Ethiopian Airlines Dreamliner declares emergency over the Atlantic after one of its engines ‘shuts down’

By John Hutchinson

  • Flight 500 had set out from Dublin Airport around 6am this morning
  • However less than two hours into flight, plane encountered problems
  • Pilot signalled emergency and turned around to land back in Ireland 
A Dreamliner declared an emergency this morning over the Atlantic after one of its engines shut down.
The Ethiopian Airlines flight had set out from Dublin Airport at 6am this morning bound for Washington Dulles, when it encountered problems over the Atlantic Ocean.
The pilot was forced to turn the plane around and signal an emergency, and declare intention to return to Ireland.
‘Then they told us there was a minor technical issue and they were returning to Dublin to address it and they’d update us later. Maybe 10-15 minutes later they said there was an issue with the left engine and we’d be landing in Dublin and they’d tell us more later.’
The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner made a safe landing, with sources claiming the reason for the emergency was because one of the plane’s twin jet engines had ‘shut down.’
The passenger jet touched down at 8.35am.
The Irish Mirror are reporting there were 300 people on board.
Flight 500 had originally set out from Addis Ababa, and was heading to the U.S, via Dublin.
A replacement plane has been sent out from Frankfurt in Germany, with the passengers expected to continue on to Washington at around 1pm local time. 
 A spokesperson for Dublin Airport told MailOnline Travel: ‘Ethiopian Airways had a technical/transit stop with one of its aircraft to refuel before it headed onward to Washington this morning.
‘The aircraft left at 6.10am and at 7.45am we had reports that the aircraft was returning with a technical issue.
‘The aircraft landed safely just after 8.30am. Passengers have disembarked and I understand the aircraft is undergoing an inspection.’
MailOnline has also contacted Ethiopian Airlines and is awaiting a response.
The plane’s variants seat 242 to 335 passengers in typical three-class seating configurations. Ethiopian Airlines has 13 Dreamliners in its fleet.