Ethiopian Legend Journalist Mulugeta Lule Passed Away

Mulugeta Lule, R.I.P

By ECADForum

Journalist Mulugeta Lule (Gebremedhin Araya), editor and manager of the independent Amharic Tobia Magazine and Newspaper (suspended long ago) and former vice chairman of the Ethiopian Free Press Journalists’ Association (EFJA) passed away in Washington D.C.Journalist Mulugeta Lule Passed Away

Journalist Mulugeta Lule worked in several media outlets and various governmental press office positions since Emperor Haile Selassie‘s administration.

By Getahune Bekele
Mulgeta Lule, my father and my mentor, departed so soon…

I came to know this gentle giant when I was an employee of the now defunct Tarik tabloid in Addis Ababa.

We had our differences but stuck together during those dark days under atrocious conditions. I remember Mulgeta Lule, kefale Mamo and the much loved Metsehafe Sirak giving us tips on how to become better young editors.

“Listen young man, your editorial must be error free!” Once Mulgeta shouted at me after a typing error caused a massive embarrassment. “This is inexcusable” he added. We used to regularly meet in Eskender Nega’s offices next to Berhaneena Selam printing press at Arat Kilo.

An avid reader, a renowned orator and a great political commentator, principled and fearless. ….It is very hard comprehend that Gashe Mulgeta is no more.

Myself, current ESAT journalist Sisay Agena and scores others benefited a lot from Mulgeta Lule’s infinite wisdom and work ethics.

He is now with his icon Bealu Girvan and buddies; Tefera Asmare and my personal hero Metsafe Sirak.