What did I tell you about Woyane’s comedians?

ሞላ ተኩላ turn into ካሀዲ comedian

By Teshome Debalke

Woyane clowns’ desperation is reaching the point of no return. The recent news of ተኩላ Molla Asigdom’s defection brought yet the best out of the comedians. He himself proved to be one in his own right with a rank of a General. I suspected all along when he was referred as a General, of what– I don’t know but, I didn’t expect him to turn into village comedian not worthy of his rank. It reminds me of the 5th grade comedian-Generals we heard about.

From the get go; I never thought of Woyane more than a collection of comedians with guns turn government officials, businessmen, educators, experts…

Their behavior can be summarized by ‘የሌባ ደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ያድርቅ’ ‘የቸገረው እርጉዝ ያገባል’ አባቱ ዳኛ ልጁ ቀማኛ and ‘የአይጥ ምስክር ድንቢጥ’. This is true in the kangaroo courts, in wannabe Medias, bogus businesses, freelance cadres multitasking like Ben, the mobile comedian etc.

At the highest level of comedians’ no one matched the late Melse Zenawi yet; followed by Halimariam D that replaced him. It appears – you have to pass a test to qualify. But, not all comedians are created equal. Some make you lough because they are dumb. Others do because they are witty. Enough is said about the two clowns above no need to bore you to death.

What I want to talk about is the lower end in the comedian chain and the agony they go through to undermine Patriotic-Ginbot 7. Tough there are many clowns, the two that comes in mind are the freelance ambulance chaser Beniyam Kebede and the newly discovered comedian ተኩላ Molla that abandon the struggle and went back where he started. ተኩላ Molla defection brought out the worst out of the comedians.

Don’t get me wrong. He has all the rights to leave the struggle. After all, if he didn’t believe in it anymore it is well and good. But, to defect with a speed of light as a commander of a liberation struggle and take part in Ben comedian production’s drama as lead Woyane comedian is the worst we seen a human being done yet.

Let me start with ተኩላ Molla press conference that showed the comedians true color by extension the entire Woyane’s establishment. The man is gutless cowered on the top of a dumb comedian. A real man doesn’t stoop to the level of insulting his comrades to justify prostituting like street tug. But, Woyane putting him in front of a TV sums up the level of desperation hovering over the Thugocracy, to use Prof Al’s word.

Listening to his justification to run in front TPLF’s comedian Press Club has two parts. Though, confessing how illiterate and clueless he is answers both questions, how bad Patriotic-Ginbot 7 via Shabia and how good Woyane is improving ashis reason to abandon the struggle is why he was needed to make a jackass out of himself and the whole Woyane’s establishment. Here, it worth to note the true character of a typical Woyane showing. By trashing his host and comrades the moment he find another opportunity to jump ship –leaving trail of his own comrade’s blood behind reviled a root eating cadre that graduated to eat others’ root, not to mention showing the bare legacy of TPLF-Woyane that made him who he become.

When you think about it, if anything; Molla unintentionally reviled; Woyane is root eating parasite –that graduated eating its own in front of the World. In this case; on a video drama directed and produced by none other than root- eating Binyam Kebede run Ben Media Production.

Thinking of what Molla said — slashing and burning his old Tplf comrades before and his Ethiopian comrades now like there is no tomorrow and his latest tantrums on Etv reminded me his late boss Melse Zenawi’s shifty character to qualify him in the Hall-of-Shame of history.

The bigger question puzzling Ethiopians and the world is; what is TPLF/Woyane made of then and now? No one knows, not even Woyanes likeተኩላ Molla as he jump from bed-to-bed to figure out who he is and where he belongs —talk about self-induced confusion.

There is no foundation for Woyane to exist but, a foreign fairytale drifting with the wind. That is why Woyanes are so confused; holding on to a fairytale and confusing the rest of us while they are eating our roots.

That is why I wrote; The tale of TPLF fairytale regime of Ethiopia: From ethnic liberation to Federal banditry.
Here is an expert;

“It is rather baffling TPLF’s crimes are all around us but yet barrage of books, articles and news pieces are written and bogus institutions and Medias created to make the fairytale TPLF led regime looks real and acceptable. Whether they do it because they believe TPLF is a legitimate entity or simply to take advantage of the chaos it was empowered to create to divide-exploit the people and the nation is not clear. But one thing is abundantly clear for all; Ethiopians are under occupation of a confused mercenary like ethnic regime led by TPLF. If institutions, including Medias can’t see this reality, either they are as bogus as the fairytale regime –tangled up with their own petty interest or part-and-partial of TPLF willingly conspiring to commit crimes.”

