Woyane and intellectual prostitutes are terrified of Ethiopiawinet and democracy

TPLF Dictators

September 10, 2015

“For the first time in our ancient history, we Ethiopians have voted our conscience. Our people have played their part with courage and discipline. They deserve the opportunity to build a genuine democratic political system. That is their only guarantee to live in peace and to achieve prosperity.” – Dr. Berahanu Nega 2005

I wanted to start with a statement Dr. Berhanu made right after Ginbot 2005 election to show how Ethiopiawinet and democracy is a death sentence to the Apartheid regime of Woyane and to reinforce Ethiopiawinet and democracy is the future of Ethiopians. I say that with great conviction– after observing how civilized Ethiopians are to be led by the uncivilized regime and it surrogates.

Unlike many are misled to believe, ‘we Ethiopians’ (Ethiopiawinet) is the one-and-only reason that kept us independent from colonialism and drove Italian Fascist crazy to kill so many patriots. Apparently, the same Ethiopiawinet is what drives Woyane crazy to kill so many more patriots and jail many more political, civic society leaders and journalists and artists in jail to earn them the honor of being labeled terrorists by none other than the terrorist regime led by TPLF that still refused to vacant its illegitimate power peacefully. Instead, it continued to rule by brute terror, racketeering and outlandish propaganda since its inception and ever since its humiliating defeat by the popular vote.

Anyone that failed to see this reality brought on the people of Ethiopia and doesn’t appreciate the civilized ways our people handled TPLF’s terror and corruption must be ignorant or lazy enough not to understand Ethiopiawinet and democracy or he/ she is corrupt Woyane apologist that feel it is a trait for the mercenary regime. Some apologists are so brazen; they think screaming loud and playing hide-and-seek would detract and prevent the rogue regime from surrendering power.

Quite honestly; watching the apologists agonize to save the regime by insulting the people of Ethiopia makes my stomach churn to ask; how desperate they must be to resurrect a self- declared mercenary mafia regime.

There are only two possibilities regimes refuse to surrender power peacefully while they can. The first is the familiar greed corruption brings — common to most dictatorships in the world and the arrogance that comes with it. The second, often rare is the hate regimes harbor on the people they occupy. The latter is where Woyane turn into mercenary-for-hire and resorted to commit unspeakable atrocities and racketeering unprovoked in order to accomplish its bigger mission of reducing Ethiopiawinet to the level of Fascist’s proportion.

In one hand; Woyane is in the pocket of Arab depots led by Saudi — breathing down its throat. In another; it is hired-hand by the old colonial empires to accomplish their grand mission. Caught between being a symbolic government of the people of Ethiopia it occupied by 100% and empowered to ransack the nation as a hired-hand of its enablers Woyane is in total confusion.

It doesn’t take much to figure out the regime is empowered by its foreign enablers and in confusion. Just tracking its intellectual prostitutes and their associates’ double speak will tell you who is running the show.

On a previous article, I point out how intellectual prostitution griping our society to help Woyane extend it rule. Reflecting back; such modern phenomenon that resulted in hate for Ethiopians didn’t happen by accident but by design. Nor do the ruling regime’s intellectuals have an exclusive monopoly on prostitution.

In my opinion, Intellectual prostitution is a manifestation of ‘colonized’ mind — prostituting its way to replicate the old colonialists’ proportion by consistently undermining own civilization. Such self-inflected wound; more so with intellectuals that blindly excuse the brazen ethnic Apartheid dictatorship is visible for a naked eye. This modern Banda culture is what left Ethiopians and the people of Africa in general to suffer for far too long under dictatorship.

The origin and spread of intellectual prostitution in relatively short time can only be traced to modern education adapted to serve other than the people it was intended. The one fit-all education without understanding the context or the application of knowledge ended up creating dysfunctional and self-doubting elites that operate in a vacuum. Such mismatch not only exacerbated the crises but, it become the primary source of comfort for intellectual prostitution —further fueling division, exploitation and conflicts by undermining the rule of laws and collective purpose in democratic dispensation.

Surly, anyone; let alone intellectuals (prostitutes or otherwise) would agree –a 100% win by a brazen ethnic tyranny is not civilized engagement in democracy. Nor; there should be disagreement over the regime cronies running a racketeering ring as proper way managing an economy. Likewise, everybody should concur; TPLF terror network isn’t what governments do for stable and secure society. And, most importantly, anyone understands; justice is too important to be left for cadres of tyranny to prostitute it for political expediency or auction it for the highest bidder.

These elementary knowledge are suspended in the midair causing havoc in our society because of intellectual prostitution, noting else.

In reality, no society but, Ethiopians with diverse ethnic and religious experience that lived in relative tranquility and independence deserve democratic governance. Such organic civilization that should have been an asset for any society and a cause for collective pride continued to be undermined by none other than intellectual prostitution in the service of dictatorship and beyond.

