their henchmen around the world. ‘You are in and only out dead’ is the rule. But, it works as long as the henchmen are willing to commit more and more crimes they are asked to do with no response in kind by the victims. So far, TPLF Gambino crime families managed to dodge the peaceful movements’ call to surrender their mob rule for democracy peacefully. The question is; for how long they will continue their killing sprees and racketeering ring to dodge accountability when the bullets start flaying?

Here is what TPLF Gambino crime family and their henchmen are counting on. Like every mob; they believe the law is too inconvenient for their criminality. Therefore, they thwarted the law and use it to silence the popular demand to surrender and use it to dismantle the democratic movement to maintain their racketeering ring. Fortunately, the democratic movement is not going to back down until the crime family surrender.

The question is not whether TPLF crime families are bad or not as their apologists wanted us to believe but, how to remove them one way or another with democratic regime with the least cost to our people. The peaceful movement gave them ample opportunities and tried to civilize them to surrender power peacefully. But, they refused and choice their henchmen would protect their racketeering ring against the people of Ethiopia— a wrong move they will live to see and regret.

Now the war of liberation led by Patriotic-Ginbot 7 is declared; TPLF Gambino crime families call for help from their enablers to save them from ‘terrorists’ shouldn’t surprise anyone. After 24 years attempt to rehabilitate the crime family, Patriotic-Ginbot 7 decisive move is the right and admirable thing to do for many reasons. 1st. TPLF crime families prove they have no interest in the rule of law or democracy. 2nd . they believe racketeering on the expenses of the people is acceptable way of doing businesses 3 rd . they believe Ethiopians are stupid not to understand their empty propaganda to cover up their crimes against our people and nation. 4 th. they couldn’t get it in their head; Ethiopians preference for peaceful resolution of their racketeering and draconian rule is love of people and country not fear of the TPLF crime families. And, 5th the crime family and their henchmen wouldn’t get it in their head all of the above and the call is not a plea but an order to surrender for democratic rule.

Here is where TPLF Gambino crime families’ apologists get it wrong. Some; because they are ignorant if not dumb to understand TPLF’s crime families’ racketeering ring to be used and abused in committing more crimes against their people and country. Others because they are direct beneficiaries of mob rule often from their hiding behind the shadow. The former are blindfolded to be used as cannon folders and the later as a Weapon of Mass Distraction to sustain mob rule.

Guilt by association is a weapon of mob rule 

TPLF Gambino crime families’ greatest crime of all on the people of Ethiopia is instituting Guilt by Association. Ethnicity and religion are primarily used to shield their racketeering ring and atrocities. In doing so, they use the people of Tigray against the people of Ethiopia as they used Amharas, Oromos, and Muslims… to come to power and sustain their racketeering. But, they are not alone; it is used by few other groups to prevent the rule of laws and democracy to come to get what they want.

Essentially, TPLF Gambino crime families declared the people of Tigray are partner in crime of racketeering and atrocities on the people of Ethiopia by 100%. So the front crime families they organized in the name of Oromo, Amhara, Southern Nation, Nationalities and others. It is a classic example of mobs’ incriminating the innocent people to shield themselves from the rule of law and democracy.

TPLF Gambino crime families and their operatives got it all wrong. They should know; crime in general doesn’t pay but, crime against the people of Ethiopia is suicide. And, hiding behind the people of Tigray is not going to work nor save them from facing justice.

At the meantime, the wisdom of Ethiopians is showing, thanks for the democratic movements led by Patriotic-Ginbot 7 and ESAT. The primitive jungle justice TPLF Gambino crime families and associates brought to the people of Ethiopia to shield their criminality are left necked. You can’t hide your crime behind innocent people to avoid responsibility for the crime[s] you committed on the people of Ethiopia. If you are coward enough to hide behind the people and cover it up with your side show, you deserved the maximum punishment the law renders. At the end of the day; you are on your own for the crime you committed against the people.

Finally, in case TPLF’s apologists don’t understand the magnitude of the crime, they should blame no one but themselves for sleeping on the wheel. Worst yet, putting up a side show to avoid responsibility and complicate matters to slow down the democratic movement is worse than the crime itself.

Democracy and the rule of law are coming. No one can stop it.

Can we all face the reality and live with it?

This article is dedicated to all the people; some in jail, some on the battle field and others around the world that refused to give up on the democratic movement. Your priceless contribution to our people need no reward but, shame those of us who stand by and submit for dictatorship. No one is above the law, and you; voluntarily leading by example makes all of us small to be spectators.