I may have to write another article in line with; the tale of Molla’s fairytale: From Tigray people liberator to Ethiopian comedian. Quite honestly; Woyanes are so predictable I am tired of being right of their next move all the time. I wish I could be wrong just once to find any reason to think otherwise.

I tell you the secret of getting it right about Woyane, from that matter any root-eating drifter. I don’t believe a person that spent most of his existence as ethnic liberator and turn around to join the peoples’ movements without change of heart of he was wrong is trust worthy. ተኩላ Asigdom proved us that characteristics beyond a reasonable doubt.

ተኩላ Molla joined Tigray people liberation Front to liberate his ‘people’ from Ethiopia and Ethiopian people’s liberation movements to liberate his ‘people’ from tplf and back where he started in a span of a dozen year. He told us; Woyane hijacked the people’s democratic struggle to return back to his root-eating Woyane that got worse by 100%. He couldn’t even figure out yet who he is or where he belongs.

The last time I checked; the same ተኩላ Molla was celebrating the attack he inflected on Woyane before he abandoned Ethiopians. I am afraid he is going to show up in Washington DC with his frequent flyer ticket to claim; he is born-again Ethiopian again and the author of a book titled “My journey of confusion: a tale of an Ethiopian mercenary that discover his Ethiopia soul through Jesus”, just like Tamerat Lyane. Where these kinds of shifty character coming from, is the million dollar question many Ethiopians including me are puzzled to find out.

That is not the only sad but yet funny thing about the drama. The news spin of ተኩላ Molla’s defection brought more comedians with it. The reception of Molla by the ambulance chaser Ben (Binyam Kebede) of EthiopiaFirst is more hilarious than the defection. But, what amused me even more was the excitement of Medias in the diaspora — filling the front page of their website with report sourced from all sources Ben of EF to spine it out of proportion.

Let me take the two veterans Medias (Ethiopia Review and EthioMedia) that are supposedly independent taking side but, constantly oppose Patriotic-G7’s association with Eritrea-Shabia.

Ethiopia Review unapologetic reporting of personal nature sourcing anything available and plus, including its own sources and spins is common and predictable.

At the meantime, EthioMedia initially ignored the only report of the defection of ESAT’s breaking news and waited until Sudan Tribune report titled ‘Ethiopian renegade general flees to Sudan’ dated September 12 came out to change only the title to “TPDM leader, soldiers fight their way out of Eritrea into Sudan”

By the time Ben of EthiopiaFirst report the news of Molla’s defection from the port of entry the defectors showed up with a video clip; hell broke loss.

EM and ER filled their websites with Bens Videos with Molla addressing the gathering of what appeared to look alike defectors from Eritrea via Sudan with their arms; as if they were carrying personal belongings. Overnight, Molla showed up on ETV in Addis Ababa conference room dressed in suit confessing his sin, more so confessing Prof Berhanu’s sin that arrived in Eritrea not long ago.

The former ‘terrorist’ that showed up with his uniform and gear was not disarmed or didn’t go to jail but, showed up on ETV dressed up to ‘kill’ while our steamed Medias sing hallelujah putting their own spin.

In a span of three days the ‘terrorist’ ተኩላ Molla crossed three countries with his rapid defection force and reappeared on the one-and-only rapid Ben-CNN media addressing Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM) combatants in Amharic language in full gear waving his fist and deployed in Addis Ababa confessing. Talk about rapid defecting force we haven’t seen since Sadam Hussein Republican army defeacted.

My people, you can blame Woyane, or its rapid defecting cadre ተኩላ Molla or its rapid deploying Ben Media Production company all you want but, not the way they operate at the speed of light.

When whole drama was spinning my head, Medias that picked up the most trusted sources to the defection further threw me out of my couch laughing on the floor with amusement.

What we should ask is; why Medias are celebrating a criminal Woyane that bleed our people wherever he goes. What makes him a hero for running from the struggle? Better yet, what difference would it makes if a Woyane run anywhere?

That is not all; when Ben is running around ‘shooting’ videos everywhere to go after Patriotic -Ginbot 7 via Shaibia, a freelance cadre by the name Genenew Asefa is back– seating in his tplf communication office typing his heart s out.