Correct me if I am wrong, but, intellectual prostitution is the cause not the symptom of brazen dictatorship not the other way around as many think. Call me old school, for that matter add terrorist label on it as the regime’s intellectuals do but, I haven’t encounter an intellectual that associate with Woyane worth the paper his/her diploma (real or fake) printed on.

By no means is intellectual prostitution is meant to insult anyone but, to call on the intellectuals that defend the crimes of the regime against Ethiopians and Ethiopia to come up with coherent response to their unethical and often criminal behavior lap dancing with the regime.

A classic example of intellectual prostitution is found among Ethiopians in the Diaspora; particularly those that live in ‘free’ societies that voluntarily chose the lower road of prostitution. Their defense of the brazen regime is not only historic for present generation to document and challenge but future generations to learn not to replicate. Regardless, the damage it is causing as we speak demands speedy remedy and accountability.

There is no doubt in anybody’s’ mind the source of intellectual prostitution is as a result of the colonial experience in Africa that is visible for naked eye. Likewise, there is no question the worst nightmare for intellectual prostitutes are patriotic intellectuals.

Therefore, as the ground battle being waged by patriotic Ethiopians in arms and with pen goes on, it must be matched by patriotic intellectuals’ battle against their prostituting peers that sustain the regime. The clandestine intellectual prostitutes must be identified and challenged by their peers in public. Theirs credential and ethics must be questioned by the proper authorities that govern them. Their violation must be reported by Medias to the world.

The existence of the Ethiopian Satellite Television-Radio (ESAT) alone is priceless undertaking that shook the foundation of intellectual prostitutions. But, supporting institutions must play their own role to challenge the well-entrenched and financed institutions run by intellectual prostitutes.

For instance, the scrooge of corruption led by intellectual prostitution that held the people of Ethiopia hostage to the point of starvation hasn’t been challenged institutionally yet. The absence of corruption watchdog to identify and punish the responsible parties left Ethiopians without recourse. The same goes in many areas. Every patriotic Ethiopian intellectual can play a role in establishing the institution necessary to battle intellectual prostitution.
The 20th century German-born political theorist Hannah Arendt described intellectual prostitution better this way;
“The sad truth is that most evil is done by people who never make up their minds to be good or evil.”

As the struggle is waged in multiple fronts, every patriotic Ethiopian can help to make dictatorship history as patriotic intellectuals must make intellectual prostitution history.

In closing I will end with Patriotic-Ginbot 7 statement ten years after the now Chairman made the statement above;
“የአንድነትና የዲሞክራሲ ንቅናቄ የዜጎችና የአገር ውርደት ይብቃ! በተባበረ ክንድ ህወሓት ይወገድ፤ በምትኩም ፍትህ፣ ነፃነት፣ ዲሞክራሲና እኩልነት የሰፈነባት ኢትዮጵያን ለመመሥረት መሠረት እንጣል፤ ይህንን ታላቅ ኃላፊነት ለመወጣት በኅብረት እንነሳ።

ድል ለኢትዮጵያ ሕዝብ!!” አርበኞች ግንቦት 7 May 6 2015

Who but, intellectual prostitutes on behalf of ethnic dictatorship disagree with such noble idea?

Helen Epstein, an adjunct professor at Bard College, author and contributing article writer wrote an article titled ‘Who’s Afraid of African Democracy?’ on The New York Review of Books’ and asked ‘Why do so many African leaders assume they can ignore their constitutions, cling to power, and get away with it?’

“In order to understand this epidemic of folly, it’s important to appreciate how much influence the West has over these countries—either through foreign aid given bilaterally, via institutions such as the World Bank, or in the form of clandestine military support. For example, Western aid pays for half of Burundi’s budget, roughly 40 percent of Rwanda’s, 50 percent of Ethiopia’s and 30 percent of Uganda’s. All these countries receive an unknown amount of military aid as well. This money enables African leaders to ignore the demands of their own people, and facilitates the financing of the patronage systems and security machinery that keeps them in power.”

As factual as her assessment may be in answering who finance dictatorship; what she overlooked was the role intellectual prostitution play in making it possible. After all; it takes two to tango.

As far as Ethiopians are concerned what the former does is not new. What is new is and within our control are intellectual prostitutes that renegade their responsibility to their people on behalf of dictatorship. That my people; is the ultimate answer for the long standing question of ‘who is afraid of African democracy?’

We can blame the world for eternity but, the ultimate answer boils down to home grown intellectual prostitutes.

When you here too much empty noises coming out from different directions, ask the question; are intellectual prostitutes behind it?

As they say; charity begins at home. In the same analogy; democracy begins at home too. The sooner we understand; home grown intellectual prostitution is the primary reason why our people are under dictatorship the sooner we make the struggle short and relief those that sacrifice so much to make democracy happen.

Let us begin cleaning house.

Ethiopians will be free and under democracy soon; count on it.