The first part is out with a title ‘THE SHRILL CRY OF THE NAYSAYERS IN THE ETHIOPIAN DIASPORA (Part I of a III part commentary).

Here is some of what he wrote from his hiding.

“In an inverted vain, however, doomsdayer opposition websites continue to post speculations of an impending doom to the ruling party in Ethiopia by dint of AG-7’s huge military build-up in Africa’s epicenter of regional destabilization, alias, Living Hail! Not exactly an unwarranted designation, considering that thousands of Eritreans flee this nightmarish land in search of respite from unremitting torment of no parallel in the living memory of the first post-partition generation of Eritrea. Whereas, groves of core functionaries of outlawed extremist entities of all strands shuttle back and forth to Asmara to update themselves in cross-border terror and indiscriminate mayhem of innocent bystanders.

But for ESAT, arguably the most hatemongering media outlet on the planet, AG-7 leaders’ stealth fret to the garrison state of Eritrea constitute a milestone in the multi-pronged ”Operation Restore Hope ” in the “land of despair” called Ethiopia. A backlog of disinformation briefs seems to have been in stored lest the Asmara-backed “Freedom Struggle-” is ridiculed by skeptics as yet another tricky ploy to milk the gullible in the Ethiopian Diaspora. To dispel any such doubt ESAT could only scramble to vouch for AG-7’s resolve and readiness to lick the “pushover army of the ramshackle EPRDF government”. The very government, mind you, that, contra ESAT, world leaders, not least president Obama, publicly hail as a bastion of regional peace and a beacon in an African age of radical change, characterized by growth and transformation”

Think about it. The man never had official job in his entire life but freelancing for Woyane wherever he is needed like Ben the ambulance chaser does. His specialty is following Ethiopians in Diaspora to defend Woyane. G7 and ESAT via Shaibia is his only assignment given to him as we are witnessing. How else can Woyane get traction but blaming Shabia?

But, more than PG7; Woyane seems to be traumatized by ESAT. Everything tried to stop ESAT failed miserably. ተኩላ Asefa like ተኩላ Molla and ተኩላ Ben are deployed to undermine the struggle by way of Shaibia.

When ተኩላ Asefa said; “ESAT, arguably the most hatemongering media outlet on the planet, AG-7 leaders’ stealth fret to the garrison state of Eritrea constitute a milestone in the multi-pronged”Operation Restore Hope ” in the “land of despair” called Ethiopia. A backlog of disinformation briefs seems to have been in stored lest the Asmara-backed “Freedom Struggle-” is ridiculed by skeptics as yet another tricky ploy to milk the gullible in the Ethiopian Diaspora”
Quite honestly, I truly understood what Woyane is all about and the true meaning of a Banda when I read this drifter’s scribble. The little ተኩላ behind the big words unfortunately is a butler of TPLF with no meaningful influence besides being a barking dog to make himself important enough for a bigger assignment, how sad.

Personally, I never knew we Ethiopians are such beautiful people with deep love for each other and country until ESAT came on the air. Here; I am reading a drifter cadre telling me from his hiding ESAT is hatemongering but, TPLF’s Etv is love mongering? I said to myself; that’s what my people meant when they say ‘የቸገረው እርጉዝ ያገባል’ or ‘የአይጥ ምስክር ድንቢጥ’

I tell you, this ተኩላ is a different breed I never encountered before. But, wait until I finish up my write up to tell you where such shifty behavior originated. I assure you; it is foreign to Ethiopians.

Quite frankly, I don’t understand why Woyanes are freaking out. They were repeatedly told to surrender in peace. Now, they are crying when the war started. What is puzzling is why would someone provoke a war and cry endlessly for help?

Now, when I read the drifter ተኩላ Assefa claim –the world leaders, including Obama approval of Woyane; that explain why they don’t get it. What’s that got to do with Ethiopians?

Let’s be honest my people; Woyanes are in deep coma to listen to Ethiopians –the game is over. The delaying tactic –clipping videos and using big words isn’t going to help from surrendering power for democratic rule.

May be; if Woyane’s foreign masters said it in the language they understand they would be obedient to do the right thing.

But, if you ask me, the worst Ethiopian is one that believes; foreign approval is a badge of honor to wear. That explains what Woyane is all about.

Happy New Year my people!!!